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Mathematics is an extremely complicated field with multiple uses, including use in coding and programming, and sometimes specialist tools are needed to implement it properly. SenCalc is an application that provides users with an integer arithmetic calculator that is capable of performing functions, as well as converting numbers into different base formats.
A very small interface that is designed to be as minimalistic as possible, so it can be used with other tools
The design of SenCalc is intentionally minimal, while users might confuse it with being basic, that would be a mistake. Instead, the program tries to cram as much information as possible into a small space, so the application can be used in conjunction with its "Always on top" feature.
Ideally, users would have SenCalc displayed while they are working in another program, checking SenCalc whenever it's necessary to do what another application could not. All the different results are all copy and paste compatible, although there is no quick copy to clipboard button which would be useful.
Several advanced functions that make SenCalc quite versatile, but no additional settings
While SenCalc can perform various functions as well as different number conversions, what is displayed in the main window is all there is. There are no menus, options or additional settings to be found and while that suits the minimal idea behind SenCalc, some users might be disappointed with it.
SenCalc offers support for basic calculator functions, but the main feature its ability to display a number in hexadecimal format, binary format and the character code. The different options are displayed automatically, yet could easily be improved if they worked in reverse. Users cannot input a hexadecimal code, or a binary code and see everything else appear.
A useful program that will provide users with a quick reference tool that can be easily accessed
All in all, SenCalc is a useful tool that is extremely specialized towards a specific goal. If users find themselves frequently needing hexadecimal codes or binary, then is a workable solution. Granted, the program could arguably do more, but instead focuses on taking up minimal space to increase efficiency, making SenCalc an effective option for any user.







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SenCalc is an application that provides users with a number arithmetic calculator that is able to perform functions as well as conversion. If there is no calculator functionality in the program a “Quick Calculator” is displayed.
SenCalc is designed to be as minimalistic as possible, aiming to be used as many times as possible with other applications, rather than being treated as a calculator that is necessary as a single tool.
SenCalc offers several different functionalities that make the program so versatile, but only limited options are available.
The design of the application is centered around minimalism, though it is ironically the design choice that might confuse some users.
SenCalc supports basic calculator functions, allowing users to find decimal, hexadecimal and binary codes, however users cannot input a binary code, see hexadecimal and decimal, or a hexadecimal code and see all the other options appear.

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Quick math calculator: calculate a range of numbers including single numbers and multiple numbers. Convert base B: convert numbers from hexadecimal to binary. Convert numbers from binary to hexadecimal.

SenCalc 1.10 Crack Serial Key

SenCalc is a very small program that allows users to view and convert numbers between different formats, as well as perform multiple calculator functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
SenCalc has two simple interfaces, a graphical and textual interface, which allows for numbers to be viewed in a variety of different formats.
Text – A simple interface that provides users with the ability to enter numbers into either a decimal or hexadecimal interface as well as to view the number in hexadecimal format without having to copy it first.
Graphical – A graphical interface that allows users to input numbers into a decimal, hexadecimal or binary interface and view them as text, as well as to view their mathematical values in addition to the format they are displayed in.
In addition to displaying numbers as text or graphical values, SenCalc also allows for numbers to be converted into binary, hexadecimal and decimal.
The different options for inputting numbers and view other numbers are displayed as text, also possible with the program being in the “Always on Top” window, depending on users preferences.

SenCalc is an extremely small program that can be used effectively for both personal and professional uses, all formats are read and written, all functionality is kept separate from features, and the results are all copied and paste compatible.

SenCalc – An extremely simple calculator that is capable of performing certain functions, if limited to the number of options and functions. If users find themselves frequently needing hexadecimal codes or binary, then is a workable solution.


Works in all Windows systems, Windows 7 through to Windows 10


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See this question on SO:
Change Hexadecimal Value to String/Decimal Value in Batch/T-SQL Script
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What’s New in the?

SenCalc is an application that can be found in Windows Store, and is free to use.
The first thing that you will notice is that this is a very simple application, with the single function to take a number from the user, and convert it into either base 10, base 2 or hexadecimal, and then display it on the screen.
It has an option to convert numbers to base 18 (octal), which is not something most programs would provide. All the number conversion and arithmetic functions also work as expected.
The application has another mode, which is a way of displaying numbers in the form of characters, with the ability to convert an input into hexadecimal, binary and octal code. This is also very useful, since all the digits are presented as code.
The number conversion functions do not always work like they should, but this is not the application’s fault.
The application also has a few other useful features, such as the ability to display a text file containing numbers with some text around them. Very handy when one needs to look at numbers and decide what to do with them.
SenCalc Cons:
SenCalc is a well designed program with all the features that one could wish for. It displays numbers in the form of both hexadecimal, binary and octal format, and allows for a few other useful features. The application has a few flaws, but they are small in nature.
SenCalc Pros:
SenCalc is a great application with all of the features that one could wish for. It has a basic interface with no confusing settings or menus, and works in an intuitive manner. The application displays numbers in a number of different formats, allowing users to quickly decide how to display a number and convert it into the needed base.
SenCalc Cons:
SenCalc is not your traditional number conversion calculator. It is a way of displaying numbers, which although useful, is mostly another way of doing what a basic number converter can do. The application also has no means of converting hexadecimal to decimal other than to switch to hexadecimal in the first place.
SenCalc Overall Rating:

This application is free to use, and provides a simple integer arithmetic calculator that can display a number in decimal, hexadecimal, binary or octal format. The application works great, providing a good means of conversion and arithmetic, and even supports displaying numbers that have a text around them. The application

System Requirements For SenCalc:

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor: 2.0 GHz Processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card with 1 GB of dedicated video memory
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Note: The above information reflects the minimum system requirements. Certain functions will not operate properly on systems with lower specifications.
Game Modes:
Single Player

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