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The adventures of a young man and his friends begin in the Lands Between, a beautiful land where magic has revived. The story is told in fragments so that it cannot be easily understood. Entwining these fragments, an important mystery awaits. A mystery to which the answers are located in the Lands Between. In this world that is both a place of dreams and a paradox, the path that you take is up to you.

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Elden Lord:



Secondary Weapon


Elden Ring Product Key

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Deck Bonuses










Primary Weapon


Green Dragon






Primary Weapon





Green Dragon










You can develop your character into one of the seven classes, each of which has their own advantages, so make sure you switch your class at the right time!

(You can change your class during the course of the game)


Elden Lord (TL/DR)

(Master) Seals: Seals: 2 points

2 points Armour: 1 point

1 point Secondary Weapon: 0 point

0 points Cutlass: 1 point

1 point Elden Ring: 1 point

Redemption: 99 points

(Master) Seals: 0 points

0 points Armour: 2 points

2 points Secondary Weapon: 1 point

1 point Cutlass: 2 points

2 points


Features Key:

  • An Action RPG Unique to Bungie
  • High quality graphics, gameplay, and the Legend of Elden Ring
  • An unforgettable drama
  • Creating a unique adventure
  • Voice Acting by professional Japanese voice actors
  • An Online Story Made Linkable to the Main Storyline
  • A Multiplayer Quest Storyline
  • A Free World to Explore where you can create your own story path
  • Customization is the Soul of the Tarnished Kingdom, Your Own Destiny
  • Upon completion of the single player mode, you will unlock special rewards and the right to play The Tarnished Prince.
    The Elden Lord who successfully completes a quest that is downloadable from the Quest Board will also be given the right to play The Tarnished Prince.

    The single player mode of The Tarnished Kingdom is divided into chapters that progress as you progress through the game. The chapters in which you will progress will be referred to as “wings” from here on. The wings will be unlocked as they are completed.

    For a list of what content is now available, and the rewards for completing the single player mode, please refer to the system requirements above.

    The Tarnished Kingdom Chapter 1: Dawn

    Chapter Roadmap

    Wings: 1 – 2

    Chapter 1: Dawn

    Leaving the city of Fakhr’s capital of Dibabel, warror Garanger the Pirate arrives at the shores of your homeland, Tarnivale.
    You begin the game knowing only fear.

    Chapter 1: Fafnir

    Your adventure begins when you encounter the strange fafnir who tells you of his hunger and the threat it poses.
    He will show you the way to the city of Fafnir as he explains to you of the elden and their struggle to win the favor of the Noctivagans.


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    “To put it simply, Elden Ring Full Crack is a masterpiece.”


    “it is beautiful and exciting”

    -Game Jiyuu

    “Along with the excitement and drama of the story, I also consider it an action RPG game with a very high difficulty level.”


    “Never before have I felt so much enjoyment while playing a game. Thanks to the characteristic open world, I have not yet come to the end of the path, so I hope there will be much more fun for me to experience.”

    -Mr. Choi

    “Elden Ring Cracked Accounts is quite a remarkable game.”


    “At first, I was excited to see what a new fantasy RPG would look like. But it doesn’t only have excellent graphics, it also has a highly relatable and attractive story. I was glued to this game from start to finish.”




    The game producer and director: Masaya Miyamoto

    Elements Games as a famous game producer and director has a long history of experience in developing multiple game titles, including the Final Fantasy series, Dynasty Warriors, and even the recent Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which made the game popular on both PC and console.

    Roshiro Nishizawa, the director of the famous visual novel Fate/Stay Night (2005), wrote the script for Elden Ring Cracked Version. The outcome of the story is so wonderful that it even made several other people who have been waiting for a new fantasy RPG project to be released excited about its opportunity.

    QA director: Hiromasa Kouno

    QA director Hiromasa Kouno has worked as a QA director in the past at several companies such as Nintendo, Capcom, Square Enix, and Square Soft. He has experience both in checking the software testing of any kind of game as well as game testing. He was very excited to be involved with a fantasy RPG project where the story is written by a newcomer, creating a unique and fresh experience for the audience.

    UI and graphic designers: Yuki Ito, Dusan Dubravac, and Kota Fukuda

    UI and graphic designers Yuki Ito, Dusan Dubravac, and Kota Fukuda have worked as graphic designers for the animations of various Final Fantasy games, so


    Elden Ring Free For Windows [Updated]

    Slash Commands:
    Tab: Selects the menu / Q: Pause Menu, W: Pause Menu, 1~4: Map Control, L: Jump, R: Camera rotation, A: Toggle the first person mode, and B: System Information screen.
    Space Bar: Switch to the second person mode.
    Enter: Plays the map / Escape: Quits the game.

    Map Control

    Select a map (Left mouse click on the map) and a mission.

    Map Strategy

    Capture a mission and steal the enemy’s map.

    Mission Strategy

    Defeat the enemy’s army.

