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Bhar Do Jholi Meri Song – Adnan Sami – Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Bollywood Movie – Salman Khan Kareena Kapoor.
A simple fellow, Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi, a Hanumanian bhakt, takes on the task of helping the erring one; dumb girl, get to her home in pakistan! This film, from which not a single muscle of the face will leave, despite its cruel plot, I intend to recommend that you watch it for everyone – if, of course, you are already at a conscious age.
If you didn’t have time to enjoy the first ten minutes of the script within two hours, then you should definitely reshoot this movie for the whole weekend.And let the footage be embellished five or six times better: don’t miss the “Ambassador”, Hollywood’s “seven lives” are also good, but this is a commercial project created to make money, and not a means of finding a spiritual mentor.
Survive After (Survivor, 2010): 5 out of 10
You can watch and review. The analogy with the film “Brigade” suggests itself. After viewing, there were bright, juicy, vivid impressions. This is what gave the impetus to watch the online movie “Survive After” in full and draw certain conclusions about the film. First, you need to realize that, in my opinion, this is exactly what the film did. Largely. In many moments – he played better than the movie “Boom, boom, bam …” or “Titanic”. The hero of Mel Gibson, introduced into the film as a kind of decorative object, played by Til Schweiger – a strong young man, not particularly burdened with intelligence, looks great. Indeed, in some scenes he is like Napoleon in the defense of Moscow – physically strong, self-confident. In others, he plays just a person who is already tired of all this. It can be understood – tired of living, tired of being treated, tired of realizing again and again that after another operation you were left without your right arm and the ability to move normally. And then he takes the gun, finds his favorite movie “Black Hawk Down”, sits down next to his wife and children and pulls the trigger.
Only so they could finally kill him. Very vital, I think. The rebels themselves in the film are the embodiment of madness, from whose face the grimace of madness does not leave. They have such a strange independence, mental illness, they are morally inferior people. They look like crazy, and during the fight they look like a maniac released from a lunatic asylum who wants to be killed



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