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The Elden Ring is the weapon of the hapless heroes who are unable to break through the fate of an endless cycle of suffering in the fallen world, and who wander in search of a remedy. The Elden Ring is the true hero; it is all about the chivalry and virtue that it is said to embodies. Those who possess it must use it as a weapon to protect others from danger and defeat their enemies bravely with it.


The Elden Ring is the first fantasy action role-playing game with a huge online play that is quite different from the usual role-playing games. In this game, the player has the freedom to move around the vast and complex world as they wish. The online play features a “party” in which the player can connect with others and share an adventure. Also, the game allows the player to develop their own character according to their play style.

The 1st class addition of the Legend of Heroes series joins with the existing trend of the similar action role-playing games to create a new gaming genre. Legend of Heroes: Tarnished has the same gameplay of the Legend of Heroes series, the enhanced graphics of the Legend of Heroes: The Oath in Felghana, and other online elements introduced in previous titles.

The Legend of Heroes: Tarnished team has released the official new online entertainment titled the “Elden Ring Live” [CLICK HERE] to commemorate the game’s one-year anniversary. In this game, users can be admitted into a “special participation room” with an avatar of the hero to enjoy the events and participate in the discussion. These special events are linked to the main story of the game.


In the game, you can freely roam around the vast and complex world that is realistic and atmospheric. It also has a number of dungeons to challenge your skills in combat. You can develop your own character and enjoy the two main characters in the class system and then join in to create a party.


The game does not contain any specific difficulties.

To take advantage of the increased strength and level of the main character, we recommend that you play with a player character level of 30 or above.


Windows XP or later:

CPU: 1.2 GHz

RAM: 512 MB or higher


Features Key:

  • An enormous fantasy world that uniquely adopts open-world design.
    □ Explore a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs interconnect.
  • Seven leveling classes with distinctive battle techniques.
    □ Class skills are important. They not only allow you to display your character’s special skills, but also offer the convenience of playing with other classes.
    □ Battle techniques—learning skills that flow from the class’s sphere are rewarded by descending into the vast dungeons scattered across the world.
    □ Seven classes!
    ◆ Fighter: weapon and the creature of great strength
    ◆ Magic knight: magic and mechanization
    ◆ Monk: magic and prayer
    ◆ Wizard: magic and wisdom
    ◆ Priest: magic and the law
    ◆ Thief: magic and agility
    ◆ Armorer: strength and sureness
  • Monsters, epic weapons and magic that render enemies at your command.
    □ The wild fury of monsters storms at you with attacks with a wide variety of viciousness and attack patterns.
    □ Delightful weapons.
    □ Powerful magic that calls on the natural elements and alters circumstances according to the situation.
  • Element system
    □ Magic is pervasive and unified.
    □ The duration of magic effects is also unified.
  • Numerous items and magic that you can use to further develop your character.
    □ Outfit items to look good. Craft weapons and armor to increase your strength.
    □ Change your life. Enchant a sword to become a melee weapon. Or enhance a merchant’s goods to sell.
    □ Different items that each carry a specific effect!
  • Autumn and a deadly winter.
    □ Autumn is a season of danger and change. There are days when it is warm. Occasional storms arrive. But when winter descends, the land is covered in snow, the atmosphere becomes clean and a frozen atmosphere spreads. The temperature drops and the atmosphere becomes cold. This destroys the trees that have grown in the forests, transforming to a season of death. Insects and animals disappear in the light snow. And there is a strong, horizontal wind. This sharp wind howls from a frozen winter sky.
  • Dozens of quests that


    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit]

    – “An easy to play and wonderful action RPG that simultaneously challenges and excites you.” – Gamezebo
    – “An action RPG that tells a fantastic story.” – Applvore
    – “An action RPG with a very deep story.” – Appramore
    ■ Beginners can play just like an action RPG, yet get the most out of it.
    In addition to the battle system from SakaNovel, which is used to increase the excitement of taking part in the battle, there are also a variety of game scenes that lets you play out scenes that were presented from the battle.
    It is very easy to grasp, but deep, so that you can become more engrossed.
    ■ A game for all ages, packed with a variety of experiences.
    A game full of natural sights, music, and sounds.
    An adventure that takes you to the world of the Lands Between through a variety of scenes, including ruins, a castle, battlefields, and a vault.
    ■ Unique elements that a fantasy adventure has never had before.
    ■ A game that is full of both light and dark.
    An action fantasy game packed with diverse story elements, but also contains many dark themes.
    ■ An action RPG unlike any other.
    An action game that lets you experience the various view points of the same world in various ways.
    ■ An action RPG that pulls you into a fantastic world.
    A game that contains a large number of characters, and makes you feel connected to the game world.
    ■ Action RPG, of course.
    An action game that lets you put your thoughts to the test through various stages.
    ■ Action RPGs, of course.
    A game that lets you use your tactics to gain scores and score points.
    ■ A game that lets you feel immersed in the story.
    A game where the story draws you in, and plays out scenes that are originally presented from the game world.
    ■ An action RPG unlike any other.
    A game where you use RPG elements to create your own path.
    ■ A game that’s packed with a large number of characters.
    A game that makes you feel connected to the world.
    ■ An action RPG unlike any other.
    An action game that features the story of the Lands Between.
    ■ An action RPG like none other.
    A game that’s packed with fun elements.
    ■ A game where the combat has been polished.