    Camera Rotation

    Toggle the first person mode or the second person mode.

    Other Setting

    Set the characters’ attributes.

    Player Mode

    Change the camera control mode.


    Check if the password is correct.

    Weapon / Magic / Armor Upgrades

    Upgrade the weapon or armor.

    Customize Appearance / Game Layout / Switchable Backgrounds

    Customize the appearance of your character.

    Character Creation / Test Mode / Black List

    Check the list of items that the Game cannot use.

    Offline Availability

    Only the manual will be sold in offline stores, and the product support will only be made available to three years after the release.

    Upcoming Features

    Rewards after Arena Battle

    Tackle with friends and others

    Use a wallet on the market

    Courier Service

    Optional phone summon

    Item Upgrade / Customization

    Add item descriptions to items / Add a description to inventory / Add a description to map.

    In-App Purchase

    Add additional maps, Hero Graphics

    Online and Offline War

    Online War

    Custom Unit, Mission, and Game

    New Game Items


    – : Your own map

    – : Random map

    – : Change map

    – : Map / Minimap

    – : Random map

    – : Change map


    – : All unit icons appear

    – : The map is greatly extended

    – : Only one enemy appears

    – : See the movement of every unit


    – : Your own unit

    – : Random unit

    – : Change unit

    – : Random unit

    – : Change unit


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Final Fantasy 15: Sacrifice

    Final Fantasy 15 with demos to come out later this year

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    Dragon Quest X

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    The game


    Free Elden Ring Crack +

    1. Extract the downloaded game file to the desired location (eg. “C:\Users\\Desktop\Elden Ring ”)
    2. Copy and paste the cracked content into the game folder (eg. “C:\Users\\Desktop\Elden Ring ”)
    3. Play the game

    you get Elder Ring compatible with all versions of Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10. Elder Ring for PC is a free to download and play action RPG game. It’s a fantasy action RPG game that takes place in the “Lands Between”. As the king’s bodyguard, you will fight alongside some heroes to save the world from the Fomorian tribe. “Elden Ring” allows you to lead over 20 characters along the way. Elden Ring supports up to 16 players, and not only the multiplayer, but also online asynchronous play, so it is very different from past titles in the same genre. The story in the “Lands Between” will tell you about the painful moments of our ancestors, the battles and despair of the world, the complete experience of the protagonist, and the greatness of the world of Elden. The next generation of fantasy adventure RPG games is finally here. Download it now!NOTE: THE GAME DOES NOT CONTAIN ANYTHING TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL FOR YOU. DROP THE GAME ONCE YOU GET THE ENJOYMENT FROM THE GAME. FOR OLDER VERSION, PLZ PAY FOR THE GAME TO VIEW THE ENDER RING STORE MANAGER THX CYBERRAMA.This game requires a Microsoft account to play. Publisher: Uplay, Universal Interactive Gaming Publishing. Release Date: 11 Dec, 2015. Developer: Uplay.

    INSTALL THIS FILE TO “C:\Users\\Desktop\Elder Ring”

    You have one or more options for how to play Elder Ring on your device.


    Elder Ring is designed to work across Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP, without the need for additional downloads. All we require is your Windows operating system.


    The Apple Experience is designed to work on OS X 10.6.8 and above.

    You can play the game directly on your desktop computer or through Steam.



    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Open the link given below, (on download page) and save a folder of your preferred location.
  • Change “Download Crack” to: “Save As…”
  • Enter a name for the folder (i.e. “Elden Ring 1.2.0 Crack”) and click “Save”.
  • Open the folder and extract the files to a desired location.
  • Run the installation file, click “No” on the message box and click “Next”.
  • Click “Yes” on the message box and select the “Install” button to start downloading.
  • Wait until the end and then click “Finish” to complete the installation and extractors.
  • Restart your computer, then launch the program and click “Run/Patch” in the startup menu.
  • Click “Start” to activate the Patch.
  • Close the program and enjoy the product as usual.


    25.47 MB







    System Requirement

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

    RAM: 512mb

    Processor: 2.0

    Developer: Hideyuki Takayama


    Next, follow the instructions below :

    1. Open the “elden.exe”
    2. If this is your first time installing the game, go to the home screen and click the Install button in the bottom right area.
    3. Go to the patch settings. You will be prompted to update the game or install a patch. Click the Update button to update the game to the latest version or click Install button to patch the game if you are installing.
    4. Click on the OK button.
    5. Wait for the patch to complete and start the game normally.
    6. Click the Accept button.

    Warranty Disclaimer

    *NicheR has not tested the game for technical issues and is not responsible for any damages due to downloading or playing this game. It is advised to



    System Requirements:

    Xbox One S version – Resolution: 1080p; 30 FPS; HDR; Xbox One X version – Resolution: 1080p; 60 FPS; HDR;
    •Support and reliability – Ensure that your game is highly supported and reliable before purchase.
    •For game updates please see Xbox Support section.
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