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Skype Password Crack + Download (Final 2022)

Skype Password is an application that can retrieve and recover the credentials and accounts of Skype from any directory -that is, on any computer in which the application has been installed.
The peculiar thing about the application is that it helps you retrieve Skype accounts only by decrypting a hash code which is saved locally inside the application, which means that the files of the account are not browsable. This procedure makes the application truly legitimate and inevitable.
Skype Password Highlights the following features:
• Possibility of recovering or recovering the login info of the accounts you have on Skype (user id, password and the email associated with it).
• The accounts are stored and recoverable offline, which means that you don’t need an active connection to the Internet to access them.
• The application is simple to use and is light on system resources.
• Compatible with all devices that run iOS and Android.
• Possibility of recovering all the login information of Skype accounts within a few seconds.
• Possibility of recovering accounts and passwords without the need to register in the application.
• The application is smart and has a simple interface.
• Data saved in the application are encrypted using a one-way encryption algorithm, which means that you don’t need to fear that there is a possibility of your data being unencrypted and accessed by malicious third parties.
• The application uses a timeout of 3 hours as a security measure for users to ensure they don’t keep their login information saved indefinitely.
• Possibility of recovering your Skype accounts with an option to save them in the application for future use.
• The application can also be installed as a system application on your iOS or Android device.
• Register and provide data for free, if you wish to have your credentials recovered in the future.
• Entire process of data retrieval is kept hidden from the users, which means that they won’t find out that their data are being recovered by the application.
• Made in such a way that the users won’t have the ability to access the data of the accounts saved in the application, which means that the data that will be recovered won’t have lost its integrity.
• All data and information related to the accounts are wiped out after 3 days of recovery.
User Review:
Overall, although there are a lot of applications with similar capabilities of recovering Skype accounts and passwords, it seems that there is no other program that as this one

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Skype Password is one of the few applications that manage to deal with Skype in offline mode and succeeds while doing so. It can only achieve its purpose provided that Skype stored your credential info locally – that is if you have enabled the automatic sign in process.
Windows 7 and above
1.5 GHz processor or better
300 MB or more RAM
500 MB of available disk space
Open source

You have to specify the format of the downloaded file. To save the Skype Password to the desktop, press the button “Save Skype Password to desktop” and specify the format.
It’s free. It’s safe. It’s easy to use. More than 50,000 downloads prove that people like it. Download it right now and start saving Skype Password for your Skype account!


4.2 MB


50,000 – 100,000

Customer reviews

Skype Password is a witty application that can recover lost or forgotten passwords stored inside Skype by decrypting the hash code that the IM uses to save the credentials.
Although Skype has a few years of existence, the presence of Skype password recovery utilities on the software market is rather scarce. This is mostly because of the approach that Skype uses in order to keep tabs on login information, which requires complex and time consuming recovery solutions.
Of course, there’s always the classic method of resetting your Skype password, but for this to be completed you need an Internet connection and also, the email you used for your account and the chances of not knowing that address are higher than expected.
Skype Password is one of the few applications that manage to deal with Skype in offline mode and succeeds while doing so. It can only achieve its purpose provided that Skype stored your credential info locally – that is if you have enabled the automatic sign in process.
The accounts and passwords are saved under the form of a hash code in Skype, which means that in order to retrieve them, a great deal of decryption algorithms are required and moreover, depending on the password length, the task can also be time consuming.
In terms of the efforts you have you to put into the process, these are very light and involve launching the application and pressing a button. On the other hand, the efforts made by the application are heavy and may reflect on the system resources, which is not unexpected, we might add.
The average processing speed that Skype Password is capable of is of 20,000,000 passwords per

Skype Password Crack +

Skype Password is a Skype Password recovery application that does not require an online connection
Recovering Skype password stored as a hashcode
The application can only access passwords stored in a local version of Skype
Recovering Skype accounts using the password stored inside Skype itself
If the automatic sign in process has been enabled (this is only possible if the automatic sign in option is enabled in Skype)
The accounts and passwords are stored under the form of a hash code
The recovery process is very easy, since the entire recovery process takes place within the application itself
Skype Password is a piece of software that can decrypt the hash codes in Skype with ease
If you have enabled the automatic sign in process in Skype, the only thing you need to do is log in using your email address and entering the correct password.
Another feature worth taking note of is the fact that the number of functions and features that Skype Password includes, other applications do not. If you’re looking for a program that could make your life a lot easier, this could be a perfect fit.
Skype Password is a simple application to use and in our opinion, it is worth the money.
Skype Password Size: 106.1 MB (1.01 GB)
Skype Password Version:
Skype Password Installation:
Download the Skype Password installer executable from Skype Password official website, install and run the downloaded.exe file. If installation is successful, you will find a shortcut for Skype Password under “Start” menu.

Next, right-click on it and run it to open Skype Password.
After logging in, you are taken to a login prompt.
Now, enter your email address and the password you want to retrieve.
You will see a screen similar to the one below with a data entry window.
You can now enter your email address, as well as the password you want to retrieve, in the appropriate fields.

The application will then perform the required calculations and will show a window that has 3 boxes. The first one is used to store the URL or the page where you can access your password, the second one is used to write the logged in user username and the third one is used to write the password that you want to recover.
Now, the application will show you a window where you can write the new password you want to retrieve (used for the new user account) into the third window.

After entering the new password, hit

What’s New In?

Skype Password is a hot and worthy program. It can also be considered safe, as the identity of the abuser is not revealed. On the other hand, this is not the case for all the software, as their threat level is variable and not properly disclosed, while the manual also has a few advises to follow, should the need arise.
The software is available for the Windows platform and in its current version, it can restore logins to Skype versions 3, 4 and 5.
The apps can be downloaded from the official website and is also available in a portable edition, which is a convenient option if you want to ensure that the program is able to run independent from the machine on which it was installed.
There’s also a demo version available, which can give you the opportunity to test the scope of the program before going ahead with the installation process, as well as a free evaluation version.
If the download is in the user’s menu, it’s definitely worth taking the time to assess it, before deciding to engage in the download and installation process.
In terms of compatibility, the program has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Moreover, it is also compatible with the iPhone, Android and Mac OS X platforms.
At the time of writing, the software has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Skype Password is considered to be compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, making it a safe choice. The information about the program’s compatible version is clearly stated, as well as the devices on which it can be run.
The program itself also explains the functions required in order to perform the restoration process, besides, you should know where to find the login credentials that you’re looking to restore.
Skype Password has been successfully tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Skype Password Requirements:
-Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.
-A processor with a clock of 1 GHz.
-RAM memory of 128 MB is required.
-The program should use about 400 MB on the same.
Skype Password Limitations:
-The program is not capable of restoring login information of Skype versions 2 or 3.
-Skype Password needs a stable Internet connection in order to function properly.
-Skype Password is not able to recover information stored in different web browsers and

System Requirements For Skype Password:

OS: Windows 10/8.1 (64bit)
Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Intel or AMD
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 35 GB free space (10 GB for installation of Windows 10)
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with 1024 x 768 resolution
Processor: 2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel or AMD
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 35 GB free space

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