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Note While these tools are great options for creating an online image, they are no substitute for using the

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This list is not all inclusive, but contains the most popular Photoshop features that can be used to edit images. What Photoshop Elements Features Does Not Have? Unlike Photoshop, Elements does not come with powerful professional features such as large libraries, Adobe Bridge, extensive image editing options, the ability to create a custom interface, being able to open multiple images at once and extensive scripting. However, Elements does include features like layers, filters, textures, text and typography, adjustment layers, gradients, color, shadows, painting tools, vector shapes, image retouching tools and more. Another difference between Elements and Photoshop is that Elements is a great beginner’s photo editor to learn how to use but as a professional tool for making and editing images will be a great improvement. The differences between the two products are slight and if you are new to editing images there is no reason to go to Photoshop at this time. The features of Photoshop Elements are plentiful and powerful enough that learning how to edit images will be a breeze. This is an exhaustive list of all the Photoshop Elements features. Related: Best Graphic Design Software – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial 4. Merge Layers 1) Merge Layers Photoshop Elements Features merge layers and combine them into one. The layer can be split or merged by simply clicking the layers pane. Merging layers is a great way to make an image look more polished as you get rid of the background layer and combine it with the main focus. 2) Duplicate Layers This feature replicates all the layers inside an image, including hidden layers and layers you have not created. So, if you have a selection, you can create a duplicate of the selection layer so you have your base layer to work with. 3) Transform Layers Transform layers makes changes to the layers inside the image, however, the changes only apply to the visible layers. If you have layer items on a layer that you do not want to be seen, you can make the layer hidden so it is not visible on the image. To activate a hidden layer, simply click the layer’s visibility slider and make the layer visible. The other benefit is that even when the hidden layer has been removed you can still transform the layer to make changes to it. 4) Layer Masks Layer masks allow you to edit the visible layers in the image but keep the areas you don’t want to change inside the image. 05a79cecff

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Links Thursday, June 26, 2011 The is a series that we will be doing in the last couple of weeks of school. We are going to start with The Adventures of Bear. This will be an interactive activity in which students will get a copy of The Adventures of Bear and will be creating a self-portrait! Students will have the opportunity to keep a journal of their adventures and create a self-portrait. This is a pencil/marker and watercolor activity. Please click on the links for more information. We will have labs on: · The Adventures of Bear · Review of the Pencil/Marker and Watercolor Techniques · How to Design a Self-Portrait 1st – 3rd grade students will learn how to explore and collaborate with a variety of media to produce a self-portrait. We are going to explore different media and then learn how to experiment with each to create our own self-portrait. 5th – 8th grade students will see how artist use different media to create a self-portrait. Students will then get to work on their own self-portrait using the materials discussed in the classes above. The Adventures of Bear Since I have never designed a character before, I wanted to show how this would work. My students love to look at and create art with my characters. I asked my students to design a self portrait to go along with The Adventures of Bear. I am keeping track of the work so that I can share the process with the other teachers in the Spring. Click on the link to see some of the self portraits that my 5th grade students made. The Adventures of Bear Activity for 5th Grade Alphas by North Whitehead 5th Grade Activities We are going to have a series of activities related to Alphas by North Whitehead that comes out in Sept. 2011. We will have several activities that we will be doing in class. We will be able to see the book, look at the different pages, and think about the characters. · Each student will be assigned a page that will be read by their homeroom teacher as a part of morning announcements. · Students will be given a copy of the book, and read it on their own. · Students will be assigned a character to make a portfolio of images for one of the following activities: · Detective Activity: A

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Hard Core Gaming: 2GB RAM, 250GB of free space The experience will only be most rewarding if you can enjoy it without lag, so ensure you meet the following: • 2GB RAM • 250GB of free space Minimum Required Specifications: Minimum Requirements: • NVIDIA GTX 650, AMD Radeon HD 6670 2GB RAM, 300GB of free space Note: If your graphics hardware meets the minimum requirements, then please click the check box next to

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