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Wake It Up! is a lightweight and simple utility designed to help you view your MAC address, but also turn ON your remote computer.
It is a tool for sending magic packets to the desired MAC address. You simply have to enter the desired MAC address and the program does the rest.







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Wake It Up! is a lightweight and simple utility designed to help you view your MAC address, but also turn ON your remote computer.
It is a tool for sending magic packets to the desired MAC address. You simply have to enter the desired MAC address and the program does the rest.
Wake It Up! Features:
No installing needed! Runs from a USB stick!
You can run it on both Macs and Windows!
There are two views, the first one shows only the MAC address and the second one shows the MAC address as a label on the tray icon.
A light-pulsation will indicate if the program is running on the remote computer.
The remote computer MAC address is hidden until you start the application.
Ability to restart the remote computer.
Option to send magic packets to the remote computer (not sure that this would work on some routers or firewalls)


What you’re describing is described in Apple’s Print Sharing and Automatic Print Sharing.
Print Sharing

If a remote computer is connected to the same print server as your computer, the remote computer can wake up your printer, view the queue list, and control print jobs.

If the server is configured to do this, it’ll make sure that you can print to it.
Keep in mind that it will require an admin to allow it to print to that server.
This is one of many concepts covered by Apple’s Print Sharing Guide

By default, print sharing is turned off in Mac OS X. This means that the computer wakes up the printer only when you send print jobs.

The guide shows how to do this, but it also mentions some downsides to this method.

If you allow print sharing, the print server can configure the printer to make it appear to be on even if the computer is powered off.

Automatic Print Sharing

You can turn on print sharing automatically by creating an Apple Push Notification Service (APN) server on your computer.

This is discussed in the guide here as well

The service must be configured to launch at start time and to send the right notifications to the target computer.

Because of the configuration, it may be a bit tricky to set up.


Wake It Up! does not turn on a computer (unless you

Wake It Up! Crack+

Wake It Up! is a simple Windows program designed to make you view your MAC (or) IP address. In other words, you can view, set, change your MAC address or IP address. In addition, you can change several system settings from the MAC-address, which is very helpful when you have to connect to the Internet by using a different computer for different purposes. This is a classic Windows application that can do what you want and enable you to set up a MAC address that works in your network environment, something that is really easy to do, even for beginners.

You can select between two types of magic packet: Wake-on-LAN (WOL) and Ethernet-over-IP.
The Wake-on-LAN magic packet is usually used with PCs and laptops. It uses the frame wakeup process by sending a special packet to the computer’s network adapter.
In the wakeup process, the computer is turned on using its power on button or it can wake up remotely by sending a magic packet to the specified computer.
Ethernet-over-IP: It is a type of bridging port with the address of the bridged MAC address of the specified network card. In a bridged network, a second interface is added to the computer that forwards the outbound frames to the active interface (which is called master port). When the computer powers on, it will use the Ethernet interface address of the master port as the MAC address. To enable the Master Port, one of the WOL Ethernet-over-IP will be used.

See also
Network Address Translation (NAT)

External links
Wake It Up! on Google Code

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Wake It Up! Crack Latest

== Description ==
Wake It Up! is a lightweight and simple utility designed to help you view your MAC address, but also turn ON your remote computer.
It is a tool for sending magic packets to the desired MAC address. You simply have to enter the desired MAC address and the program does the rest.
A video tutorial is available at
== Keywords ==
mac address remote computer task network magic ipv4 wake ipv6
== Translations ==
The program is available in the following languages:
== Features ==
* Easily view your MAC address
* Easily turn ON/OFF a remote computer
* Easily view the IP address of the remote computer you wish to wake.
* Wake networked computers using packet injection.
* Wake computers using different protocols: TCP, UDP and ICMP.
* Show the remote computer’s name.
== License ==
Copyright (C) 2014 by Mario Monteiro
Wake It Up! is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
Wake It Up! is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
A copy of the GNU General Public License is available in the file COPYING.
== Download ==
You can download Wake It Up! from
== Download Sources ==
If you want to be able to modify the sources for this program, visit You can also directly download the program from

== Installation ==
== Installation to the SLAX/live CD ==
Type the

What’s New in the?

A simple utility designed to monitor a remote computer’s MAC address. It will find the MAC address of your computer, and if possible, it will turn your remote computer on.

An alternative is using Wake-On-Lan which will not require a hardware driver. Instead a so called Wake-on-LAN packet is sent from your computer to the desired MAC address. This packet will likely be sent from the Ethernet card, by MAC address.

Note: the Wake-On-LAN packet should be sent to the MAC address with which your computer has previously been connected to the network.


Installing the software on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 is straight forward:

Download the zip file
Extract the files from the download
Run the executable file that was extracted to the desktop


Main window

The main window of Wake It Up! is divided into two sections: Overview and Statistics.

The Overview section is divided into three sections: a simple address viewer, the MAC address of the remote computer, and a timer.

MAC address viewer
The MAC address viewer is displayed whenever a MAC address is detected. It displays a string made out of the MAC address, in most cases followed by the IP address.

MAC address
The MAC address is displayed in the left hand side of the window. It can be changed by clicking on the small arrow in the right-hand bottom corner. There is also a button to edit the MAC address if that is not already done.

Remote computer
The remote computer’s MAC address is displayed in the left hand side, using the same style as the MAC address viewer. If your computer is able to wake up the remote computer, the remote computer’s IP address will be displayed after the MAC address.

The Statistics section displays the statistics. It displays the number of MAC addresses found, the total number of MAC addresses per day, the total number of MAC addresses per week, and the total number of detected instances per week.


Menu bar

Here you can select the parameters for your timer. Timers can be configured for a specific day, a month, or a year. You can also configure the daily interval, a week’s delay, and even more detailed settings, such as what days to wake up.

Add new timer

When you right click on a timer, it opens a new window, where you can add

System Requirements For Wake It Up!:

Windows PC operating system:
This is a PC exclusive game. All operating systems listed above must be of the latest version for this game to function properly. Mac operating system:
Xcode and Mac OS X 10.9 or later are required.
SQ3/SWF player:
This game is a Google Chrome and Firefox browser game, you need to download google chrome or Firefox browser with plugin function and download SQ3 or SWF player, if you are using Windows OS. Xcode:
Xcode 3.2.5


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