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Making the computer understand your every command is not entirely up to you. A solid communication between you and your computer is only possible through sets of commands that represent the application you're running and translation of your input into a language the computer can read. It falls into the hands of programmers to do this, with various environments to choose from, such as E-TextEditor.
Lets you enhance the set of commands
As the name suggests, the application is merely a text editor packed with a solid set of features under the hood. Right from the start, you are asked whether or not Cygwin is installed on your computer, with the possibility to have it deployed at the press of a button. This enables several advanced features found in Unix systems that don't normally function by default in Windows.
Import various file types and work on multiple projects
You can start off with projects from scratch or load existing ones for further editing. Thanks to the impressive file support, the application can process TXT, BAT, INI, C files, headers, HTML, Perl and Python. Needless to say that the same number of possibilities is available when exporting your project.
Files can either be loaded through the dedicated menu or by dragging them over the main window. This automatically creates a new project so your old one doesn't suffer any changes or is lost. A neat feature lets you work with multiple projects at the same time by simply storing them in tabs.
Greatly enhances programming
As a simple text editor, you won't find much flexibility, because the application only lets you write down plain text with no font options whatsoever. On the other hand, it's a powerful environment for programming. Packed with support for an astonishing array of languages, the application lets you customize syntax highlighter and import various snippets and bundles.
If you're connected to the Internet, you can stay up to date with latest changes and additions in commands. An integrated bundles manager lets you view and update existing commands, functions and snippets for nearly any programming language. What's more, these can easily be integrated in your projects by selecting them from a side panel you can toggle.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that E-TextEditor manages to live up to expectations thanks to its cleverly simple, yet highly-intuitive design, as well as impressive support for popular programming languages. In case you're looking for an alternative to your development environment, be sure to check this one out.







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E-TextEditor is a text editor application that lets you enhance the set of commands you use when developing on a Windows system. It enables you to enhance the set of commands you use for writing down plain text. The program…




Free to try


Free to try

e-TextEditor is a text editor application that lets you enhance the set of commands you use when developing on a Windows system. It enables you to enhance the set of commands you use for writing down plain text. The program allows you to: – extend the set of commands of a text editor; – define advanced text editing options; – define the shortcuts. This is the first version of the application, which works under Windows.
FCSI-TextEditor-4.0 is a complete, modern text editor that lets you enhance the set of commands you use when developing on a Windows system. With FCSI-TextEditor, you can easily extend the set of commands of your text editor. At the same time, you can define advanced text editing options, including extensive support for languages such as Javascript, HTML, PGM ( Pascal, C ), and VHDL.
In addition, you can define the shortcuts for the most frequently used operations. The most important advantage of this text editor is the fact that it provides a modern interface and a high level of customization. From the very first moment, you will find it easy to learn, and will always enjoy using it.
FCSI-TextEditor-4.0 includes: – an editor for Javascript; – an editor for HTML; – a new text editor called FastCurses; – a text editor called Editor; – a text editor called ‘Baby’; – a text editor called PGM. The list of languages that can be managed by this program is very broad. You may be able to use Javascript, HTML, PGM ( Pascal, C ), VHDL, PHP, Perl, Python, and many others. In addition, it’s possible to use the editor to make text files that can be loaded into an FTP program or into an email. It is also possible to create configuration files that can be used at various sites where you use web browsers. This combination of a text editor and FTP program or an email program makes the use of FCSI-Text

E-TextEditor Free Download For PC

E-TextEditor is a text editor. It works on Windows, OS X, and Linux. It is based on GTK, a cross platform toolkit. Most of the relevant functionality is in the Plugins system. The main window is divided into various elements:
Text box: Text is entered, selected, and edited.
Header: This is where commands are listed. E-TextEditor provides basic support for editing numerous programming languages, including C/C++, Python, Ruby, Perl, and PHP. Basic HTML editing support is also provided.
Projects: Each project contains files for one programming language. Each project can contain files of other types. E-TextEditor supports importing various projects from a folder.
Welcome screen: This screen allows the user to check the existence of any data or scripts that E-TextEditor might need, and permits the user to install Cygwin.

