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NTP Time Zone Clock Crack+ For Windows

NTP Time Zone Clock is available for $0.99, and is a nice tool to display time from different locations across the globe.

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Let’s get started

Here’s what you’ll need.

A Sonnet HD Mini IP Camera ($59.99)

1 Ethernet Cable

Your smart phone

1 Mini HDMI Cable

A compatible PC/Mac computer

1 Wireless Remote Control

A HDTV or Monitor

1 WiFi Router

1 Sonnet Cloud App

Sonnet Cloud App on your smart phone

Setting up the System

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Sonnet Cloud App on your smartphone

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Viewing all connected Sonnet HD Mini IP Cameras

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NTP Time Zone Clock X64 Latest

* Displays current time and date on the desktop
* A plain text clock displays the current date and time
* Displays time zone in textual form
* Customize the theme’s colors
* Keeps track of many locations and time zones
* Set the system default time server

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What’s new in this version:
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– Several bugs have been fixed.

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NTP Time Zone Clock Crack Free Download [32|64bit]

Free download and use:


The Internet is now home to a lot of things, including time, or at least servers to which you can synchronize to the millisecond. In case you need to keep an eye out on multiple locations on the globe, you can use NTP Time Zone Clock to set up multiple clocks in an intuitive interface, with a configurable time server.
Choose multiple locations across the globe
It doesn’t take a lot of time to install the application, letting you check out its set of features before you realize. It’s packed with several locations by default, so you get an idea of what can be obtained. The main window can be resized, and dragged around the desktop, with text values wrapping accordingly, and changing size.
Configuring time options is an easy task, and this is done from the preferences panel. Here you view all locations currently tracked, and have the possibility to edit details, remove existing ones, or add more. Inserting other locations is easy enough, with additional options to pick time zone, and to provide a display name, which doesn’t really have to have a relation to the zone.
Customize the background and display text
Details update on the spot, and confirming changes in the preferences menu updates the main window as well. You can also provide a different time server while in the preferences menu. Customization plays an important role, and the application is especially useful if used on terminals, or large display screens.
The background color can be changed with the help of the default color palette, as well as for the text shown. Font options are also among implemented visual tweaks. Double clicking the main window hides the window borders, which can cover up the entire screen when maximized. Additionally, the background can be made transparent, but keep in mind that you can interact with elements in the background in this mode.
A straightforward tool for displaying the time across the globe
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that NTP Time Zone Clock provides a simple environment you can configure to show time zones from all over the world. An Internet connection is required if you want to change the server. Customization options are used to make it blend with any environment.

The Internet is now home to a lot of things, including

What’s New in the?

NTP Time Zone Clock is a straightforward tool that displays the time from anywhere on the world. There are a lot of locations available, but the system takes care of the rest. You have to update manually, though the application provides the feature to refresh the main display at fixed intervals.

Manual Update Manually update the time zone from multiple locations across the globe. Setting a time server manually is required for NTP Time Zone Clock to work.

GPS Supported NTP Time Zone Clock does not use Google as its time server. This means you have to manually add locations, which requires using the NTP Time Zone Clock Preferences window.

Hardware Requirements None

Computer Requirements None

Downloaded From Southcity Software:


NTP Time Zone Clock – Version 1.8.3

download links:

QuickTime Format

NTP Time Zone Clock, like several other applications listed in this site, features ability to synchronize the time. The current location can be set in the application, as the server can be changed from the application’s preferences panel, so you don’t have to be online when using it.

Add and Edit Locations

In the location preferences window you can select additional locations from the list, or add new ones from the File menu. There are several pre-created files that can be used, but you can add your own. You can also configure settings for each location, like the time zone. This can be done using the check boxes on the right.

Add and Edit Locations

Configure Settings

The location window has a list of the currently tracked locations. You can edit details about each location, including its name, type, timezone, and more. Here, too, you can add locations by clicking the Add button at the bottom of the list. You can also remove a location by clicking on it and selecting Remove button.

Add and Edit Locations

Configure Settings

Manual Update

The application is not suitable for fast or heavy devices, but it makes a good choice for anyone that needs to regularly update the time zone. It can automatically poll the time servers once a minute, or you can select a specific interval.

Manual Update


When the application is started it can request an IP address for the time servers. The addresses can be found in the application’s preferences panel, which also has a time synchronization option. This option can be set to update the system’s time automatically, or manually, or not at all.

System Requirements For NTP Time Zone Clock:

CPU: 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel or AMD
GPU: DX11 compatible, ATI HD4xxx, NVidia 7xxx
Memory: 1 GB
Required Hard Drive: 150 MB (Recommended 250 MB)
Video Card: DX11 compatible, ATI HD4xxx, NVidia 7xxx
Video Memory: 2 MB (Recommended 4 MB)
Keyboard and Mouse: Windows compatible, Logitech / Razer / MSI / HP
Sound Card: DirectX 11 / 7 compatible


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