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Graphical Console is a free tool that allows you to have a graphical console on your desktop. The console is fully programmable with keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and modal dialogs. The commands allow arbitrary tabbed windows to be created, and the console can be sized and configured to fit any number of windows. Currently, Graphical Console does not support plug-ins, but when it does it will offer a very wide range of uses. Graphical Console Features: Graphical Console Features: ■ Fully Graphical Console Replacement ■ Requires no installation ■ Runs natively on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 ■ No service required, self-contained ■ Extensible with shell scripting, installation of other EXEs, and plug-ins ■ Graphical editing tools for RegEx, Localization, and Text Manipulation ■ Allows any valid command to be executed from Graphical Console ■ Supports almost any OS that supports Win32 and CMD.EXE ■ Allows command-line based applications to be used in a graphical context ■ Allows for easy manipulation of any number of console windows ■ Easy to use, both through the GUI and through command-line ■ Supports all major Windows GUI toolkits ■ Supports clipboard up to 64K ■ Allows for integration into any Windows application ■ Full Visibility of cmd.exe, the command processor ■ Easy configuration, cleanup, and execution of commands ■ Easy mouse-based execution of commands ■ Easy Keyboard ■ Support for many styles of text boxes, including multi-lined edit boxes ■ Support for many styles of windows, including tabbed windows, splitter windows, and dialog boxes ■ Very large maximum number of tabs allowed (over 1 million tabs) ■ Advantages of Open Source Graphical Console License: GPL (General Public License). Graphical Console Source Code: The source code is provided under the GPL. Graphical Console Development Schedule: Development progress is reviewed weekly on the mailing list Announcements are made on the mailing list, on our blog, or on this message:

Graphical Console

Graphical Console takes its name from the standard console on the PC: the Graphical User Interface (GUI) window of the Windows operating system. It is not a true replacement for the command prompt or the Unix shell that comes with most UNIX-like operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and NetBSD. Unlike the command prompt or shell, Graphical Console is a fully-fledged Windows application. Graphical Console is not simply an emulation of existing technology. It allows users to leverage power user skills, while retaining the ability to run existing applications. Practical advantages to Graphical Console: ■ New features like drag & drop, double click, move, and resize ■ Runs existing Windows console applications ■ Uses standard mouse commands to control the Windows Console window as though it were a Win32 application ■ Allows easy resizing of the console window ■ Avoids the need for most of the command line arguments commonly used with the standard command prompt ■ Does not leave any clutter in the Windows GUI, which in turn means less room for mistakes ■ Allows for quick scrolling, regardless of size, and will not “stutter” in the event of a large file ■ Allows resizing of the console window to fit arbitrary resolutions ■ Allows for advanced customization such as key bindings, CLI behaviors, and shell extensions ■ Allows for advanced configuration of hotkeys ■ Allows for access to system events, like WM_ACTIVATE to detect whether the operating system is in an active state ■ Insulation from non-standard user actions, such as transferring files to C: or changing to a directory on a different drive, which can occur in other shells ■ Insulation from namespace concerns like interfering with other unconfigured programs from appearing in the same window ■ Organized Window Scale functionality similar to Windows Presentation Foundation’s (WPF) Virtual Desktops ■ Supports the ability to navigate between windows of different applications ■ Provides support for multiple window managers such as GNU Screen ■ Provides support for child windows (which make it easier to use as a development environment) ■ Supports drag and drop into multiple locations ■ Supports drag and drop into multiple windows ■ Supports drag and drop from console windows into multiple locations ■ Supports drag and drop from the standard Windows GUI into multiple locations 3a67dffeec

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■ Graphical Console is a replacement for Windows console. ■ Graphical Console is a Win32 application. ■ Graphical Console can only be used to execute console applications with native Win32 binaries. ■ Graphical Console opens a single-instance application. ■ Graphical Console is a Windows application. ■ Graphical Console does not run in a terminal window. Graphical Console Benefits: ■ Graphical Console is built on Windows and can be used to run any executable with a Win32 subsystem. ■ Graphical Console can simulate almost all aspects of the Win32 console but runs in a native Windows desktop application. ■ Graphical Console is a standalone application which can be installed to disk. It does not need to be run from a command line. ■ Graphical Console is free. ■ Graphical Console is lightweight and fast. ■ Graphical Console is easily customizable and can be configured to fit a workflow. Graphical Console Limitations: ■ Graphical Console does not yet support legacy native Win32 applications such as cmd.exe and PowerShell. ■ Graphical Console currently requires a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card and Windows XP or later. ■ Graphical Console does not support dynamic resizing. Introduction: Graphical Console (GC) is a replacement for Windows command prompt that was first released on January 1, 2007. GC behaves exactly like Windows command prompt. That means the command line is the same, and the commands you type and run are also the same as the ones you enter in cmd.exe. GC comes with a number of improvements over Windows console. Graphical Console Benefits: ■ Graphical Console is available for download at ■ Graphical Console is built for power users and allows them to run a wide array of native Win32 applications in an easy-to-use environment. ■ Graphical Console is a standalone application which can be installed to disk. It does not need to be run from a command line. ■ Graphical Console is available for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. ■ Graphical Console is free. ■ Graphical Console is lightweight and fast. Graphical Console Limitations: ■ Graphics card requirements: This version of GC is

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Graphical Console can be thought of as a simplified version of the Windows Run dialog. Graphical Console is not intended to function like the command line application “cmd.exe.” Rather, it’s a graphical interface that gives power users the ability to run, copy, move, and highlight text in the Console window, just as they would any other Win32 application. Graphical Console also features the ability to search for text within text and to automatically resize the console window when you change the size of the window’s contents. Graphical Console Features: ■ Simplified Text Searching – Search within the text of the Console window to locate text, or to highlight text within the text of the console window. ■ Paste – Drag-and-drop text from one source into another. ■ Highlight Text – Select, highlight, and copy text from the Console window. ■ Resize – Automatically resize the console window to the size of the text it contains. ■ Paste Text – Select, copy, and paste text from the Console window to the Clipboard. ■ Auto-log – Automatically write the Console output to a file whenever the console is opened. Graphical Console Screenshots: Screen Cap 1 Screen Cap 2 Graphical Console Screenshots Screen Cap 3 Screen Cap 4 Your opinion? I hope this helps to make you understand a bit more about Graphical Console and is useful to you. Thanks. I think a Window Maker 1.5.2 (based on CWM 0.5.2, the graphical one) clone would rock! It should be more colorful! However I still like the graphic look of conventional WM. However in fact it does not look like a fully integrated WM, nor do they provide a menu, nor do they have any of WM’s flexibility and other goodies. BTW, I know graphicWMs will not run natively in Win7 and so I did not try to get them to work. I don’t know if the currently available ones will, either. Maybe I can do the same with a good WM source code? The Data Warrior by isn’t that bad after all, it doesn’t look nearly as bad as the AWD setups. At least, it doesn’t look too different from my old AWD setup. It’s even got two of the original sounds in

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CPU: Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 or AMD equivalent RAM: Minimum 2 GB Graphics: Intel HD or AMD equivalent DirectX: Version 11 HDD: Around 20 GB DirectX Installation: Unzip all files and place them in C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX First, you need to copy dxgi.dll and dxgi.h to C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX\DXSDK\Include Open SDKMan Open DXSDK

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