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Rise as a Lord of the Elden Ring to fight against the evils that threaten the Lands Between in this fantasy adventure.
– Travel between several types of maps, from open fields to towns, and into the deep, labyrinthine dungeons.
– Fight enemies and recruit allies in the Dungeons while building up your Elden power.
– Create your own character and customise its look with various items.
– Play with others in the online mode! Asynchronous play that enables you to feel the presence of other players.
Available editions:
– Standard version: $14.99
– Date version: $19.99 (This edition includes the story voiced in Japanese!)

The voice-over Japanese version of the game is also released. This version was developed by Frontier Works.

The Japanese version of the game includes:- Asian language voices and a Japanese language option.- An “Enchant Table” where you can add items to your character, which will be used when you take the battle on the road.- Many Extra packs, which include items as a small bonus.

Rise as a Lord of the Elden Ring to fight against the evils that threaten the Lands Between in this fantasy adventure.

The power of the Elden Ring is ready to be woken. In addition to the main story, you can also uncover the untold story of the Lands Between.

A series of quests to deepen your story, and hidden story elements that only the most dedicated adventurer will be able to discover.

A world in which you can freely escape from the ordinary day. A world full of life, action, and a new story.

Play this truly unique fantasy adventure any time, any place, with any person you want!

Date Release: July 4th

See you in the Lands Between!

Tarnished Studios
Deutschlandzentrum am Mittelfeldbrücke, Heiligenbergstr. 18, 76934 Hamburg, Germany, Germany
Email : info@tarnishedstudios.com
Website :


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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Epic Dungeon Design
  • Aesthetically Beautiful Map
  • Tend a Baby Village
  • Mount Adventurer
  • A Full Variety of Magic—Do you have the Abilzim (EX) Ability?
  • An Award Winning Story Based on the Myth of Tarnished
  • Tarnished is now available to preorder on both Google Play and the App Store!
    Buy now for $6.99.
    A big thank-you to you, our loyal Ultralite fans, for your support and encouragement!

    Sun, 11 Mar 2015 20:25:37 +0000Mon_Ur_Jew <- The Ultimate Version 2.5 – New Challenges, New Features! (Ultralite)tag:mirror.direth.org,2015-03-11:2015/post-2016.020/new-challenges-features-ultralite

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    The New Challenges!  

    We’ve given the Ultralite a complete overhaul. For starters, you’ll find three new game modes:
    • Brave Dungeons: Time to take on the weekly challenge!

    • Endless Mode: Enjoy an unlimited amount of free gameplay, unlike the other modes in the game… although you can still enjoy a challenge with the new Trial 

    Plus a brand new map and the ability to play without a Wi-Fi connection!

    To make the Ultralite even more accessible, we’ve also upgraded the Magic system to make the game easier to play. One of the first things we’re doing is to improve the spell quality, so you’ll find a ton of new spells available right from the very beginning of the game


    Elden Ring Download (Final 2022)

    “I am almost halfway through the game and I am absolutely blown away by the game itself. ”
    “The game feels fresh and new. ”
    “I’m loving the character growth, I’m loving the story. ”
    “I adore the combat system. ”
    “I’m loving the graphics. ”
    “I love the different variation in maps and environments. ”
    “It’s hard and it’s fun. ”
    “It’s a great game all around. ”

    “I just want to point out that this is a resounding success.”
    “The worlds and environments are unique and imaginative, each story is utterly absorbing and heart-wrenching, the gameplay offers a brilliant level of challenge and depth, the characters are well developed, and the music is sublime.”
    -Adam Cross

    • Catch the Review of the game!

    1. THE GAME.

    The game is developed by Project Sanctuary and published by Momentum Comics. It is available on the Google Play and App Store (iOS) as well as Steam. It is a Fantasy Action RPG that takes place in a vast world full of excitement.

    2. THE WORLD.

    The game is set in a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.


