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Every digital piece of data has a unique checksum, which can be used to compare different file versions and verify the data integrity. Not only those checksums allow you to detect errors during file transfers but it also helps you find out if the original file has been tampered with. EF CheckSum Manager is one of the tools that help you read and compare file hashes to check files’ integrity on the popular, standard formats.
The installation process is brief and, in a few moments, you are greeted by a user-friendly interface with an explorer-like layout. The left-side panel allows you to browse your PC and navigate to any folder, so as to view its content in the right-side panel.
Generate checksum files with ease  
The upper bar is where you find checksum-related options. You can create CRC checksums with EF CheckSum Manager, with the following options: create a single checksum file, one checksum file per directory with or without the folder name, as well as separate checksum files for each file. All the popular checksum standards are supported, including MD5, CRC32 (SFV), SHAx, and SHA-3.
Once the checksums are generated, the main table is populated with the new data. EF CheckSum Manager works recursively, meaning the content of all the subfolders is also processed.
The generated checksum files take a little amount of storage space but they allow you to check the data integrity much easier, so as to make sure the files you have or share with others are not corrupt or damaged in any way. Once the CRC checksums are generated, EF CheckSum Manager can proceed to verifying or actualizing them.
Produce checksums to check data integrity later 
Working with EF CheckSum Manager is not difficult, due to the simple layout and straightforward options. To resume, you just have to browse to the desired destination and generate the checksum files that will accompany them. After the data transfer is complete, its integrity can be verified with EF CheckSum Manager as well to eliminate all the doubts concerning the integrity of the files.







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Only up to date files are checked for integrity while transfers are in progress, keeping the database up to date with the newest files.
Checksum files are created and updated automatically to keep the database up to date.
Scan for modified files while transfers are in progress.
EF CheckSum Manager is well-designed, intuitive, and intuitive. We think it’s perfect for the anti-virus programs, and many other applications.
As a utility, EF CheckSum Manager is perfectly easy to use, similar to any other file manager. However, it is mainly developed for checking data integrity of your documents, files, and folders and ensuring that the data you have or share with others is not corrupted, damaged or tampered with in any way.

The process of setting up a new build server can be a very complex and daunting task. In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of configuring Jenkins for building a Java web application called VoteTally.
I’ll use this project as a practical example of what’s required for a deployment.
If you’re not familiar with jenkins, you can check out my previous article where I show you how to install it.
I also have a previous video tutorial on how to setup Jenkins as a build server on Windows, but this part is easier on Linux.
The first thing to do when setting up a new build server is to install and configure git. For the purpose of this article, I’ll install v1.9.3.2, but you’ll need to check the version number for your server and update accordingly.
Installing Git
We also need git installed, which is a revision control system for unstructured data.
Installing Jenkins
First, we need to download the pre-build server. From the official website:
These are a few of the pre-build server features, but it will also feature more if you choose one of the higher levels of jenkins licenses.
$ file /usr/share/jamiens/conf/jenkins.war
/usr/share/jamiens/conf/jenkins.war: Debian Jenkins package, version 1.632

A good host will usually have an iptables script that allows it to be managed via a

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EF CheckSum Manager helps you create and compare checksums for the most popular file types in order to check data integrity later on. The application is ideal for those users who work with numerous files and wish to control their data integrity.
EF CheckSum Manager Features:
* Designed to read and verify CRC checksums.
* Supports all the most popular file types including: ZIP, RAR, 7z, CAB, CHM, MP3, MP4, and MSI.
* Working recursively, meaning the content of all the subfolders is also processed.
* Recursive scanning to find all the files in a directory.
* Checksum formats: CRC32, SFV, SHAx, and SHA-3.
* Comparison of checksums, to find out if the original file was changed, or is damaged in any way.
* Compare two different files with the addition of a checksum to the existing one.
* Generate checksum files automatically.
* Configurable view to choose which column to display.
* Portable version with the ability to store all the options and settings in the installation folder.
* Choose the location for the generated checksum files.
* Clean installation wizard.
* Toggle or untoggle the installed applications in Windows.
* Ability to change the applications icon.
* Export single or all the generated checksum files to text documents.
* Rename or move the checksum files.
* Self-recovery after failed installation.
* Supports UAC.
* Supports 64-bit Windows.
* Free.
Homepage –
App Store –

