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There is so much more to “HyperMotion Technology” and our research into player behavior, we decided to pull up a chair and talk to Paul Green. He is the Director of Player Development at EA Sports.

When players collide, engage in a challenge, or run towards a space, EA Sports applies physics to the interaction. For example, a spinning defender tackling a player must pull their body weight across the ball, and the player’s spine and limbs must rotate to face the new direction of movement.

Just because an interaction between two players is captured in motion-capture suits, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to simulate at the game level. There’s a reason why football boots, shoulders, and uniforms are being redesigned in the first place.

The result is what Paul tells us is “Play the way it should be played.”

Please tell us more about “HyperMotion Technology.”

“FIFA 20 was our first step in this new path, and it really introduced the elements of what this was going to be. We made a bit of a leap with FIFA 21, introducing a new way of looking at the game with the introduction of “HyperMotion Technology”. A lot of people have said it’s the most realistic gameplay experience they’ve had, and we’re really happy with the results. We made some big leaps in the right direction with Xbox One X, and we’re ecstatic with the game running at 4K and 60 frames per second. We’re also proud of the way our artists have progressed over the past few years, and with the new technology we’ve been able to make some huge leaps in some areas as well.

Our goal is to have a game that is actually fun to play, and that is why we’re constantly evolving FIFA over the years. FIFA 10 and FIFA 11 were instant-successes with our community, while FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 had a lot of flaws, and we couldn’t have been more proud of what we’ve created in 2014. We’ve now come to the point in the franchise where we’ve figured out what “fun” means, and what “the right direction” is. We’re now really into getting this right, as we see where we need to make adjustments


Features Key:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team. Create your dream team from a glittering array of legends including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Platini, and many more to play from the introduction of FIFA 10 till the conclusion of FIFA 18.
  • On-pitch experience. Enjoy the most realistic on-pitch experience ever with new technologies such as playable animations, full 360° player movements, and animation-driven ball physics to deliver the most authentic player-on-player experience to date.
  • New player traits and new chemistry. Enhance your on-pitch skills with new single-player and online challenges, and experience new ways to earn specialised player traits and craft the perfect team with new chemistry-driven badges. Develop new tactics and utilise the strength of your player group to complete challenges and unlock new badges.
  • FIFA Online. Earn, chase and challenge for glory online with friends in Online Seasons, where a variety of weekly and seasonal events combine to deliver a dynamic and challenging online experience.
  • FIFA on Facebook. Enjoy FIFA on Facebook with more content than ever before. Get more in-depth clubs info, behind the scenes access and live broadcasting of your Ultimate Team’s offline matches.
  • Over 150 licensed teams. Enjoy more than 150 licensed clubs, giving players the opportunity to play their favourite team online or in-game for the first time.
  • Enhanced atmosphere. From Marseille, London, Santiago, Madrid, New York to Austin and Munich, your team and stadium come to life with dynamic momentos and animation to make you feel like the star player.
  • Improved Keeper controls. See the pitch from behind the nets with improved 360° aiming and jumping
  • Enhanced player celebrations. Embrace your team and be more expressive by using new animations and overhauled celebrations.
  • Referee, Team Captain, Coach and Club Director. Take on the role of the referee to master the new


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    EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s #1 football (soccer) video game franchise.* Enjoy authentic football action like never before. Play the most popular real-world leagues, including the FIFA e World Cup™. Or create and manage your club in unique ways that harness your creativity. FIFA 20 brings the true spirit of soccer to life. FIFA 20 is powered by EA SPORTS Football Engine 2. FIFA 20 challenges you to rise to the top with new ways to play, including the new FIFA UCL, FIFA Ultimate Team™, Ultimate Team Moments and Player Impact Engine, plus brand new customization and gameplay features. FIFA 20 is the most authentic soccer video game to date, and includes features for all ages and skill levels. FIFA 20 includes the most licensed teams, leagues, competitions and stadiums of any EA SPORTS Football game. Whether you’re a FIFA 17 veteran or a total newcomer, FIFA 20 will bring the authentic, beautiful and powerful soccer feeling to the game you know and love.

    Gameplay Features

    New Calling Cards

    Shout out your moves with Dynamic Calling Cards that express your personality. Select from existing cards, or customize your own. Using your voice, score a goal or defend your goal. Make eye contact with your favorite player and watch the celebration unfold.

    Instant Turnover

    Instantly see if you can give your opponent the ball or defend from an attack. Turnover marks offer players the opportunity to affect the game immediately.

    New Dynamic Events

    Revamped dynamic events will make defenders rise to your challenge. A better ball placement or receiving a pass under pressure can make the difference. A goal scored against you must be taken back.

    New Interaction Engine

    FIFA’s movement engine is more responsive than ever with the new Interaction Engine. With over 5,000 new hand-crafted animations, players will now react to a greater variety of situations.

    New Ball Physics

    The football’s new physics engine makes each pass, kick and shot more responsive. Every player will feel like a natural part of the pitch.

    Improved Overall Experience

    FIFA 20 revolutionizes the game by improving the responsiveness of the players and real-world action, while adding a new Dynamic Events Engine and the all-new FUT Ultimate Team™, and more.

    New Default Gameplay

    The new Default Gameplay brings all aspects of FIFA 20 to life in a simple and fluid way. Experience new and improved match types


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    FIFA UTR returns with all-new cards, players, and gameplay modes including a fully redesigned, unprecedented Ultimate Team. Buy, sell, and trade your way through a new Career Mode. Build the ultimate team from over 25 million possible combinations.

    Three Games in One – Live out your dreams in FIFA 22 by competing in one of the most popular games in the world: FIFA, UEFA EURO 2016, and FIFA 17.

    On Pitch Action – Connect with FIFA like never before, as you experience the world’s top players as they compete in 12 new Player Actions.

    New Commentary Commentary Team – Get advice from some of the top sports broadcasters in the world, including Sky Sports’ Alan Pardew, and NFL legend John Madden. Now even more insightful, the commentary team’s tips, highlights, and insight give you the inside scoop on all the key moments in any game.



    • Buy, sell, and trade your way through a new Career Mode, where you can purchase the most iconic players, balls, and stadiums. Gain experience, gold, and medals to level up your player card.

    • Put your cards to the ultimate test as you compete in three brand new game modes: Live the dream, face an all-new FIFA, and compete in UEFA EURO 2016.

    • Pause your match and explore new ways to play out the game’s storylines, with dynamic gameplay options, shot-chasing challenges, and new gameplay elements.

    • Select your favorite story moment and create a custom tournament playlist, or make your own games with the most popular modes, leagues, competitions, and competitions.


    • Play FUT Online with FIFA Online on the FIFA mobile app (iOS & Android) on your favourite device.

    • Experience real-time gameplay and FUT Draft online with friends and your favourite FIFA stars.

    • Create your FIFA Legend and compete against your peers in Custom Matches and Ranked Matches.

    • Track and compare the statistics for your players to see the best on the best.


    FIFA is back on the move!

    FIFA 19 delivers the most authentic soccer experience on mobile.

    Experience a living, breathing FIFA world, come out on top in global tournaments, play in packed stadiums across the world and dive into an all new lively franchise


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

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