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PINGWIZ is a command-line utility made to extend the functionality of the built-in Windows ping tool for IPv4 addresses. The extra feature is that it displays the date and time associated with each ping reply.
The switch is PINGWIZ target_name [/w:seconds] [/n:count ] [/b:bytes] [/t] [/?]
It's possible to specify the host name or IP address of the computer you're trying to reach (target_name), define the timeout in seconds in order to wait for each ping reply (/w:seconds), establish the number of echo requests and amount of bytes to send (/n:count and /b:bytes), as well as instruct the program to continuously ping the specified host until stopped (/t).
You can hit the Ctrl+C key combination to view statistics and continue, as well as hit it again to stop the pings. The usage controls can be listed with /? or by not entering any parameters (just PINGWIZ.exe). However, there is no switch implemented for dumping the statistics to file.
A couple of examples are provided to help you learn the controls faster. Please not that it must be launched in a console window with administrative privileges on Windows 8 and later.


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Name of the target to ping (noreply)
> /w:5
Set a timeout of 5 seconds for each PING
> /n:5
Set the number of PINGS (echo requests)
> /b:150
Set the amount of bytes (data) to send for each PING
> /t
Set PINGWIZ to continuously ping until suspended
> /?
Print the help page or get the available switches
> PINGWIZ [target_name]
Ping the host specified

The program will ping the target_name host. You can also specify it as “”, “localhost”, or “::1” for localhost. If there is no host name specified, the IP address is used as target_name. The IP address must be resolved to determine a valid host name (for instance, “localhost” must resolve to “”).

PING ( 56 data bytes
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.369ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.441ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.463ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.480ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.509ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.598ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.654ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.603ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.581ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.535ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=56 time=0.539

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Displays, interspersed with the details of the host you’re pinging, the date and time associated with each ping reply from a host.
PINGWIZ For Windows 10 Crack target_name [/w:seconds] [/n:count ] [/b:bytes] [/t] [/?]
PINGWIZ target_name [/w:seconds] [/n:count ] [/b:bytes] [output_file] [/t] [/?]

Basic Usage:
PINGWIZ target_name [/w:seconds] [/n:count ] [/b:bytes] [output_file] [/t] [/?]

Target Name:
You can specify the host name or IP address of the computer you’re trying to reach.
If the target_name is not set, PINGWIZ will display the IP addresses of the host it tries to contact.
The options for the target_name are:
* IP address

Output File:
There are 3 modes for output file generation:
* /b:bytes – Specifies the number of bytes to be sent and received.
* /w:seconds – Specifies the number of seconds to wait for a response from the host you’re trying to reach


– Displays a Date/Time stamp of each ping reply.
– Displays the date and time associated with each ping reply.
– Sends a total of specified number of echo requests with each request containing specified number of bytes of data.
– Sends a ping request to a specified host. After finishing, displays the date/time stamp of the last ping reply.
PINGWIZ Acknowledgments:
Thank you to Clive Bellman for the great idea and inspiration.
Thank you to many others, including kwschan, Rafael Rodrigo and TBC.
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What’s New In?

Download the free trial version of PINGWIZ utility available in our archive.
Usage: PINGWIZ target_name [/w:seconds] [/n:count] [/b:bytes] [/t] [/?]
Example 1:
This will ping with an unlimited timeout and write the statistics to a file named current_time_pings.txt.
Example 2:
PINGWIZ will terminate the ping session after a specified time interval is reached.
Example 3:
This will simply ping the target host with a given timeout.
If you use /w:seconds you will specify the number of seconds before the timeout expires.
If you use /n:count you will specify how many requests will be made to the target.
Example 4:
This will display the current statistics of the pings.
Example 5:
This will return you a list of all usage parameters available.

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