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Capturix VideoSpy Crack+ Free For PC

DeviceEye is a functional and very convenient app that allows you to control your security cameras remotely.
In fact, the app is able to view live images from connected camera feeds as well as capture videos when motion is detected.
Moreover, the program allows you to control and adjust the settings. Additionally, you may change the video resolution and record the stream going through the cameras.
The interface is fairly straightforward and very easy to handle thanks to the intuitive layout.
DeviceEye can be integrated with the automation tools provided by other brands of video surveillance systems, such as Mpower’s TIM OSd.
Although the device is free for personal use, the full version requires a premium subscription that is quite affordable.
DeviceEye lets you set the schedule for all videos. Additionally, you may change the interval time and enter the email address that will be sent a notification whenever a video is posted.
The remote access feature enables you to connect the device to your PC or smartphone through a web browser to view the camera archive or watch live camera streams over a web page.
There are no limitations in terms of viewing the videos stored in the app. However, you can only change the video resolution, adjust the focus and manipulate the audio settings.
DeviceEye is quite a reliable app, which should be usable in most home security situations.
DeviceEye Demo Video:

Modus is a top notch PC video surveillance app that allows you to remotely control and monitor your home’s security cameras.
Just like with other security surveillance software, the app can collect and playback videos and images via USB webcams, IP cameras and IP video servers.
You can even stream live video feeds to your PC over the Internet. The live view feature enables you to review the scene even when the cameras are recording.
In fact, it’s an extremely feature-rich video surveillance software and gives you plenty of options to adjust the settings.
The interface is as intuitive as it can get thanks to the user-friendly navigation.
You may control the live videos or archive images using the left or right panel, as well as adjust the resolution and frame rate of captured video clips.
Moreover, you can initiate automated recordings when motion is detected, configure the email address to send alerts for videos that match certain criteria, as well as adjust the background colour.
You can set the schedule for live video recordings and fiddle with the audio volume. You may also add photos to the shots taken by motion detection, create

Capturix VideoSpy Crack Activation Code With Keygen

Capturix VideoSpy Crack For Windows is a professional video surveillance solution for Windows 8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/7/8.
With this tool, you can receive system information and remote control to lock or unlock your PC remotely.
It can also protect your data by SSL encryption.
In addition, this surveillance application can create a video recording of recent activities on your PC.
Finally, with Capturix VideoSpy Free Download, you’ll be able to manage all recordings in a personalized archive.

Capturix VideoSpy Features:

System Information: the program shows several statistics about your PC such as CPU/RAM usage and available space.

Remote Lock/Unlock: you can remotely lock your PC or unlock it, whether you’re using an IP camera or a network or local camera.

Inventory: the app enables you to create a personalized video inventory to archive videos with a few clicks.

Event Log: you can view and even edit the recordings.

Remote Freeze/Unfreeze: the tool lets you remotely freeze or unfreeze recordings.

SSL Encryption: you can enable SSL encryption to protect your PC.

Customizable window mode: you can enable the window mode that you prefer.

Capturix VideoSpy-Remote Operation:

Capturix VideoSpy-Camera Control: the application can connect to a PC camera or a network camera.

Capturix VideoSpy-Remote Freeze/Unfreeze: this surveillance app enables you to remotely freeze or unfreeze recordings.

Capturix VideoSpy-Event Log: the app enables you to record events related to the PC in a video record.

Capturix VideoSpy-Customizable Window Mode:

Capturix VideoSpy-Crash Recovery: the tool helps you to recover the latest session quickly after a freeze or lock.

Capturix VideoSpy-Tips & Help

Video players go through a series of steps to play a video clip. Before you play your video clips, you need to tune up your player. In this post, we’ll talk about the process of playing a video clip.
When you have a video clip, we encourage you to play it first to make sure it’s working before you start watching it, especially if the clip is long or contains some big transitions.