Price: Free

Contrast is an open-source, graphical programming environment for Nintendo Game Boy color games. It offers a library with a lot of predefined high-quality sprites, from which you can create your own programs or already-created graphics. The application works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.
Key Features:
numerous programming languages with a huge number of commands that modify your picture
Waves of lines that let you move sprites using the mouse;
Tile painting mode that automatically adapts the size of your program;
Themes with a variety of colours, each one with its own dimensions;
The ability to test your program by launching it on a Game Boy emulator;
A built-in debugger that makes it possible to follow steps while you run your program;
An extensive online documentation.
Product page:
Price: free

FlashPunk 2.9
A free utility for creating Flash animations and games. In FlashPunk you can design, view and edit Flash animations on your computer. You can use high quality vector graphics and add effects, such as shadows, reflection and shadow rotation. You can easily add your own images, sounds, videos, web pages, etc. The application also includes an animation maker. Now, it’s easy to create a website to promote any product.
FlashPunk Features:
A comprehensive set of utilities. The number of options is not limited: the

E-TextEditor [32|64bit]

The E Text Editor is a text editor program in which it is possible to create and edit any type of project.

There are no limitations to the type of text documents in which you can create, save or edit. For example, you can write text documents in HTML, XHTML, TEXT, WORD, C, C++, PERL, HTML, PERL, D, JavaScript and many others.

In addition, you can create a project, which is an isolated subset of the program, the texts which can be written in this subset and the names of this subset. You can also add and delete sets of words from projects, add sets of words to projects, and extract all the words in the project from the project.

You can highlight the text you write or press a key to bring the text you write in a line which will be highlighted.

Using the project you can select the text it will contain, or select the application functions. In addition, you can see in the project the status of all the functions.

You can include one of the word sets you create in the project, or create your own word set and put it into the project.

You can create a new project, open an existing project, edit an existing project, or you can select some text and put it in a new project.

You can use the newly created project as if it were an existing one.

You can export the project to text files, or open and edit the project in a text editor.

You can create and edit text files and you can extract words from the project and put them into the project.

You can use these sets of words that you add to the project to select the project functions, to add a project function, or to select the project functions.

You can import words from text files or from the Internet, and you can create words by adding, removing, and replacing characters in words.

You can use any of the selected words in the word sets you create in the project. For example, you can display a list of words.

The application does not work only in some of the languages:













For example, the text Editor can be used for:

Writing documents in HTML, XHTML,

What’s New in the?

E-TextEditor is an all-in-one text editor with a robust set of features. It is fully customizable through the capability to insert code snippets, as well as import pre-existing ones. It’s also packed with a variety of features that enhance programming, such as a built-in documentation manager.
Additional Information
Frequently asked questions at E-TextEditor:
Support available through the following means:
Online support: You can visit the developer’s official forum
In-app communication: You can reach the developer through social media, as well as contribute to the development of the application through a variety of social platforms
Report issues: You can contact the developer through the “Report Issue” button in the application’s application window
Free app: It is available to download without cost, right from the developer’s official page.
Open Source: It is developed in a manner that allows for full use in an open-source environment
Requires Java: It requires Java Runtime Environment
Minimum Requirements:
Installed Size: about 1.8 MB
Supported Languages:
Almost all programming languages support by E-TextEditor
Why you should buy this app:
You can start editing the application by creating a new project
E-TextEditor is packed with a surprisingly large feature list
E-TextEditor is a fully customizable environment
E-TextEditor is an open-source environment
E-TextEditor is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux
E-TextEditor is packed with documentation support
What’s New
The following changes have been made to E-TextEditor since the last release.
Added full Unicode support
Updated application descriptions
Minor changes in plugin development
Total 10 users are rating this app. 5 are positive. 5 are negative. 5 are neutral.
Version 1.4.9 – New Features, (2/20/2014)
Added: Portrait Menu.
Fixed: Arabic support.
Version 1.4.8 – New Features, (3/5/2013)
Added: The keyboard shortcut for the new navigation window.
Fixed: A bug in Java 8.
Version 1.4.7 – New Features, (6/24/2013)
Fixed: And some minor issues…
Version 1.4.6 – Fixed the sending of strings (3/26/2013)

System Requirements:

Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit
Wii U (4.1 firmware)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or better GPU, AMD Radeon® HD 5870 or better
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 550 or better
AMD Radeon™ HD 5670 or better
Apple® Mac (OS X 10.6.7 or newer)
Additional Notes:
iPhone® Simulator may or may not work. Please try the app on the device


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