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Being in control of the quality of your Internet connection is of critical importance since it can, among others, dictate the nature of your professional relationships, so you cannot afford to experience issues you cannot identify and remedy in real time.
iStatus is one of the software solutions that can be of great help in this regard, given the fact that it can monitor your primary or failover connections and spot any abnormalities.
Intuitive program that can monitor your Internet connection
First of all, you need to know that the program features an approachable GUI, which seems to address users with minimal technical skills as well. The program can hide in the systray in order to reduce its memory footprint, so it is rather improbable to be bothered by it in any way.
The program’s user interface is split into several categories, namely “Overview,” “Details,” “Troubleshoot,” “Alerts,” and “Settings,” letting you easily check the status of your key connections in no time.
Capable of testing and diagnosing connection malfunctions in real time
The program allows you to effortlessly identify the root of any network-related problems, letting you actively check the quality of your Internet connection using customizable hosts. Any target can be tested via two different methods, namely ICMP (Ping) and HTTP (Web), with alerts notifying you of any possible issues.
Needless to say, both cellular and wired connections can be monitored, and for security reasons, an ARPWatch component is integrated into the program. What this features can do is ring an alarm if it detects any instance of ARP spoofing that could lead to data leaks via man-in-the-middle, denial-of-service, or session hijacking attacks.
What’s more, setting a PIN code should enhance your security under such circumstances, letting you differentiate between a false and a real alarm.
Handy tool that comes with security goodies as well
All in all, iStatus is an intuitive tool that can inform you of any Internet connection failures you may be faced with while also protecting you from unwanted interactions with attackers trying to find cracks in your network.







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The software can automatically detect your Internet connection and check its quality using ICMP and HTTP via several default configuration options, so you can rest easy knowing the data will reach its final destination without any interruption.
This program can monitor your primary and failover connections in real time and spot any abnormalities.
In addition, the software can be used to investigate Internet network and security issues. It can notify you of potential threats if you set a PIN code and has an ARPWatch component.
The software is intuitive and easy-to-use with a minimal memory footprint.
Multiple configurations allowed
DDoS and DoS detection
Doesn’t work offline
Windows OS required
Windows XP and Vista
Check your website and email on the go!
Upon debuting over a year ago, eScan’s interface seems to have finally settled in after going through several updates. Despite this, the software is still being worked upon and is especially stable, allowing you to check the status of your primary, secondary, and failover connections as well as examine your own server’s HTTP and/or SMTP status.
The software features an approachable GUI which can be used by novice users as well.
Although its installation doesn’t require Windows XP or Vista, you need to be on the latest Windows OS version in order to make full use of the software, which should be noted.
The main advantage of the software is that you can quickly check your website and email status while you are on the go.
The program is designed to address all types of users, given that you can access it from Windows Live Messenger and the eScan App via Internet Explorer.
You can also check your Internet connections using various protocols including SMTP and HTTP, with a lot of information and features available to you on the fly.
The program operates in a smart manner and even stores its preferences on your computer, which means it won’t strain your memory footprint, thus allowing you to easily set it up.
Furthermore, it comes with a number of quality-related security elements, such as detecting DDoS and DoS attacks and keeping your personal data safe.
What’s more, eScan has an ARPWatch component that can notify you of any spoofed ARP attempts, which, in turn, can reveal cracks in your wireless network, in addition to checking if any data

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iStatus For Windows 10 Crack for Microsoft Windows combines robust network monitoring and diagnosis services with key management and authentication for centralized, secure client access to the corporate network. iStatus Product Key-based clients can be authenticated, defined as part of the topology, and managed centrally from the console. Users can be assigned unique passwords or Kerberos tickets. iStatus can be deployed over a network using multiple VLANs, allowing for sophisticated mesh architecture.
iStatus offers a higher level of manageability and security than existing, alternative technologies available today, while being easy to deploy and intuitive to use. iStatus-based clients can be assigned unique passwords or Kerberos tickets. iStatus-based clients can be assigned unique passwords or Kerberos tickets.

iStatus is a new methodology for the Microsoft networking technology. The methodology is a super critical component of a hybrid-network environment where two or more technologies are combined for additional security, improved quality of service, reliability and availability.
Microsoft iStatus Technology
Microsoft iStatus Technology complements Microsoft’s existing network (Layer 3 only) and IP networking technologies. It enables interconnection of multiple technologies with each other to provide a higher degree of manageability and security than is available with either technology individually. In addition, it provides a framework to manage the interconnections between those technologies and the OS or hardware devices.
iStatus Technology is a comprehensive tool offering a menu of web-based management functions and its own messaging protocol for a seamless operation with existing user interfaces and tools that employ the Microsoft OCS protocol. iStatus Technology helps to prevent common user errors such as IP address conflicts and the related impact on connectivity between technologies. It manages user access privileges and helps control the risk of physical access to the network. It provides monitoring to detect and correct any issues or problems with the network. iStatus Technology manages multiple connections to the same location and provides intelligent routing of data to the correct location, reducing the number of hops and the time required to transmit the data. It provides fault detection and management, as well as the ability to monitor, troubleshoot, manage and recover from device issues. It also provides information about users’ accounts and their privileges on that account.
iStatus Technology can be used on the wire to integrate existing Microsoft networking or IP technologies, or on an OS, network or security appliance to manage the interconnections between those technologies. It can also be used as a management tool to communicate with existing user interfaces and tools that use the Microsoft OCS protocol.
The iStatus

IStatus Free PC/Windows

iStatus is a lightweight status monitoring tool designed to check your network connection quality in real-time. It can monitor up to three IP address plus an optional secondary IP address and two protocols. The program can monitor your home WiFi/WAN/4G cellular connection and let you easily pick up any signs of trouble. In addition, you can connect a macOS Time Machine backup as a secondary device.
iStatus can setup and monitor settings for each monitored IP address individually, and it can alert you in case of:
ICMP Ping failed
HTTP Server responded with HTTP code other than 200
IPv6 address was lost (failure)
ARP Watch failed (Cisco IOS/OS X has an option to enable ARP watch to use the Cisco’s monitor-only protocol (MOP))
Web Page timeout (in case your corporate webserver is slow and you don’t want users to wait for the page to load)

What is iStatus?iStatus is a simple, but powerful, tool for checking the quality of your internet connection. This one is designed for users, who have a lot of things to care about (work, family, friends, kids) and don’t have the time (or desire) to spend on configuring the router and other stuff.
iStatus has a few main features:
– Monitor internet connection quality of several devices/hosts on LAN at once (up to 3 IPs in 4G networks and up to 10 LAN/WAN hosts, including Mac TimeMachine backup).
– Automatically checks IP connection (ping/HTTP/ICMP), and send alerts.
– Configure IP addresses in a simple way.
– Can monitor the status of 4G connection and see if connection fails (or if it dropped) and if you are able to surf normally again.
– Load the device status from a txt file, this allows to refresh it easier if you want.
– iStatus shows you a nice bar graph with your internet usage statistics (uptime, speed, downloads/uploads).
– You can see the current status of the main device, if iStatus detects internet connection to this device (and the device is online and iStatus isn’t configured to monitor this device).
– Have a Secondary Mac (in the case of 4G connection, that mac is the one connected to it)
– You can setup a PIN code. If this PIN code is correct, iStatus will not notify you anymore.

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System Requirements For IStatus:

Supported Languages: English
Standalone Stand-Alone Windows, Mac, and Linux Software
Web-based Software
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