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Watching movies on your computer should be a really easy task, but when subtitles are involved, sometimes things don't go the way they should. A couple of formatting errors in the captions and the entire file may not be properly loaded and displayed.
To avoid and fix such mishaps, a subtitle editor is a must-have tool and among those that make a claim to fame is Aegisub. This application is supposed to be the number one SSA/ASS subtitle editor and it comes equipped with every tool a professional needs.
Aegisub has a very clean interface even though it is full of features for editing and creating subtitles from scratch. Not to mention that this utility also comes with an automation manager that enables you to schedule tasks and have them carried out automatically, thus saving time with operations you have to do on a regular basis.
If subtitles are not the only problem you wish to tackle, you will be glad to discover the audio and video editing functions Aegisub comes bundled with. They will enabel you to work simultaneously with a movie, audio stream and a subtitle to perfectly synchronize them into a final product.
Besides the main utilities, the program packs a subtitle styles manager, styling and translation assistants, spell checkers and resolution resamplers, video details and timers. There is also a very detailed help menu, which makes it well suited for beginners and professional users alike.
All things considered, it seems that Aegisub is indeed one of the best subtitle editors out there and even though it may not be the easiest to use, it has all the features you will ever need from such an app.







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Aegisub is a highly customizable subtitle editor with powerful functions to import, edit and export subtitles on multiple platforms and formats. Aegisub is the fastest, the most robust and most powerful subtitle editor available. Aegisub is easier to learn than other subtitle editors and can be used by beginners, as well as highly experienced professionals. Aegisub features versioning system, dynamic memory management and an array of other unique and revolutionary functions, making it one of the most useful and advanced subtitle editors available. Aegisub is free for personal and non-commercial use.
* Automatic Caption Extractor:
Aegisub automatically searches for and loads the text of the video into the caption box. It can also be used for automatic translation of captions in your language.
* Dynamic Timer/Cue Manager:
Select an entire movie or a portion of a movie, Aegisub will automatically generate a timer from the selected time and will automatically stop and restart the timer if the selected region of the movie is changed. Aegisub will continue counting the runtime if the timer is stopped.
* Scripting API:
The scripting API is the most powerful language in Aegisub, letting you make your own scripts and commands.
* Customizable languages:
Many languages are available with Aegisub including Chinese, Greek, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.
* Spell Checker:
Aegisub includes one of the most powerful and fast built-in spell checkers available. Inbuilt dictionary auto-completion, spell correction and notification when a word is misspelled. Aegisub includes English, French, German, Spanish and many other languages.
* Multiple subtitle formats:
Aegisub will import, edit and export most of the most common formats: SCART, VOB, VOBViewer, MOV, MP4, MP4Viewer, QT, AVI, WMV, WMVViewer, TS, MP4, MKV, AVI, RM, SRT, ASS and ASSViewer.
* SRT, ASS and ASSViewer:
Synchronizing SRT, ASS and ASSViewer captions to other formats is as simple as importing the captions. Aegisub will instantly synchronize caption styles from the same language between the imported SRT, ASS and ASSViewer captions.
* Multiple video formats:
Aegisub supports the import of video into multiple formats including

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★★★ Aegisub Review ★★★
❤ More Features and Resources:
We’ve collected all the resources and files needed for the best Aegisub experience so you can make the right choice:

❤ Get the Top Subtitle Settings and Styling Tool:
Use the Aegisub settings and styles files in your productions and give your subs a more professional look. Aegisub is the #1 way to format your subtitles because it’s fast and 100% customizable:

❤ Get the Best Theme for Your Subs:
Aegisub themes will give you a professional sub appearance without the need for third-party styles. Simply drag and drop a theme and Aegisub will install it on your current playlist, with new themes and styles automatically updating:

❤ Introducing Aegisub Automation:
Automation in Aegisub means scheduling actions to run in the background while you’re doing something else. Aegisub has many built-in actions, like starting an audio source, moving subtitles into a file or resolution, or resizing subtitles to fit specific dimensions.
❤ Enjoy Aegisub’s Full-Featured UI:
Aegisub is the only application that utilizes 3D UI. With a sleek menu bar, and editable UI widgets, Aegisub is easy to use, but advanced enough for advanced users as well. Aegisub’s UI is the reason why every subtitle editor from the past 5 years has been discontinued:

❤ What Is Aegisub?
Aegisub is a subtitling program that has more features and is easier to use than other subtitle editors on the market. Aegisub is much more than just a subtitle editor, it’s a fully featured video editing application that allows you to add subtitles, music, timestamps and timers, and share videos with the community.
❤ Available on Android, iOS, Mac and Linux:
Aegisub is available on any operating system that allows for the installation of programs from unknown websites. On Windows, you can get this program at the Google Play store:

What’s New in the Aegisub?

With Aegisub you can easily create and customize subtitles for your movies with a simple interface. Use Aegisub’s powerful feature-based or expert mode to easily create subtitles or modify existing subtitles, enable lots of different styles, add and customize text or even design your own ones. Aegisub can read and preview all subtitle formats: SSA, ASS, SMIL, TIT and STV.
• You can convert any video file to an SSA or ASS subtitle file, making editing faster and easier.
• Provides complete and flexible access to the.ass and.smi file formats through Aegisub’s.ass or.smi viewer.
• Aegisub’s subtitle text editor offers easy-to-use tools to easily create or modify subtitles.
• Aegisub’s powerful style manager allows you to modify style and color of your subtitles easily.
• Use Aegisub’s full-featured editing tool to more easily add, modify and delete subtitles.
• Aegisub’s video editor makes it easy to make video creations with a splash of motion!
• Use Aegisub’s formater to resample subtitle video at different levels (from VBR to CBR) or add standard TV offsets to subtitles.
• Aegisub’s automator can set up and automate tasks easily.

Aegisub brings powerful editing tools to the subtitle creation. With just a few easy steps it’s possible to create a subtitle file of any format you desire, from any video clip or audio stream. With Aegisub it’s also possible to edit subtitles created by others – it does all the hard work for you.
Aegisub is a complete solution for subtitle creation. It consists of a subtitle viewer and an editor that works in a video editor mode. So you can use it to convert video or audio into subtitle files, or to create new subtitles for existing video or audio. It even works with the.stv and.cda subtitle formats, allowing you to work with them directly in Aegisub.
With Aegisub you have access to an easy to use text editor as well as an integrated video editor. Aegisub features an automator, allowing you to set up and automate tasks easily. The automator can also convert and recompose and much more.
The subtitle viewer allows you to manage your subtitles easily. Select and preview files, search for keywords and much more. Aegisub even allows to easily convert movie files into subtitle files.

System Requirements:

– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64bit)
– Intel Core i3/i5/i7, or AMD Athlon 64
– 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
– 4 GB Hard disk space
– DirectX 9.0c compliant graphics card
– 1280×1024 resolution (1680×1050 for 16:9)
Also, the software/games is compatible with Windows Vista/XP and earlier systems.
The included demo works under Windows 7 and Vista.

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