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In just 3 steps you can download all your tagged pictures…
1. Choose the download destination
2. Login to Facebook
3. Download your photos!
Give PhotoGrabber a try to see just how useful it can be for you!







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PhotoGrabber is the perfect app for any user who want’s to have a better experience on Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, and any other social network.
All you need to do is:
1. Choose the download destination and we will do the rest.
2. Login to the Facebook or social network page,
3. Download your photos!
And nothing else!
About the permissions we ask:
– The app need access only to your Facebook account. You don’t have to give us permission because the app is able to use your Facebook account to download your photos.
You can ask for more permissions in the section “See More”

Up to 20.000 photos and videos

Drag and Drop

Up to 10.000 photos can be transfered at one time

Premium Apps

We recommend you to download our premium apps on Android or iOS devices.
Just click on the app’s icon, read the permissions and then install the app to get the best experience on Android or iOS devices.

See more details in the section “See more”

See more details in the section “See more”

View on Facebook

You can get the photos and videos you tagged by scrolling down on Facebook.
Just click the button “View on Facebook”.

See more details in the section “See more”

See more details in the section “See more”

Facebook Cards

Once you have tagged the photos or videos in the app, you can see an icon near your posts on Facebook.Q:

Is it dangerous to use “&&” in PHP?

I have read in the PHP manual and the short form on the official doc that && is a bit dangerous.
It says:

WARNING: Even though short-circuiting logical operators like && and || are required by the language, it is generally not a good idea.

So, my question is: Will it cause trouble for PHP to execute such code:
if(xx && yy) {

What happens if we don’t use?:
if(xx && yy) {


It will not cause trouble. The only dangerous use of && is to prevent php’s type juggling.
If you only want to execute the code if xx is true && yy is true,

PhotoGrabber Crack+ Product Key Full

PhotoGrabber is a picture download software for Facebook Photos. Make your Facebook photos and albums available for download.
What’s New in this Version:
* Bug fixes and speed improvements
Welcome to PhotoGrabber!
If you don’t have it, download the program for free!
Tell your friends about it!
PhotoGrabber is a photo-downloader, Facebook photo downloader tool. It is written in java and works with all facebook users.
Use PhotoGrabber to download all pictures from your friends’ albums to your computer.
This is a Facebook-only tool!
Connect to Facebook with your account, enter your password and with one click, all the pictures in your Facebook albums are transferred to your computer.
Now the photo downloading is as easy as it gets.
This is a one-time method. No need to install any software on your computer.
Also, Photos Grabber doesn’t need any internet connection.
Why just use your browser?
You can use it with your browser! It doesn’t need anything else!
Don’t want to download?
See the optional way to download photos.
How does it work?
Photos Grabber is a java software.
download it to your computer, install java, run it, and enter your Facebook password.
You are done!
You have your photos on your computer.
Restart PhotoGrabber to make sure you get every single photo from your albums.
How do I sync photos?
Photos Grabber creates a special folder for your pictures.
By default the folder is located in your Documents folder.
You can modify the location of the folder by changing the ‘destination file name’ parameter on your account. Go to the Account Settings
This method of downloading photos doesn’t keep your original file name. So, if you want to keep your original file name, download photos by the optional way and use the ‘keep originals’ parameter.
Check the photos you’ve downloaded by opening the installed Photos Grabber or using the built-in explorer in your web browser.
If you don’t see any photos, check that you are logged into the right account.
You might have to wait a while until photos is synced, depending on your download speed.
Photos Grabber supports batch downloading and no one can access your private albums while you are downloading.
You don’t have to connect to the internet while you are downloading. It works with your Facebook profile locally.

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Rearrange your photos.
Download millions of photos directly from Facebook.
Find out more:

Set a default value to Angular component property

I have a property in a component that returns a value dynamically according to type.
get messageType() {
switch(true) {
case (this.sharedUserData.sharedUserGroup.sharedGroup.sharedGroupType === ‘SharedGroupType.SharedGroupTypeA’):
return ‘a’;
case (this.sharedUserData.sharedUserGroup.sharedGroup.sharedGroupType === ‘SharedGroupType.SharedGroupTypeB’):
return ‘b’;
case (this.sharedUserData.sharedUserGroup.sharedGroup.sharedGroupType === ‘SharedGroupType.SharedGroupTypeC’):
return ‘c’;
return ‘Unknown message type’;

My problem is that I’d like to set a default value to the property if it returns an unknown value.
I’m wondering what’s the best practice to handle such a situation.
I need to call a service method that returns a message type.
Maybe is it possible to ‘bind’ this property to the sharedGroupType property like


If the component lives in a template that has a variable that can be used to determine the message type then you can use interpolation

You can always assign a default value to the component’s property
get messageType(): string {
switch(true) {
case (this.sharedUserData.sharedUserGroup.sharedGroup.sharedGroupType === ‘SharedGroupType.SharedGroupType

What’s New In?

Your online photo album on Facebook.
Get your photos!
Photos on Facebook?
– Quick: publish all your photos on Facebook.
– Easy: publish only the pictures you want!
– Fun: easy to create albums, groups, and tags.
– Fun: on Facebook.
Photo albums on Facebook?
– Create online photo albums for fun and for business.
– Publish the same album on Facebook and in Myspace.
– Easy to add, remove, and rename albums.
– Easy to add, remove, and rename pictures.
– Sort and name photos as you want.
– Sort pictures into albums.
– Easy to find your Facebook albums.
– Show only the photos in your albums in a news feed.
– View only the pictures in a news feed.
– Posting too many pictures on Facebook?
– We’ll help you manage your photos on Facebook!
– Quick and easy to upload a photo album.
– Download your photos.
– Easy to copy your album.
– Easy to combine albums.
– Easy to share your albums and albums of friends.
– E-mail your albums or albums of friends.
– Upload the album you have created.
– Use Filters and Effects in your photo albums.
– You can also visit the Photo Gallery of our website.
– Easy to share your albums on Facebook.
– Add captions to your photos in photo albums.
– Publish albums to Myspace.
– Exclude albums from Myspace.
– Quick: publish your albums on Facebook.
– Photos of your friends: easy to find them.
– Just search for the photos in your Facebook albums.
– You can access all your albums in one place!
PhotoGrabber Features:
– Create new albums, groups, or tags
– Create web albums for your website
– Create Myspace albums
– Tag Pictures
– Publish your pictures on Facebook
– View albums of friends
– Download your pictures
– Download the images you like
– Sort your pictures
– Exclude certain pictures from albums
– Remove photos from albums
– Add captions to your photos
– Exclude albums from Myspace
– Manage your Facebook albums
– Create web albums for your website
– Exclude albums from Myspace
– Sort your pictures
– Download albums to your computer
– Sort your photos
– Sort photos into albums

System Requirements For PhotoGrabber:

Game Title:
BEASTARS on Facebook
BEASTARS on Facebook Minimum System Requirements: OS: Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core / AMD Phenom II X3 Quad Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
1. Download BEASTARSسیاست/

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