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A: I think this is the command you are looking for: find \! \( -iname “*.bak” -o -iname “*.suo” \) | xargs -i{} -exec mv {} ~/Desktop/ \; It basically finds all.bak and.suo files and creates an XARGs command for each of them. XARGs does not allow recursive commands and instead creates a separate command to handle every subdirectory within the current directory, so we use the -exec {} \; to combine all the commands together. You may remove the \; if you want to run the commands from the current directory, or replace it with a wildcard like *.bak to handle all.bak files. The \! represents a negated find, which means only files that don’t have.bak or.suo in their filename. Alternatively you may use -name: find \! \( -name *.suo -o -name *.bak \) This will find only those files that have.suo or.bak in their names. However, with both methods you will need to modify your script to first store the source directory before moving the backup files. Drying of samples in protein arrays: role of hydrophobic interaction and drying buffer. We report on the kinetics of drying of samples, such as proteins and DNA, immobilized in protein microarrays using a micropipetting technique. We measured the weight and the deflection of the micropipette during withdrawal of the sample solution. We have observed that the deflection is larger than the weight of the used sample solution indicating that the sample drys from the bottom. We have also observed that the drying rate is dependent on the drying buffer. We observed that when the buffer solution is anhydrous ethanol the drying rate is smaller than when the buffer solution is water. When the same ethanol or water solutions are used to form a buffer layer around the array, the drying rate was larger than in the case of the buffer solution. This suggests that the penetration of the solvent through the buffer layer into the hydrophobic immobilized layers is slower than the drying of the hydrophilic layers. We also measured the amount of sample that remained wet (contamination) after waiting for a long time in a certain dry or wet solution. We observed that samples become contaminated more when the sample solution was aque

free(file_buf); return res; } else { fprintf(stderr, “%s: problem reading file data “, argv[0]); exit(1); } } free(file_buf); } function lo_findclose(fd) { free(fd); } Q: R find duplicates and save them and store in same location I have a list of files, they all contain the same data, they are named A_01, A_02…. I want to search through the list and compare all the contents of all files against each other. I want to compare file contents against themselves, create a new list of files found. Then it should save the duplicates in the same location, to later be read and compared against the original group. I know what I want to do in python, but I have no idea how to do it in R. A: Here is a solution using dplyr for simplicity and using sample data from @parfait library(dplyr) set.seed(123) df % group_by(v1) %>% summarise(v2 = n_distinct(v2), v3 = n_distinct(v3), d0c515b9f4

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