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Born in the land known as the Lands Between, which is located between the bright illumination of the Elden Ring and the vague, dark and brutal Lands Beyond, the Elden Ring was borne from the will of the power of Elden itself. The Elden Ring is a place that is filled with horror, where sadistic demons fly upon lightning and the stench of corruption permeates everything. You, who possesses the true essence of your people and their power, are the only one who can save the Elden Ring from this fate.

The Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game in which you command an army of demons and wander the lands between and explore its harsh dungeons filled with danger.

• Be the Lord of the Ring!
• Begin the story with your own customized character.
• Choose from a variety of in-depth skills.
• Customize your character and equip weapons and armor.
• Evolve the skills that you have chosen using the skill points you have gained during combat.

* All of the information on the title page is accurate at the time of publishing. If the information changes we will notify you.

■ Exclusive for INTERNET PLAYERS

◆ Introduction

The days of the golden era are long over.

The world that had stood for hundreds of years has fallen into decay and degeneration.

The once lively and colorful Elden Ring and the Lands Beyond, plagued by lightning strikes and gloomy attacks, are now nothing but a den of monsters and dark forces.

The Elden Kingdom has been weakened by the danger of the Lands Beyond, and the proud warriors of the Elden Ring are falling one by one.

In order to save the Elden Ring from ruin, a group of adventurers has come forth to restore the kingdom and once again live in the dazzling Elden Ring.

This is a bold adventure that begins as a journey for you to create your own story. To bring the story you want to see to life. A story with an unforgettably thrilling experience.

*You can play with any character as you wish.

■ Features

◆ An Epic Drama that Is Made for Everyone to Enjoy

— In the lands between, which lies between the bright illumination of the Elden Ring and the vague, dark and brutal Lands Beyond, which are the stomping grounds of monsters and dark forces, the Elden Ring was created through the power of the light of


Features Key:

  • ◆ Unlimited exploration of a vast world with beautifully designed dungeons and a variety of situations
  • ◆ Twelve exceptional characters, three classes of character, and five distinct personalities
  • ◆ Customize your character and the equipment to suit your play style
  • ◆ Story told in fragments of a vast world and with multiple characters
  • ◆ Old Gods awakened by an unknown power, brutal battles, and wandering peoples
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    A minimum OS of version 3.0, controllers compatible with the iOS are required

    Supported Wi-Fi connection for online play

    Terms of Service on the Apple App Store

    Other conditions may apply

    /PROBJECT is the new fantasy action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    A Vast World Full of ExcitementA vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge


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    ■ Being a Tarnished Lord
    Your character will have a powerful core magic that is hard to miss, and your abilities will steadily increase as you gather power. Also, as the “Demigod,” you’ll be able to directly control several Guardians that have been sent from the Luminous Church in order to strengthen your powers. Furthermore, your character’s class will change between jobs, which will expand upon your abilities and add new special skills.

    ■ Your “Tarnished” Coin
    As a Tarnished Lord, you will receive a “Tarnished Coin” that, after spending it, will allow you to use a magic ability that’s not available to other characters. At the same time, “Tarnished Coins” can be exchanged for new magic abilities and other items at vendors in town.

    ■ Various Jobs
    The character classes of Tarnished Lords consist of three jobs, Warrior, Guardian, and Scholar. Each job specializes in different skills, and the skills will increase as you rise in rank.

    ■ Warrior
    You will be a Warrior character in the beginning of the game, with a large amount of power and a variety of skills that are easy to grasp. The Warrior class is primarily focused on attacking enemies with attack skills that can deal heavy damage to enemies. This is a very weak class that’s easy to rise in rank, but also requires a lot of skill to master.

    ■ Guardian
    After rising to be a Warrior, you will become a Guardian, specializing in magic. A Guardian’s main tactic is to execute strong attacks with a variety of basic attacks and learn a magic that can manipulate enemies. In the beginning of the game, a Guardian can advance by improving their basic attacks and learning new magic, but as they rise, they will learn new abilities that can utilize their skills.

    ■ Scholar
    A Scholar’s abilities revolve around entering the phase of battle by using Book skills that absorb enemy blood and use the power to attack. A Scholar will also learn offensive skills that can deal heavy damage to enemies, as well as deal powerful magic damage. For this reason, a Scholar is the strongest character class. But, their skills need to be improved through research to properly utilize them.

    ■ Skills & RPG Alchemy
    Every character class possesses distinct combat skills and magic that will be able to increase as their rank rises. Skills can also be improved through “RPG Alchemy,” which allows players to combine their own skills to become stronger.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Free Download Elden Ring Crack + For Windows [2022]

    Please see the FAQ in the attachment, and download from here.

    When the installation starts, there will be three files. Double click on the file ending in ‘.exe’ to start the installation.
    When the installation stops, please choose “Elden Ring” in the main menu and then choose “save” to save it to your disk.

    Then, you can check and click the same button(File, save) in the main menu of the game to select the save folder where you want to save. Or, you can simply press Ctrl+S.
    The menu can be used to select whether to install only, and save only, or both of the two files. And, you can select the Save As Folder (C:\Users\*YourName*\Save\Elden Ring).

    If the window shown in the image, you can save your game to your disk.
    In the case of clicking the “Yes, I want to save my game” button, it may overwrite the previous save file.
    The main menu can also be used to check and select the save folder, or check and select the “Overwrite the old save data file” option.

    It is possible to save the character, items, and others in the save folder, but if there is a large number of them, it will take a long time to save your items. If you want to save your items, please save them to your disk from the main menu of the game.
    If there is the “Elden Ring.ini” file in the save folder, please choose “Load the saved game.”

    In the case of the installation starting several times, please choose “Hard Drive” when you select the “save folder.”

    If the save game is already saved, you can go to “Main Menu” to check and select the save folder.

    How to Play

    There are two modes of play, Single Player and Multiplayer. The world map is different from the mode of play to choose. The save folder is selected when you save in the world map.

    The main menu has three modes, Adventure, Multiplayer, and View.
    The Adventure mode is the mode to choose in the world map.
    The Multiplayer mode is the mode to play with the other player(s).
    The View mode is the mode to view the world map.
    The save folder is selected when you save in the world map.

    How to Play


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:



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    System Requirements:

    Requires Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2012 R2.
    To play, Handbrake must be installed and the latest version of the Handbrake application must be installed on your computer.
    What is the difference between Handbrake and Handbrake Server?
    Why should I


    Download Setup & Crack ★★★ DOWNLOAD

    Download Setup & Crack ★★★ DOWNLOAD

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