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Download Setup + Crack ○○○ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup + Crack ○○○ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






The objective of Tarnished is to free the eternal land that has been cursed by the demonic elden, and help the people of a lonely city named Aresh. Through solving puzzles, exploring the new world, fighting monsters and developing your character, you will experience the awesome power of the Elden Ring Crack.

Please note that some things may not translate correctly; this game requires some Japanese to be understood.

We hope you’ll enjoy it!


Character Generation:

Select from the following 4 characters:
* Swordsman / Rogue
* Warrior / Magic Archer
* Valkyrie / Fighter

Developer: Uchima Musashi / P-Cube (Incredible Corp)

Game Design: Uchima Musashi / P-Cube (Incredible Corp)

Managing Director: Nishiura Yoshikazu

Chief Technical Designer: Yamamoto Takeshi

[_English_] www.elfen-game.com

※ 日本語版は初めての方はお楽しみください。
※ 後方読みを予定しています。
※ 日本語は、原則としてプロモーションはしていません。
※ ポイントを限定的にお買い上げいただく場合には、ポイントアップキャンペーンを行っていただきます。
※ アップデートの順番については、更新までお待ち下さい。

V30 ~ Bug Fix
・ Villager Visit Week
◆ From March 7th to April 4th, get the help of the 8th annual Villager Visit Week. You can contact the villager they’re matched to, and you’ll gain a cool reward in return. 【More details on our website】

V31 ~ Bug Fix
・ Tradetext Command
◆ Certain command can not be used in certain situation. If the possibility arises, please report to [game issue]


Download Setup + Crack ○○○ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup + Crack ○○○ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 1ndIVay’s action RPG is the first game developed by Aquarius, which has been known for being a creator of MMORPGs and is currently developing a fantasy epic that is praised by players, called “Lands Between”.
  • With the “Elden Ring”, the user can freely change the adventure path of the game according to their preference by using its multilayer structure. Each advance allows you to enjoy the game from various perspectives and dre auberchestares
  • To help expand the user experience, the game is packed with various contents, such as regular content additions as well as special events and limited edition illustrations.
  • It does not support the Korean language.
    This game is under development. To ensure that you obtain the latest information, please delete data in the game. After purchase, you can transfer data to your smartphone and continue play.


    Elden Ring is a blockbuster fantasy action RPG that is challenging to play. Aim for a new experience with unique online play functionality by self conforming to your own play style, and at the same time, enjoy the exhilarating sights and sounds of a real battle with multiple character combinations.   



    Elden Ring Crack + Activator Free

    -New York Times


    “The game’s gorgeous visuals and fluid fighting system, as well as its zippy time-traveling traversal of the enormous world, seem like magic and even the game’s technical issues are seamless – even the occasional slowdown just adds to the drama.”

    -The Verge


    “The game starts off with a stunning first look: a refreshingly bright, dark, and vivid adventure game. There’s a camera pan across a stony landscape, while also revealing the player’s name, color, and your chosen profession, name and background story. Then as you begin the actual fight, the map goes gray and a weird, yellow and red glow emits from the top of the screen. The battle area lights up. It’s the closest thing to an actual hellish hellfire you can experience without actually dying. In the end, it’s a sequence like this that will remain with you for a long time.”

    -Metro UK


    “Beyond its gameplay and UI though, there’s the game’s relatively immediate but nevertheless compelling mission structure to take note of. The straightforward, linear structure of this initial game doesn’t preclude the player from discovering his own dynamic play style, which creates a sense of exploration and rather discombobulating combat. It’s a gameplay hook that I can only describe as wholly individual to Elden Ring, even though it’s certainly a style that recalls many other RPGs.”

    -PC Magazine


    “Each fight feels like an independent masterpiece.”



    “What makes Elden Ring’s combat so exciting, however, is that fighting is never predictable. The enemy’s attacks are always moving, it’s all very, very fast, and it’s all over the place… it just constantly requires you to adapt on the fly. You have to constantly think about where you’re moving to, where you should be looking next, and how you’ll want to extend your attacks. And everything in the world reacts to your actions.”