    Elden Ring Download (April-2022)

    • Character Story
    In a fictional fantasy world where myths and legends are widespread, you receive a medal from a druid after you return your sister’s lost heart. As the result, you gain a ring and leave the Guild of Myths. However, one day, a violent goblin is seen in the guise of a knight, and among the knights on the battlefield, you encounter a mysterious man with a heart of a star. Who is this man?
    • Pushing the Boundaries of the Fantasy World
    A fantasy world where elves, dwarves, and humans coexist harmoniously. A legend that grants the power to walk between the earth and the sky, the Elden Ring.
    • A Battle System with High Variety
    A battle system that features a myriad of combos. Fighting moves are supported in addition to close-range attacks and powerful attacks.
    A battle system that features a myriad of combos.
    Close-range combat:

    • Hard and soft attacks, Graceful Combo Skills
    Close-range combat, such as punches and kicks, is a battle system that strongly emphasizes straight combos. However, you can execute graceful combos by combining them with a series of hard or soft attacks.
    A number of useful combo skills are acquired during the course of the game. In order to obtain the close-range combat game with a sense of elegance, you must utilize them effectively and efficiently.
    • Superior Combat Features
    The masterful timing that characters possess differs from one another. A variety of melee weapons are added to each character’s hand.

    • A Multilayered Fight System
    In addition to a melee combat system, the game features an asymmetrical battle system in which even the character you are controlling must be cautious of enemies and weapons.
    There are weapons that deal damage to enemy targets or blocking creatures, and there are weapons that cause additional damage when used as defense.
    There are also walls, springs, beds, and chairs that you can use to attack enemies from a different angle.
    • A World for Everyone
    If you like traditional action games, a battle system that emphasizes tight control, or a multiple-enemy-based game, we offer a single system that suits your desires and satisfies your unique style.
    • Load of Energy
    Easy to understand, reliable, and adaptable, the game has a generous load limit and no energy consumption. In addition, various shortcut items that require no replenishment are added,


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Tragedy and romance, life and death, innocence and corruption, the mighty and valorous.
    • Play as 2 Goddesses
    Develop in different eras, as castes of Aries and Taurus. Grow, gain new abilities, and become the ultimate warriors in an original storyline.
    • Famous Characters from Multiple Tales
    Join beautiful Tana, the ruthless and bloodthirsty goddess of the North, as she seeks revenge for her father’s death. Deep in the mountains of the South, you will meet a young man who travels the deep, narrow valleys and faces his fears that bind him. And as you see it unfold, you’ll join the “Fatal Encounter,” an epic tale based on an ancient, famous tale.

    Tomonobu Itagaki, president of SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.
    “To me, Fantasy is something that I would have wanted to play when I was younger.”
    “As a Fantasy Action RPG, I want to make Fantasy Action RPGs that we would want to play when we were young, like if there was a game like this when we were kids.”

    Players are able to equip a variety of weapons, armor, and magic to develop their characters.
    Players create a party of six people. Each player controls a party member, and the characters can be freely moved around the screen to perform various actions, like switching stances and skills. For example, you can move two people in the same direction to synchronize your attacks on one enemy. You can also use special skills that you pay a fee for.
    Connectivity modes-the game supports several “connectivity modes” that allow other players to experience your game by accessing the same world as you, or by participating in your game by waiting online, using a specified number of positions in rooms like enemy attacks and traps, or carrying out quests that trigger events. These connectivity modes allow you to connect with other players to perform joint actions, or simply, by allowing you to explore worlds together.


    ■ Square Enix adds Mythological epic wars to classic card games
    The such battles, which have no difference from a traditional card game, will happen if you collect enough EXP (EXP points)


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  • How to crack only:

    • Download the crack by using the link provided here and save the cracked version of Elden Ring in your favorite folder with a new name.
    • Open the file, and you should see a big number below “Description” that reads “Cracked By xxx”.
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    Elden Ring:

    Other Game Releases

    Legion of Elden: EldenGate

    Elden has established a new society in which mankind is protected from the angels who are hellbent on destroying all living things, and aims to create an Elden Gate that will turn the Elden world into a paradise.



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Core i3 1.3GHz or AMD Athlon x2 3.8GHz
    Memory: 4GB
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series (1GB VRAM)
    DirectX: Version 11
    Processor: Intel Core i5 3.


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