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You can use your browser to preview images as you edit them, and you can use your browser to print out color-matched, enlarged images of your projects. Editing and manipulating images with Photoshop Photoshop is a powerful tool for editing and manipulating images. It enables you to create and edit images by using a layered-based structure. You can manipulate layers individually, manipulate images with blends between layers, and combine different layers to get creative effects. You can use many Photoshop tools for editing photos, including the following: Camera Raw: This component converts your RAW photos to a useful TIFF image so that you can retouch them, crop them, or even organize them in Lightroom or Aperture. Adobe’s nonlinear photo editor: This is where you can apply special effects, fine-tune color, and much more. Photoshop’s Artistic Filters: This feature enables you to apply a variety of artistic effects to photos. Photoshop’s other modules (Blending Options, Pattern, and some others): These modules provide different ways to edit and manipulate photos. The built-in Image Editor: This feature enables you to edit the image in a way that resembles the way you would do it on a camera or scanner. Using Tools to Manipulate Photos The tools you use to manipulate images are common for all image manipulation programs. You use many of them in Photoshop as well, as I describe later in this chapter. You can use a variety of tools to edit images. Photoshop’s toolbox features a collection of tools for editing and manipulating images. You can use many of these tools to edit your images. You may have a favorite set of Photoshop tools that you use regularly. Or you may be familiar with the tools but use different ones now and then. Either way, you can use many of these common tools in this book to create and edit your images. I call some of these commonly used tools shortcuts in this book. If a tool is not something you are familiar with, you can look it up in Photoshop’s Help system. The Help system is shown in Figure 1-1 and is accessible by pressing F1. **Figure 1-1:** The Help system provides up-to-date information about Photoshop and the process of using it. Some of the popular tools you find throughout this book include the following: Adjustment layer: This tool can be used to make changes to

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According to Adobe, Photoshop Elements is a free download that you can use to edit images, create a web design, create and edit a greeting card or logo, and more. This tutorial is a look at how to change the default black and white color in Photoshop, as well as how to adjust the settings to change the color of the color slider. It includes adjustments for the light and shadows, the color slider, and hue / saturation, and is intended for beginners who know how to use Photoshop but want to learn how to do things a bit differently. You can use Adobe Photoshop to change the photo’s color back to its original color, or you can change the color of the black and white in the photograph to any new color. Let’s get started. #1: Open Image in Photoshop Open the image in Photoshop. #2: Convert to the Black and White Color Preset Press Shift + Ctrl + K and choose Black and White. The image will now be in black and white. #3: Make Adjustments to the Lighter and Darker Areas Now we need to make some adjustments in the lighter and darker areas. #3.1: Lights and Shadows Open the Levels tool (Ctrl + L). Click on the white area and drag the white area to the left a bit to make the white area lighter. Then drag the white area to the right a bit to make the white area darker. Be sure to change the Foreground and Background to Black and White. This makes the white area lighter in the image and makes the black area in the photo darker. #3.2: Color Slider The color slider is next. We will adjust the color of the image. The image’s color is very dark, so we will use the orange color to adjust the image’s color. Go to the color slider and slide the orange area to the right a bit to make the image more orange. #4: Adjust the Hue / Saturation If you use Photoshop’s default Hue/Saturation tool, you can adjust the color of the image. Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Adjust the Hue and Saturation sliders to change the color of the image. Adjust the Hue slider if you want to change the color of the image as the white areas and 05a79cecff

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Anyone else think its funny how sometimes we will do a last minute ride out to a beach or meadow and think “this would be great for a sunset shot”? And do the whole 20 minute shoot and NEVER get the sunset! Instead we end up with an empty beach with no seascapes on the horizon, or the sun is setting, yet we still have people on their phones posting…. lets be honest, it is great for that I guess. But there are a lot of awesome portraits and images from the beach last weekend that I wanted to share. What’s a great way to have your guests cover their eyes? The sunset again is slow. The sun was slowly going down. I just wanted to make the sun disappear for a bit. So sometimes the few minutes I would have to get shots like this, I would try and get it at the last minute. Sometimes that meant getting it with no people in it, but often I would end up with people just sitting and talking in it. The colors were so worth the wait. The sunset was a bit earlier in the day than usual, so instead of using my 10mm lens, I often use my 35mm. But the 35mm on the Lumix GH2 has a wider angle of view. Below are a few of my favorite images from last weekend. Everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall colors. Even the slight wash of green is beautiful in this photo. Another shot from last weekend. It was a surprise that I made a full 12 hours of photography that day. One of my favorite weddings of the year was the wedding of Meagan and Charlie two weekends ago. It was an early fall wedding with not only an unexpected shower a day prior to the wedding (which we were super excited about because showers are great things), but also a rain that was coming, and arriving in time for the wedding. In addition to the rain, there were tons of leafs falling, and the color of the leaves added to the beauty of the wedding. Not only did we have the rain, it was a rare combination of rain, and a fall sunset. It was one of those nights that I knew I would have to ride my bike out to an area away from the house to get some shots. Since I was on my house retreat, I had to head to a remote spot on the road. The storm started coming in the night before, so while

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