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The Internet Information Services 7 configuration system gives access to IIS config files via a set of COM APIs. You can read/write to IIS configuration using these APIs in a script or C/C++ or using any of the managed language.   All the tools which are shipped with IIS like managed APIs (Microsoft.Web.Administration), UI (IIS Manager), WMI provider uses these COM APIs internally to perform all the configuration operations. When you do an action in the UI, UI is making calls to these COM APIs (actually via MWA). Imagine if you could just do an operation using IIS Manager and get the equivalent AhAdmin code which you can copy-paste in your application.







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This class is the tool to generate Ahadmin code from any string, assuming you already have admin access to the machine you want to code and the IIS version you want to run.   Go to the Code Generator tab in the menu, paste in your Ahadmin text and get the file Ahadmin.cs.   You will need to reference the class in order to use it in your application.   Let’s say if you are running IIS 7 version, you will have to use IIS 5 and get the code from the Ahadmin 5 utility IIS Admin 5, to read the IIS webconfig file.   Using the Ahadmin is as simple as the following: using System; using System.IO; using Microsoft.Web.Administration; using AhAdmin.Properties; //Path and full path of the XML web.config file which needs //processing. string webConfigPath = @”C:\inetpub\wwwroot\w3svc\web.config”; //Path and full path of the Ahadmin.exe file. string ahadminExeFilePath = @”C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\ahadmin.exe”; //Path and full path of the Ahadmin.exe.txt file. string ahadminTxtFilePath = @”C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\ahadmin.exe.txt”; //Load and run the Ahadmin utility. Ahadmin.Instance = new Ahadmin( webConfigPath, ahadminExeFilePath, ahadminTxtFilePath ); Ahadmin.Instance.ProcessCommand(“Settings”); foreach (Ahadmin.SettingSetting in Ahadmin.Instance.Settings.Settings) { Console.WriteLine(“Setting = ” + Ahadmin.Instance.Settings.Settings[i].Name + ” ” Value = ” +

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It generates the AhAdmin code from IIS Management API. Run the ahadmincodegen.bat file, it will generate AhAdminCode.vbs as output. Copy the contents of AhAdminCode.vbs into Notepad and save it as AhAdminCode.vbs. You can use this AhAdminCode.vbs file in your application directly. If you add the registry entry “reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WebAdministration\MS_AhAdministrationKey /ve /t REG_SZ /d {AHADMINROOT} /f” before running Ahadmincodegen.bat, it will replace the existing key with the new key. Source Code: I created this tool in the hope that it may be useful to someone and it could save others some time while developing IIS applications. Category Archives: Software Many people have asked me, “What is Home Code?” and “How can I get started?”. I thought this might be a good topic to start a new page. I’m going to define Home Code, with examples of Home Code, and how this approach to architecture can be used in any code base. Then I’m going to get into some of my experience with this approach to coding. What is Home Code? There are many things we could call “home code”. For this post, I’m going to use the term Home Code to refer to: Non-production code — Code that you only use when you’re working on your project. For example: Environment settings, or data stores that aren’t supposed to be production-ready. Code that is working, but being improved upon — Code that is “in the right place”, but could be improved upon. That is, improving the existing code, but not replacing it with a different approach. What is Home Code Architecture? Home Code Architecture is the practice of separating non-production code, and home code into distinct layers. The idea is that each layer should have a well-defined purpose. Sometimes, we have several components that do similar things. For example, imagine you have a web service, and you want to add a feature where users 2f7fe94e24

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This project provides the AhAdmin Code Generator tool, which lets you do just that, writing the AhAdmin code in your preferred language, such as C#, Visual Basic, C++, Java. Key benefits of the AhAdmin Code Generator There is nothing built-in in IIS that let you write AhAdmin code in C# or C++. The AhAdmin Code Generator is a standalone executable that generates the AhAdmin code from your configuration settings. Use the AhAdmin Code Generator to generate the AhAdmin code from an IIS Server or IIS Web Site Settings file. Consider the following While we can use the IIS Manager to perform a configuration operation like creating a new Application Pool. But we can’t perform the same operation via command line, unless we have a script or something to perform it. Below I have just put a sample AhAdmin Code in C# to create an Application Pool. using Microsoft.Web.Administration; public class ApplicationPool { public void CreateAppPool() { //we need to initialise a collection of Application Pools ApplicationPoolElementCollection AppPools = new ApplicationPoolElementCollection(@”IIsWebApp”); // Then add an instance of this class (this is how it’s added in the AppPool component) AppPools.AppPoolName = “MyAppPool”; AppPools.ManagedRuntimeVersion = “v4.0”; AppPools.Priority = “High”; AppPools.PathName = “/MyWebApp”; AppPools.Type = “ApplicationPool”; // Then we call the Save method on this collection, which will trigger its reflection to actually perform the operation and not just return the collection. ManagementObject S = AppPools.CreateInstance(); S[“NewAppPool”] = true; S.InvokeMethod(“Save”, null); Console.WriteLine(“App Pool created”); } } You can

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AhAdmin is a utility which generates the AhAdmin code which allows you to read/write IIS config files from a script or C/C++. You don’t need Visual Studio to use AhAdmin. So it is a non-Visual Studio COM utility. Example: MSDN Page: Download: HOW TO USE: Download AhAdmin Setup v2.4 or newer. Rebuild AhAdmin v2.4 or newer. Open AhAdmin.exe (I have kept the folder structure of the generated AhAdmin code in a comment in the code below). Follow the instructions given in AhAdmin.exe. Here is an example of a generated page using IIS 7.0 from AhAdmin Code Generator: [1]: This is a screenshot of the demo page for AhAdmin Code Generator. Life Support for Convicted Prisoners at Risk of Death from Substandard Care – rl3 ====== aleksei Of course the article is entirely sensationalist (1), but the point I want to emphasize (2) is that the article does a disservice to the issue by not bothering to differentiate between hospitals and prison medical facilities, and between prisoners and inmates. The issue here is that prisons and hospitals are in the business of providing health care, and in both cases there is only so much time/money to go around. So we have to make hard decisions about who needs what, and as a society we need to accept that some people are going to have to make do with less than others. They’re more likely to die sooner, but it’s always a real loss and I can’t imagine it’s the best outcome. In the end we can’t protect every single person no matter what we do, so the question for society becomes “what can we best do to minimize _total_ loss of life?”. The situation between prisons and hospitals is the same from the perspect


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– Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 – Intel® Pentium® 4 3.2Ghz or higher – 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) – 12 GB free hard disk space – DirectX® 9.0 compliant video card – Microsoft® Office 2003 or higher – Internet Explorer 9 or higher NOTE: Xbox 360 requires the Xbox LIVE® Gold membership (Subscription sold separately). If you are not currently an Xbox LIVE® Gold member, you will need to create a new profile


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