    You choose an epic adventure to be your character and experience the story as an Elden Lord. As a Tarnished, you begin your journey in a forsaken town with a promise to turn your life around. As you adventure, you will eventually come to understand the meaning of “Salvation”. The character that you choose to be your self will influence and affect the growth of your character and the way you play throughout your journey, thus, making you to discover new stories from a variety of perspectives.


    There are a wide array of customizability through creating and equipping weapons, armor, and magic, as well as through creating your character’s appearance. It is possible to have a completely unique appearance and style to suit your own play style.


    You begin your journey in the forsaken town, encountering people that you meet along the way. As you progress through the story, you will gain influence with


    Elden Ring [Win/Mac]

    Gameplay ADULT FARM game:

    Gameplay FIGHT game:

    Gameplay SPAWN game:

    Gameplay DEVOUR game:

    Gameplay INFIGHT game:

    Gameplay MYSTERY BABY game:


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The Sen no Kiseki games are products of the Kyoto Animation division development team “Tsukimono no Kakuregiga”, and released in Japan in December 2014 for iOS and Android smartphones.

    [Game official site]

    Wed, 18 Feb 2016 20:36:54 +0000Red Reborn Reborn Volume A: The Enlightenment and Liberation in the Empire Red Reborn Volume A: The Enlightenment and Liberation in the Empire In this self-contained story mode, you play as Archer Minori, a student at the Elden Mithral School. A series of events occur at school and you soon are a free bounty, running from X.X Aviana of the Empire. A long journey begins…

    Figure [Left]: The Opening of Archer’s Awakening (Self-Contained Story)

    In this self-contained story mode, you play as Archer Minori, a student at the Elden Mithral School. A series of events occur at school and you soon are a free bounty, running from X.X Aviana of the Empire. A long journey begins for Minori as he must find the


    Free Elden Ring Crack Serial Number Full Torrent (Final 2022)

    1) Download and Save Extract the downloaded archive somewhere on your disk (eg. C:\)
    2) Go to the folder where you have saved the.zip file.
    3) Run the.exe file (it will open a graphical interface from where you can choose to start your installation or to install the game)
    4) When the installation is finished, you will be able to start playing

    * How do I play ELDEN RING?
    You can choose a genre from either RPG or Action games, then you can select a character from one of the options available. You have to choose your class as well as your attributes and skills. Finally you can select a map at the beginning of the game.

    * Why ELDEN RING?
    This game is based on the tabletop role-playing game system “The Elden Ring” by Wizards of the Coast. It is a free and fascinating fantasy adventure RPG that will have you exploring the Lands Between and facing epic battles.

    * What is the Lands Between?
    “The Lands Between” is a fictional location created by the Elden Ring. It is a vast world full of secrets. There are four regions: Valle, Tarchen, Stormfist and Throkar.

    * What is the Elden Ring and what is a tabletop role-playing game?
    The Elden Ring is a fictional organization in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. There is a live role-playing game based on it.

    * How do I join the Elden Ring?
    You can join the Elden Ring online free or you can purchase a key and activate it. All keys are inside the packets you find here.

    * Which is the key of the Exalted Iron?
    The key of the Exalted Iron is “Elden Ring”.

    * How can I enter in the online world?
    You have two options. You can join the game online, which means that you will be automatically connected and you can play the game. You can also enter in the game using a client.

    * I don’t have the client, how can I play in the online world?
    There are several clients you can use. The most commonly used clients are the ones included in the download, however if you have any other client you can use it to log into the server. If you use your own client, the game client will always log into an account in the online world.


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: WinXP SP3
    Processor: 2 GHz
    RAM: 512 MB
    Video: At least 1024×768
    DirectX: 8.0
    DirectX Shader Model: 3.0
    Hard Drive: 30 MB
    Graphics: Radeon HD2000 or Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT
    OS: Win7 x64
    RAM: 1 GB
    Video: 1024×768
    DirectX: 9.0
    DirectX Sh


    Download Setup & Crack ····· https://blltly.com/2sptm2

    Download Setup & Crack ····· https://blltly.com/2sptm2

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