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Text messages sometimes take strange encoding in its data format. SeptetToOctet converts those strange data (“septet”) into regular ASCII text (“octet”). If you have tried an AT command that pulls SMS data from cell phones, you would know what I mean. (“AT+CMGR=1” returns unreadable data.)
Give SeptetToOctet a try to see how easily it can decode the HEX data to ordinary text!







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Convert HEX & Octet data into ASCII text. This program works in Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3) and later; also in DOS, Windows 3.11 (PE), Windows 3.1 (ME, NT 3.51), Windows 95 (PE) and Windows 3.1 (DI).
Input: Hex text, Octet data
Output: ASCII text
Version 1.0
SeptetToOctet License:
SeptetToOctet may be used in all applications to any extent required.
SeptetToOctet may be redistributed under the following conditions:
1. SeptetToOctet may not be modified or repackaged,
2. SeptetToOctet may not be sold or distributed,
3. SeptetToOctet must be redistrubuted unmodified and in the original packaging,
4. SeptetToOctet must be accompanied with the original copyright notices and
the author’s name and contact information,
5. The author is the copyright holder of SeptetToOctet and SeptetToOctet.dll.
6. The original author’s name must remain on the output page,
7. The URL of the author’s website must be provided on the output page,
8. For the usage of SeptetToOctet 1.0, the URL of the author’s website must be
attached to the output page. The usage of other versions of SeptetToOctet is
not necessarily required to be mentioned on the output page,
9. SeptetToOctet version 1.0 may be distributed without source code.
1. Unzip the SeptetToOctet zip file into a folder.
2. Connect the computer and cell phone (using serial cable) to the cell
3. Open a command prompt window (by double-clicking the “cmd” icon in
the start menu or by using the Start > Run command). Type the following
in the command prompt:
C:> SeptetToOctet
4. Enter the phone number and text for you need it.
5. Press the Enter key to start the conversion. Once finished, you will
have the plain text in your command prompt window.
1. Type the above command in the command prompt window.
2. Enter the phone

SeptetToOctet Free (Final 2022)

SeptetToOctet Activation Code (SepToOc) is a project to read all of the hexadecimal data in a SimpleText message, and convert it to the regular text format.
Do you have text messages with strange data? Your phone never showed it before? Do you ever try commands like AT+CMGR=1 (this command outputs a useless “septet” of random characters), but you don’t know how to go about decoding it?
SeptetToOctet provides a way to find that, and decode it to regular text. By the way, before your first text messages can be decoded, you need to do one change first: you need to update the phone to the latest software. (Click here to see why, and how to do it.) After that, you can convert any text messages by clicking the menu, and selecting “Decode”.
Who is using this app?
My regular users use this app because they have text messages with weird data and they have no idea how to decode them. My most dedicated and regular users are the AT command users.
Why is this app important?
AT commands work by talking to a “base station” (over the air, and on your phone). AT is a standard command that is used all over the world. Other phones, have other types of commands. Some of these other commands are able to fetch text messages. However, sometimes you can’t use a command on your phone. Why? Well, because your phone is on some weird data plan, like L3 or L4, that messes up the API (Application Programming Interface) for the standard AT commands (like AT+CMGR=1) that your phone understands.
You can’t just leave your phone alone and let it run on time out (like sometimes happens, and usually messes up your messages). You need to find a way to decode the data your phone is sending. You need an app to make it work.
Why should I help?
Well, after a month of getting requests to make this app, my son told me that the original AT commands need an update on the phones. That’s why this project, and many others, were started by the AT community. AT commands send hex data, or hexadecimal numbers. In order to send and receive text messages, the AT commands also need to send text messages. The “septet” data format messes up the standard AT commands, which are all HEX numbers

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– gets a string of numbers separated by a semicolon
– converts string into list
– converts list into list
– returns as list
A basic list is:
Ex: [C2C0]


ExamplesMahmood Mahmood

Mahmood Mahmood (June 18, 1942 – May 14, 2018) was a Pakistani international cricketer. He was born in Sialkot.

Mahmood Mahmood started his career with Pakistan Army cricket team during his university days. He was the captain of the team in 1965. In 1974, Mahmood Mahmood made a comeback to Pakistan Domestic Cricket and played for various teams like Lahore A, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi and Sialkot.

Mahmood Mahmood started the coaching course after retirement and was the Director of cricket at Sialkot. Mahmood played his last match for Pakistan Army during the 2015 Asian Cricket Council Cup, and retired at the age of 67.

Mahmood Mahmood died on 14 May 2018 after a heart attack.

Mahmood made his first appearance for the Pakistan Army in 1963-64 and scored 72 runs against Fiji in 1964-65. He made his test cricket debut in 1966-67 against India, but had to wait for 15 years to make his first test century in 1971-72.

Mahmood made four ducks in his first test but scored 121 not out (12th innings) and 103 not out.

In 1979-80 he made 2843 runs, scoring three fifties in six tests, and making another contribution with the bat in the Sri Lankan Test series.

Test records


Category:1942 births
Category:2018 deaths
Category:Pakistan Test cricketers
Category:Cricketers from Sialkot
Category:Pakistan Army cricketers
Category:Pakistani cricketers
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What’s New in the?

You need to have package “Seasat” or “SeasatUtils” installed, or you can get that from here:
To use this tool, you must perform the following steps:
1. download the script ‘SeptetToOctet.exe’
2. save it somewhere on your desktop
3. double click ‘SeptetToOctet’

Now every time you see strange HEX data on a text message, you can convert that into plain text with a simple press of a button!
You might have to check your text-message data again, to make sure SeptetToOctet has successfully decoded it. If this program returns “FAIL”, try another, newest version of it here.

SeptetToOctet is free software (GPL-2.0 license). For anything else, check out my commercial product at:

Vez first time you run the command “AT+CSCS”
When you have seen your single phone number, let’s have some fun by echoing it.

Do a “Test”, which just echos the string “Test123”

Now send the email to

The autoresponder reply should have the string “Your text has been sent”

Now let’s encode and decode to and from hex :-).
Here, I have two numbers for the Encode

Result: 08f8,7c00,02030404

Now also decode:

Result: bf8,40304040

That second command is an attempt to get some real values for the phone number. We are not going to get the actual data for that, just some dummy numbers that would make it easier for us to see the difference between hex and decoded text.

As the name suggests, the ASR is an automatic SMS sending robot. It will send texts to several numbers at once. Of course, it can only do a single thing at a time, so the text has to be sent manually.

ASR User Guide
1. Start the program.
2. Choose the types of messages you want to send

System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements for the game are as follows:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit
Processor: Intel i5/i7 CPU with 4 Cores
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics card recommended with 1024 X 768 resolution and OpenGL 3.3
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 25 GB free space
Sound Card: Sound card and speakers are recommended
What’s New in v0.9.1.2:
* All weapons and aircraft now have uniqueپاکستان/

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