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How to find out the free software version being used by the system:
* Win in CMD
* cd C:\ > where *

* macOS in Terminal:
* cd /Applications > pwd

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◆Paid version, free trial available.
▪Ability to generate CRC checksums and calculate them.
▪Provides the check of the file integrity.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of downloaded files.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of files that are available from the web or uploaded to servers.
▪Allows to check the integrity of the files that are downloaded from the Internet or uploaded to servers.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of files, regardless of their size.
▪Checks the files for Mac, Windows and Linux OS
▪Calculates MD5, CRC32 (SFV), SHAx and SHA3-256.
▪Download checksum files for files, including folders, folders and files.
▪Calculates MD5, CRC32 (SFV), SHAx and SHA3-256.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of all the files in the folder or on the web.
▪Creates CRC checksum or hash for files, including folders, folders and files.
▪Calculates MD5, CRC32 (SFV), SHAx and SHA3-256.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of all the files in the folder or on the web.
▪Creates a single checksum file or checksum files per folder or file.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of all the files in the folder or on the web.
▪Calculates MD5, CRC32 (SFV), SHAx and SHA3-256.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of all the files in the folder or on the web.
▪Provides a simple user interface.
◆Download checksum files for files, including folders, folders and files.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of all the files in the folder or on the web.
▪Creates a single checksum file or checksum files per folder or file.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of all the files in the folder or on the web.
▪Calculates MD5, CRC32 (SFV), SHAx and SHA3-256.
▪Checks the integrity and reliability of all the files in the folder or on the web.
▪Calculates MD5, CRC32 (SFV), SHAx and SHA3-256.

What’s New In?

Use EF CheckSum Manager to create and verify checksums of your data and make sure the integrity of your data is protected.
Whether you want to verify your home directory or a specific file in a folder or even the content of all the files in a directory, the software will do the job for you. If you are running a server and want to make sure your clients are honest, then this is the software for you.
EF CheckSum Manager creates checksums for both Windows and Linux formats. Whether you want to verify a document or some data within the document, it will do the job for you. When you are working with Linux, file formats such as Rich Text Format or Microsoft Word documents are what you should be concerned about.
When you are working with Windows or another variant of the Windows platform, you can also check out EFS (Encrypted File System) for its unique security. For example, when you are creating an ISO file, you can remove the disc image protection.
EFS (Encrypted File System)
EFS is a file encryption system that was developed by Microsoft and is used to increase the security of Windows-based computers.
Although EFS was developed by Microsoft, it is not an extension of the platform’s operating system. It is an independent file security standard and allows you to encrypt and decrypt data that is stored on your computer.
In order to work with the standard, you will require the optional software tools to create and manage your passwords.
EFS has five components:
Encryption – The first component of the EFS standard deals with encryption. It is used to encrypt files and folders so that only authorized users can access them.
Authentication – The second component of the EFS standard deals with the data authentication. It works by verifying and validating each file and folder. It prevents file system attacks, such as lock files or viruses.
Data security – The third component of EFS is data security. It allows you to use encryption to prevent the loss of data because the data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the desired user.
Support – The fourth component of EFS has to do with file system support. The software allows you to remove certain optional features to be able to work with the file system in Windows.
Flexibility – The fifth component of EFS allows you to use the standard with a large number of file formats. It is built with the help of the open source software OpenSSL.
How does EFS work

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista
RAM: 1 GB (512 MB recommended for Windows XP)
Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible
Hard Disk: 128 MB
Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible
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