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Since the majority of today's devices are Java-capable, there are countless applications that depend on the presence of the latest runtime environment (JRE) on the system they are deployed. Portable devices are also included in this equation and for this reason a dedicated utility has been created.
Going by the name of jPortable, this program has only a single purpose it follows to the letter, namely to get form the Internet and install onto the storage device the most recent JRE update.
The package is quite small when compared to the setup it retrieves form the web, not to mention the aggregated final size of the installed components. User intervention during the whole process is kept to a minimum, so there are no configurations to be made, or settings one can misconfigure by accident.
In fact, when setting up jPortable, all you will have to do is select the destination of the Java Runtime Environment files. The progress of the whole operation is displayed at all times inside the installer, where both download status and transfer to disk have their animated status bars.
As soon as the operation is successfully completed, all the applications you have installed onto the portable flash drive will be able to use the Java components, even if the storage device is connected to a system without JRE or with an obsolete version on board.
If for any reason you wish to remove the current Java update from your drive, you should note that there is no uninstaller available. Nonetheless, there is a simple and efficient method of cleaning all the files, by deleting the directory where all the JRE related files are kept in.
All things considered, jPortable is indeed a great means of bringing the much-desired Java compatibility to any removable device and thus allowing the programs that depend on it to run properly, right from the same drive.


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A small program, with only one goal in mind, to help users in need to get the latest Java Runtime Environment update onto their portable storage device.
A tiny package, small enough to be left on a USB stick, thus ideal for any user who has to travel or use a removable device to access their programs.
No download required, just point at the destination where the JRE files should be placed, and jPortable will get them there for you.
And once they’re on the storage device, you can simply disconnect the removable drive, and the programs you have already installed will work as if they were installed on the hard drive.
Installing to your system:
The executable installer package is only 14MB, so it’s worth installing it in case you need to update the JRE on your system. Once you extract the compressed file, you will be presented with the following options, allowing you to choose the destination where the program should be installed:

1. Set to “Standard: Do not prompt for any actions” or “Custom: Prompt for all actions”. I chose to prompt for all actions.
2. If the program is on the system where you are installing the program, you can select to install the files to the directory that contains the executable program.

I set the option to search for jPortable on the system before it is installed.
4. The last option allows you to choose whether to register the newly created portables for use by the browser or not.

I deselected that option.
Setting the destination to “Yes” will register the new portable.
This is recommended, as this will allow you to use the portable right after the installation is complete.
5. The “Installation directory” can be selected, but the default is fine, as the installer is going to extract to the same directory.
6. The option to extract the program into a subdirectory is also selected.

Installation done:
Once you select to install the JRE update, the installer will start downloading the files, and a progress bar will display the progress of the operation. Once done, the whole process can be monitored inside the installer. The following is the status of the operation while it is downloading and installing the latest JRE update:

Once the operation is successfully completed, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Once this is done, you should now be able to use the JRE on the portable you just created.
Downloading the update

JPortable Download

* jPortable is a software utility to get from the Internet and install the current Java Runtime Environment update onto any removable storage device.
* You can select your destination device from the settings window, the progress is displayed at all times.
* jPortable also allows you to uninstall the current Java update from the portable storage device, it does not matter whether it’s connected to a Java-compatible device or not.

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Download updates for all Java components at the same time.
Easily pick up and move all your current Java application updates to a new device and let them run without a hitch.
Implements the latest JRE updates for all major platforms and versions (Java 1.4.2 – 1.7.0_02)
Retrieve updates for Java runtime environment updates from
NOTE: If you see a “Access Denied” message, please contact the owner of the account that installed the JRE on your device to authorize this action.
System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 2008, 2010, 2012
Model: 10k2775


jPortable 5.00
jPortable is a software application to update Java Runtime Environment. It will retrieve the updates from the Internet and install them onto your removable device.
jPortable is currently available in English only.

4.41 MB


PCLink Java Update Maker 5.0
PCLink Java Update Maker is a standalone Java Update application that can be used to retrieve and install Java updates on a Windows or Linux PC. PCLink Java Update Maker can be configured to let the user choose where the updated Java runtime environment files will be installed (on…

6.03 MB


jPortable 1.0
Java Runtime Environment is a software system that contains all the components that are required to run Java application programs. This is a precompiled JRE runtime environment that can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on a PC. jPortable is a standalone Java…
more…from the come-now-we’re-talking-about-it dept

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What’s New In?

JPortable is a portable Java Runtime Environment utility designed to download from the Internet and to install on the portable flash drive.
All things considered, JPortable is indeed a great means of bringing the much-desired Java compatibility to any removable device and thus allowing the programs that depend on it to run properly, right from the same drive.

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You have to email the team for support if you have any problems. Right click on the link and click save link as. Then email the zip file to the email address listed on their website

I am using jPortable, and I downloaded the portableJava Runtime Environment for Windows, and it works. But I cannot install it, the installation fails after a while. After 2 hours of installation it fails with the message: “Error: Failed to create the storage.” Can someone help me? I’m very surprised, because it worked for me before with another software.

I have been using this software for quite some time now and I love it. It makes all my portable apps work.
I have used the old portable version and I have also used the new portable version and I find the new one to be much better.

I like your software. It has helped me a lot. I would recommend it to all of my friends. The installation is just too easy. And the installation goes through flawlessly. I know that there is another utility called Portie

System Requirements:

1-core CPU (2 or more cores are recommended)
Memory: 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista
Other requirements: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card with 1024MB+ of video RAM
Other: It is recommended to have at least 150MB space on the HDD.
To install:
Run the setup and install the game.

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