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Download ○○○ DOWNLOAD is a free, online graphics editor. It uses a traditional Windows style interface. was renamed to ‘Corel Painter’ on June 11, 2013.

SourceForge (SF)

SourceForge is a web-based software project hosting service. It is a repository of source code for various open source projects. It is notable as a provider of a community-driven download service, and therefore, a community-driven collection of open source software.

It is sometimes used by open source developers as a social network of people working on software development, largely because of its large number of open source projects and projects which are free and open source. Since the software is typically hosted on SF, users are both developers of the software and users of the software.

SF was listed as one of the top 25 sites by Alexa with the largest site listing at the time being Firefox.


Slack is a collaboration and communication platform developed by the company Six Apart. The software is used as an internal tool and as a communication platform for business and personal use.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is an extremely powerful multimedia authoring and delivery system, primarily used for web pages. It was originally a product of Macromedia, now owned by Adobe Systems, and was commonly bundled with applications on Mac computers. Flash is also available as a stand-alone product for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, and for the development of mobile applications.

Other products

Other common Adobe products include:

Acrobat (PDF creation and editing)
Acrobat Reader (PDF viewing)
Acrobat Pro (PDF creation, editing, and viewing)
Acrobat Pro DC (PDF creation, editing, and viewing)
Adobe Audition (digital audio editing, mixing, re-recording, and mastering)
Adobe Bridge (digital image organizing, cataloging, and searching)
Adobe Illustrator (graphic and vector graphics applications)
Adobe InDesign (page layout applications)
Adobe Photoshop (image editing and conversion, image composition, and image authoring)
Adobe InCopy (a web page authoring tool)
Adobe Flash (a multimedia authoring platform)
Adobe Dreamweaver (a web page authoring tool)
Adobe Premiere (video editing, video and audio composition)
Adobe Digital Editions (book reader)
Adobe Captivate (screen capture software)
Adobe Sitecatalyst (a web analytics


Features Key:

  • Take the pitch with more than two million players from around the world including Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the best player in the game and is joined by football greats including Lionel Messi and Neymar
  • Jam-packed full of innovative new features for ball-based action: introduce a full 360-degree dribbling system, special player actions such as traps, feints, and flicks, spectacular reactions, and pre-pass routines
  • New big and small screen modes — both with new controls for easier use
  • Academies mode, allowing you to train with your club, and even enter the EFL academy system
  • Improved gameplay modes, including the ability to play a FIFA 17 game of FIFA 22, featuring all licensed teams and modes, with modifications made to squad depth, formations and training
  • Limited time discount of FIFA 19 DLC on top price for first few months of release
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Content — Player Skin Packs, Stadium Kits, Team Shirts, and Goal Scoring Chances Packs
  • FC Barcelona Ultimate
  • Brand New Championship Broadcast — Opta Stats
  • Brand New Broadcast Calls to Action — Official Overtime, 94th minute, Champion’s League Final
  • Every possession is relived — Watch yourself doing what you did: regain your bearings, control the tempo and focus on the matter at hand before attacking or defending, much like a coach in the stadium
  • Intel Football Movement Compression Engine — Using motion capture from real players to animate with intelligent animations
  • Rapid Goal Reaction
  • New Shot Limits, makes the game more balanced
  • Visual and Aural Details such as lighting, crowds, stadium artwork, authentic player choreography, jerseys and helmets.
  • New control scheme — learn how to play with a new control layout
  • Steam Big Picture Mode support


Fifa 22 Free Download (April-2022)

FIFA is soccer’s most popular sport. In FIFA, players control the heart and soul of a team using skill, strategy and the ability to perform magical tricks called “Flukes”.

Click here to learn more about FIFA’s rich universe.

What are FIFA Ultimate Team and the new experience in Ultimate Team modes?

FUT provides players the chance to take their teams to new heights by trading and developing collectible players, and earning cards that can be used to boost players’ attributes and earn rewards.

For the first time ever, Ultimate Team modes feature Play Now, Score Streaks, Scorebox, Showcase Live, and Live Events.

What is Ultimate Team?

An all-new way of building and customizing your Ultimate Team. Players can now develop and trade players with the brand new player card slot.

Players can now trade with their friends and make the dream team their own.

Trades now allow you to trade any one player in the world to an unlimited number of teammates anywhere on the pitch.

You can now trade players for free while keeping all their original stats. To make the trade, simply right-click the player you want to “buy”, select “Make Trade” and select the other player as a teammate.

The basics: FUT Ultimate Team offers players the chance to create the best team by trading players with friends and earn brand new, one-of-a-kind cards that can be used to upgrade any player in the game, turning them into a real pro.

Right-click the player you want to trade with. Select the new “Make Trade” option. Select the other player, and click “Done”. Wait for the trade to complete before right-clicking them to further improve them.

Players can now right-click any player in the game with the new “Make Trade” option and select the player they want to work with as a teammate.

The player they select will become a teammate and you will earn a card for trading.

Please note that you can only create a trade while the player is on the pitch.

Players can now right-click any player in the game with the new “Make Trade” option and select the player they want to work with as a teammate.

The player they select will become a teammate and you will earn


Fifa 22 [April-2022]

A revolutionary new way to play FIFA. Enter the world’s most popular game mode, Ultimate Team, and manage the best soccer players, coaches, balls, and kits from the biggest stars on the planet. From Ronaldo to Xavi to Messi, Kobe Bryant to Pele, Ultimate Team is the ultimate way to collect, manage, and play like the best soccer stars of the game’s history.


Many new ways to play: Short, Medium, Long Throw, and five new fully customizable Skills
New Magazine – Solo and co-op play with other players, as well as 5 game types
New Camera – New camera angles are just a tap away in every stadium
Ease of Use – Select your Formation, choose your Tactics, and play. No menus or complicated controls
Head-to-Head – Can you and your friends be the best FIFA players in the world?
New Balls – Choose what ball feels right for you with the new Referee Ball, a soccer ball you’ll want to wear, rather than dribble
Real Decision-Makers – Take your favorite soccer stars to the next level in the World’s Greatest Club Manager
New Features – Add-on Manager Mode provides an RPG-like career mode for managing and developing your club
New Coaches – Get the best coaching advice from the most legendary coaches of all time
New Features – Play like Lionel Messi and create training sessions based on the footwork, positioning, and passes of the FC Barcelona superstar
New Features – Play like Pele and create training sessions based on the scoring prowess of the legendary Brazilian icon
New Features – Play like Ronaldo and create training sessions based on his technical skill and uncanny ability to score goals
New Features – Play like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and create training sessions based on their basketball moves
New Features – The best-looking leagues in soccer around the world are included, from the English Premier League to the Italian Serie A
New Features – Plus a complete listing of new stars and team kits in FIFA Ultimate Team, for more than 3,000 players from over 50 teams around the world
New Features – Create your own stadium design in the new Stadium Builder
Updates to Basics – Career Mode updates, including key information about your player, your club, and stats
Updates to Defects – Three brand new Defects, including long-range setpieces, an array of new Tactics, and a new Formation


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