Capturix VideoSpy Activation Code With Keygen

Capturix VideoSpy is a free digital security camera for your home and small business that turns any computer into a video surveillance system.
Capture and record HD video from any web camera, IP camera, PC webcam and motion detector from the palm of your hand.
Capturix VideoSpy is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1/10.
Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
Runs any web camera.
No video lag.
Simple recording scheduling: You can set a recording schedule on all the cameras for the highest sensitivity, or one by one.
See who enters your home or office at all times.
Alerts you to a moving object.
Easily monitor your home or office from the palm of your hand.
Lightweight and easy to install and use.
With a couple of clicks you can quickly set up your home and office security without a ton of manual setup.
Send a text message notification when someone enters or leaves your home or office.
Watch live and record from any web camera, IP camera, computer webcam and motion detector.
Watch live and record from any web camera, IP camera, computer webcam and motion detector.
Record up to 8 cameras simultaneously.
Record up to 16 cameras simultaneously.
Runs any webcam.
Support most brand web cameras, including Logitech, Cisco, Digital-Performer, GoCam, and Zoom.
Streams video to your phone, tablet or computer.
Record your computer screen when you’re away.
Records a video file each time motion is detected.
Easily schedule recording times and motion detection triggers.
Remotely control your camera(s).
Email text notifications when motion is detected.
Monitor your home or office via a remote site.
Monitor your home or office using Google Chrome.
Includes an easy to use web interface to manage your whole home or office video surveillance system.
Powerful, intuitive and easy to use.
Capturix VideoSpy is used by many large corporations across the U.S., just like schools, banks, large businesses, and other institutions that need a robust system for their safety and security.
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Minimum Requirements:
Internet connection
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Minimum Requirements:
Internet connection
Windows 7/8/8.1/

What’s New in the Capturix VideoSpy?

Record live video and audio via a web camera or PC sound card.
It is a video surveillance application that makes it possible to record video and listen to what happens on your camera or PC sound card. All your recordings can be transferred to your PC as well as sent to a remote IP address, a FTP server, send as email or FTP file.
Capturix VideoSpy has a number of advanced features including, sound distortion filter, motion detector, video recorder and alarm.
Capture a video stream and save it to a network directory, FTP server, email, or just to a media file.
Connect a camera or PC sound card to the monitor of Capturix VideoSpy and stream video and audio to it.
Video and audio will be recorded into separate windows, you can choose the location where to save the video clip and the audio data separately. Capturix VideoSpy can also record a video clip without a PC sound card.
Capturix VideoSpy Advanced Features:
Adjust audio capture or monitoring device sensitivity for the best audio quality.
Adjust video capture or monitoring device sensitivity for the best video quality.
Record audio and video for every 3, 5 or 10 seconds.
Save video and audio into a network directory, FTP server, email, or just to a media file.
Connect a camera or PC sound card to the monitor of Capturix VideoSpy and stream video and audio to it.
Control recording modes, change media device, choose a customized skin, a different video window size, and many other settings.
Optionally mask video and audio for every 3, 5 or 10 seconds, and they can be defined in the PC clock or alternatively in the timer settings.
Optionally mask white objects, faces, and motion (e.g., fire, explosion, camera movement, etc.).
Fuzzy motion detection (f.motion) Optionally alert you whenever motion is detected within the set sensitivity level.
Switching cameras will switch the video on all connected cameras at the same time, they are automatically restarted and the working window is reloaded.
The Windows Media Player is integrated into the software, so you can play video clips through it.
Send video clips by email, FTP server, or through a network directory.
Remote access the software, view and manage all connected cameras from any computer connected to the Internet.
Also get the email when motion is detected in the video or audio window.
All the settings can be saved.

System Requirements For Capturix VideoSpy:

OS: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Windows 7 (64-bit)
Network: Connected to the Internet
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4200 Series or equivalent
Storage: 10 GB available space
Sound Card: Direct Sound (to play sound effects)
Additional Notes: The ‘chocolatey’ package is required to add ‘git-gui’
The video tutorials (screencasts) are my own creation. You are more than welcome to use them

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