Download HOT! Winners Never Quit Book Edwin Louis Cole

Download HOT! Winners Never Quit Book Edwin Louis Cole

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Download Winners Never Quit Book Edwin Louis Cole

Never Quit Book Review


Download Never Quit Book Review book by Edwin Louis Cole

The answer lies in the heart. One’s whole attitude and outlook on life has a great deal to do with that answer. This is the answer that Edwin Louis Cole is bringing to people in this book and that is the one that I like best. The Bible teaches that God has a way for us to become a winner in every situation and it is great for me to know that God has provided something to help me accomplish that objective.
All these years I have tried to teach that one can get an instant and very easy way of being a winner in every situation and that is to believe. Just believe in God and everything will come out all right. But it is much more difficult to teach the idea of believing, which is why I really appreciate the book of Edwin Louis Cole. He makes it very easy to understand. He reminds me of a friend of mine in the navy named Howie. He was the son of my neighbors and I used to visit his family several times a week while he was in the navy and it was he who introduced me to the ideas that became the basis for my book, How To Win.
Edwin Louis Cole’s book, Never Quit, is a very good book. He has used a lot of simple and easy to understand terms. He has clearly explained many of the simplest principles in an understandable way. I enjoy the writing style, which makes it a good book to read. I also like the way he has made many references to other bible passages. His knowledge and experience is evident in his writing and this book gives me a lot to think about. I think that I would recommend it to others as well as giving it my own personal recommendation.

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About the author

Edwin Louis Cole –
Edwin Louis Cole was the most highly regarded thinker of the Progressive era. A highly visible professor of history at several universities, he also served on a number of public agencies, including the New York City Board of Education. In numerous speeches he held forth on the topic of business enterprise, with special attention to ethics, values, and the quality of life in the community. Cole was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on December 3, 1872. His father was the editor of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. His mother, Theodora Pinney, was a schoolteacher. Cole’s first grade teacher, Miss


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