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Batch Photo Date Stamper Free Download

Batch Photo Date Stamper is a tool that allows you to date and protect multiple photos simultaneously.
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Batch Photo Date Stamper

Application Batch Photo Date Stamper Description:
Batch Photo Date Stamper is an application that enables you to seamlessly add a watermark to your picture albums that include date, time, comment, copyright or user ID, for instance, and hence, protect your photos.

Enables you to stamp entire collections of photos in one go
While the program comes with a bare bones interface, it is organized, intuitive and it is unlikely that you will have troubles operating it. Functionality-wise, the app is as simple to use as it looks, meaning that you can specify the location of the folder, select the type of data you want for the stamp and then hit the Process button.

It is necessary to mention that the tool creates a Stamped folder by default in the selected directory by default. In case you are low on storage space or just prefer to store them in another location, you can easily change the output folder.

Allows you to customize your stamp data
In spite of its name, the program enables you to include other types of information than the date when the photo was taken. Consequentially, you can choose to add the name of the camera maker, camera models, comments, copyright, unique ID, time when it was taken, owner name or a description.

While the application enables you to add more than one value, it is advisable not to overdo it, especially if you are stamping pictures you intend to use for an artistic project for example.

A tool that can be useful for bloggers and anyone sharing their photos
Irrespective of the fact that you may not use the photos you take in the near future, Batch Photo Date Stamper is a powerful application that permits to add a stamp so that you can protect them and find them easier when you need to use them.

Batch Photo Date Stamper

Batch Photo Date Stamper Application

Batch Photo Date Stamper Tool Description

Batch Photo Date Stamper is an application that enables you to seamlessly add a watermark to your picture albums that include date, time, comment, copyright or user ID, for instance, and hence, protect your photos.


Batch Photo Date Stamper For Windows

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Text Translation: Text is now available in any language you have installed.
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Customizable Title/Watermark: Write your own title or watermark text to your video or photo.
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Batch Photo Date Stamper

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What’s New In Batch Photo Date Stamper?

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System Requirements For Batch Photo Date Stamper:

The minimum and recommended system requirements are as follows:
OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Intel i3 or higher
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX560 or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive Space: 50 GB
OS: Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX760 or higher
Hard Drive Space: 50 GB

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