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To configure Silex devices automatically, you need to perform an initialization scan using a web-based app SilexClient. While no data is transferred, it will attempt to update the SilexServer Database and create a Silex Server configuration based on it.
If you don’t want to rely on the database, you can create your own configuration file, and launch SilexClient without an internet connection (or upload the file on the SilexClient server and modify it later).
Supports Silex products
SX-Finder supports Silex-based devices. You can detect additional Silex based products like WebApp, VigoPro, Ricochet D2, Ricochet E, and Ricochet PR3 in addition to Silex devices, which makes it one of the most versatile Silex device management solutions available.
Easy to use
This tool is designed to be very easy to use. You don’t need to be an IT-specialist to be able to successfully make use of it.
SX-Finder is intuitive to use, and once installed on your computer, it doesn’t require a lot of your efforts to start working.
Wireless device management and configuration solution
SX-Finder helps you identify Silex-based devices and configure them automatically.
To scan a Silex device, you first need to launch SilexClient with an internet connection, click the Detect icon, and identify the devices that are currently reachable.
The application will then attempt to automatically update the database of the Silex Server. Once this is completed, you can launch the Silex Client with the configuration that was manually created by the application.

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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Use command line: snmpwalk
Install MIBs: snmpget (install MIBs with snmpget install mibs/mibsnmp)
SNMP plugin for system-monitor


There is an open source tool called SimpleCMS which is a web based system like mine.

In all known lens driven diaphragm devices, the mounting of the diaphragm, exposure aperture and diaphragm mechanism

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Silex is a small company providing connectivity solutions since the early 2000s. The company is based in the United States and provides connectivity solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, and homes. The devices sold by Silex are built and designed to work flawlessly with their operating system.
Some of the most popular devices provided by Silex are wireless routers, wireless access points, Ethernet switches, VoIP gateways and software-based firewalls.
More information:


What is best way to handle a large number of songs on startup?

I am currently writing my first application, a grid-like music player. What I am looking for is a simple way of handling a large number of songs (thousands). My initial thoughts was to have a List with an accompanying collection of items of Song, where a song consists of: Title, Artist, Album, Year, TrackName.
After adding songs to the list, they should be sorted by TrackName. Some songs will have more than one track, so the Song should consist of title, artist, album, year, and more.
Of course, I could do all of this in code, however I wondered if there is a more efficient way of doing this? Are there existing.Net libraries I could use to handle a large amount of data?


Given your constraint of not having the entire alphabet available, it sounds like some kind of musical index is what you’re after.
I think of three different cases:
Case 1
You have no songs to index, so you don’t need to do anything to fill up the list. You just have a list of Song.
Case 2
You have a finite list of songs, but you’re trying to track changes to them – so you index songs that you remove, and when you add new songs, you add a new entry for the song to index.
Case 3
You have a large continuous stream of songs that you want to index, and they’re not all available at once.
Case 1 is easy – just create a list and add things to it as you want to add them.

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An Application designed to Scan, identify and configure Silex devices.
Identify Silex devices:
This program can be installed without significant efforts on the target machine since no complicated configuration is required on your side.
The only necessary adjustments are specifying a valid destination path on your computer and following the on-screen instructions provided by the installer.
Simple layout
The application has a minimalistic interface that encompasses a few interactive functions. Its main window lets you view the identified devices by organizing them in a list. Unfortunately, no form of standard help documentation is provided to you, making it impossible to turn to a user guide in case you encounter any difficulties understanding or operating its functions.
Identify Silex devices and configure them
When configuring the device servers manually, valid addresses and search ports TCP/IP are both required. In order to access each devices’ configuration menu, you need to select the desired item from the list and click the Configure button.
Simple Silex device scanner and configuration tool
Easy to install
This program can be installed without significant efforts on the target machine since no complicated configuration is required on your side.
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System Requirements:

This application is designed to run on Windows platforms.

Current Version:


Operating System:

Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

File Size:

373.7 KB

Silex Products:

Silex MX-2626
Silex MX-2626-LX
Silex MX-2514
Silex MX-2514-LX
Silex MX-2440
Silex MX-2440-LX
Silex MX-2428
Silex MX-2428-LX
Silex MX-2444
Silex MX-2444-LX

For Silex MX-2514-LX and Silex MX-2440-LX models, existing instructions need to be updated since the application is now compatible with newer hardware configurations. Please download the new instructions at the bottom of this page.

Uninstalling Silex MX-2428, MX-2514

What’s New in the?

SX-Finder is a tool that allows you to discover and manage various Silex devices through a single GUI, which in turn, lets you easily configure them from the same location.
Silex Networking Products:
Silex is the leader in open source networking hardware. We are committed to delivering high performance network infrastructure, wireless network appliances and software solutions for various vertical markets.
Browse a list of all Silex products:
Visit our website:
Contact Us: [email protected]
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System Requirements For SX-Finder:

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