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Why Use Photoshop?

1. Speed

Photoshop is very quick to use and can process a lot of images in a short amount of time. Because the program is streamlined and interactive, users are able to perform complex operations without having to preview an image multiple times.

2. Adaptability

Photoshop is designed with a wide range of users in mind. It is an extremely adaptable program, capable of a wide variety of different tasks, and has always been designed with the ability to expand and change.

3. Versatility

Photoshop is capable of editing many different types of images in many different ways. In addition, it is capable of creating much of its own content. These features can be used to personalize images in a unique way.

4. Helps You Focus

Photoshop has a lot of powerful tools that can focus a user’s attention on the details of an image. These tools can be used to select and edit specific colors or contrast throughout an image. There are hundreds of tutorials available on the Internet that focus on a specific method of using Photoshop.

5. Collaboration

Photoshop allows for multiple users to collaborate and work on images at the same time. This allows for more people to take part in editing images.

6. Value

Adobe Photoshop has become a $2.4 billion a year industry, even with Adobe’s current slow decline in stock price, due to the value that the program has to offer. As the number one image editing program, it has stayed at the top and likely will for a long time.

7. No Competing Version

Photoshop comes preinstalled on many operating systems, making it an attractive option for getting started. Although competing products have appeared such as GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) from the GNU project, the learning curve is long and there is not much between the two programs. They are not comparable, and it is unlikely that any other programs will usurp Photoshop as the industry standard.

Getting Started

1. Downloading

First, you will need to download Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, which you can choose from the link at the top of the page. Because you will be downloading and installing software from a third-party site, you will need to ensure you have a secure connection on your computer and that you have adequate permissions for your administrator to install the program.

2. Installing


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With so many features and functions, you may not know where to start. Just remember this one thing—the following tips will help you edit almost anything with just a few clicks.

Tips & Tricks

Use professional images as references

A good understanding of Photoshop comes with proper references. A good reference can help you to avoid mistakes and get better with every passing day. In this post, we list 15 apps that can help you to be a top-notch user of Photoshop.

Importing images from any source such as websites, social media and apps is a common task for most Photoshop users. This tutorial shows you how to import images in batches and get them done within minutes. We’ll also cover the common mistakes that can result in poor quality images.

There are many ways to create social media posts for your clients or organizations, including posting to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this post, we share templates you can use to set up posts or change them as needed.

Adobe Spark is one of the best image-editing apps you can download if you’re not a Photoshop user. It is much easier than using the full-featured Photoshop and provides similar or better results. In this post, we show you how you can use the app to edit any of your images.

When you use a photo editor, you will notice that you can freely zoom in and out with the image. Well, if you don’t have a mouse, you can use the keyboard to zoom in and out. In this post, we explain the steps for how to zoom and scroll with the keyboard in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

When you edit an image, you can use a variety of fonts to add a creative flair or effect to the image. You can use a number of web-based tools and resources to create fun fonts from scratch. In this article, we’ll show you how to use a few of these tools to create fun fonts with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Don’t forget to check out our other tutorials on how to efficiently edit and retouch your images.

Photoshop Tips: How to Improve Image Quality with the History Panel

Although Photoshop is quite a powerful image-editing tool, you do need to be careful not to overdo it. Overdo it in terms of editing too many images, and you could lose your sanity and ruin the integrity of your

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Conditional formatting based on the dates in Excel

I have a table in my sheet where the first column contains dates.
I want to convert the first column to a list of ranges and then have a conditional formatting based on a timeframe of past 14 days. I’m new to Excel formatting so any help will be greatly appreciated.
The formatting looks like this.
I want to give a green highlight to dates falling into the past 14 days.
thanks in advance.


Format your cell red (or any other color), put this formula in, and then try changing the date in the top right corner to your liking (the cell where the formula would be will obviously change when changing the date).
If[day(thisCell)=day(thisCell)+14, thisCell.Interior.ColorIndex=xlGreen,thisCell.Interior.ColorIndex = xlRed]

Since multiple days can have the same color at a time, I made this formula slightly more flexible.
Format cell red, use this formula in the cell, and then try changing the range and day value.

For a continuous rule that can be extended even further:
Dates within one year can be formatted as green, dates between one year and two years can be formatted as blue, and dates within two years can be formatted as red.
This is possible due to how conditional formatting works. If you put your list in an array with days as row and one year intervals as columns, the array will be “filled” with formulas like the ones I provided above.
Thus, when you have a list of date values (e.g., A1:Z1) in an array like [{=IF(AND(A1>$B$2,A1

What’s New In?

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System Requirements For Photoshop EXpress:

1.6 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM
10 GB of free hard drive space
Internet Explorer 8 or later
What’s New
This is version 1.10 of Grid Wars (1.9 to 1.9.1 are broken), and that means that we’ve spent some time getting it working. We’re super happy with the improvements we’ve made, and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoy making it! This update includes:
– A new look for Grid Wars
– New GUI overlays

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