    “With its epic


    Elden Ring Crack + With License Key For Windows

    The first-person fantasy RPG, based on the design system of a single player that only focuses on the strategic development of the relationship between character and character.
    The game is composed of:
    ■ Player Character
    ■ Various Game Maps
    The player creates a party of characters to customize the appearance of their character. By combining the various equipment, weapons, and magic that the player obtains, the player is able to increase the number of stats of their party, providing a way to determine the way of battle in the game.
    ■ Adventure Maps
    Various dungeons are arranged and arranged in a variety of layouts, allowing the player to have a great variety of battle missions. In the game, there is a large number of dungeons, from small to medium-sized, but there is no way to directly talk to the side quests while you are exploring.
    ■ Exploration Maps
    Exploration maps have various levels, including fields with grass and small trees, plains, dark forests and marshlands. At the time when exploring, the player can have a variety of encounters based on the level of the map, and can have different battles. It is here that the player’s party is born.
    ■ Instanced Maps
    The maps are divided into instanced maps, which are similar to level-based maps, and non-instanced maps, which are similar to what is called traditional level maps. In the instanced map, the monsters are the same, but the layouts are different.
    Actions are simple yet clear, so anyone can easily play without a problem. It is about choosing a party of up to six characters, customizing, developing, and exploring.
    ■ Players can play with up to six other people via the Online mode.
    ■ As the characters develop, stats increase and the player’s party gains more power.
    ■ When a party is attacked, a new party will be created, so even during battles, the player can see a variety of party compositions.
    ■ Up to 10 hours of play is possible in the single-player mode.
    ■ The game not only creates a relationship between the player and the characters as the party, but also the people that you meet in the online mode are also characters who are born from the party.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    ■ Game Map
    The Lands Between maps are divided into non-instanced and instanced maps.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    With the War of Souls, Tarnished Wars now includes new features such as the Foundation, a new main gate map. The Foundation is the entrance to the Lands Between and contains the Divine Temple. As the main gate map, the Foundation has special challenges such as random encounters between the Alliance and Bandits, and becomes a battlefield with long-lasting effects.


    • Battle a variety of Threats with Various Bosses
      Explore and form alliances with Character Groups such as Antagonists, Heroes, and Neutral NPCs.
      Battle various Threats with the skills they have, such as Dual Swordsmen, Dual Wizards, or Dual Swords and Knights.
      Battle Threats with a variety of weaponry such as the Anathema Sword and Siege Bolts.
    • Create and Customize Your Own Character
      Fully alter the appearance of your character in every way from the color of their hair to their appearance.
      Equip and use a large variety of weapons, apsaras, armor, and magic.
    • An Epic Drama in Fragments Comes to Life with Special Sound Effects
      A tense drama that unfolds with a variety of fluctuating intensity.
      Special sound effects that fully show the relationship of the main character.
      Implements activities quickly with highly flexible battles.
    • New Features Introducing the Foundation : The Entrance of the Lands Between
      The entrance to the Lands Between is a map where various events and numerous objects are connected.
      From the start of your adventure in the Lands Between, you can freely move around the entire map.
      You can encounter Threats in the whole map and form alliances with Character Groups, but the strongest Threat in the map will always be the Gateway.

    Travelers, trapped by the crumbling walls of the Alliance of Heaven and Fears, are forming groups to form an alliance. Whether you’re a European Knight or a dark magician, band together and confront the dark forces of the Bandits… Or, seek out the source of the seemingly endless flow of blood in the bloodlands of the southern provinces.
    Alliance members travel as a group to form an alliance, survive together, and play with each other.

    Generators that appear at sites such as deeply buried ruins and large town walls are actually the


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    Full Features List of the most important features to recover the game client,

    * See a List of the full features in a Table

    * Amount of new resources in game

    * Name of new resources and details about their access to other features

    * New NPC and a new encounter

    * New endings and more new resources

    * New location with a name and description

    * Many new questions and answers

    * New quick-play tutorial

    * Launch different mode, such as a tutorial, a shop, and so on

    * The door can be opened by a certain item

    * A hidden area with a new monster

    * Ghost house in the ghost town with multiple new items

    * Selecting a random location when you level up

    * A new world map

    * Increase stat points to all stats instead of just one

    * New skills

    * New daily quest

    * Duel with a monster that you can save in the party

    * Withholding items

    * The ability to lock monster cards

    * Become a vampire

    * The ability to reach a town

    * Many new characters with unique appearances

    * Eligibility to become an army leader

    * Keep a maximum of 150 party members in your party

    * Party location based on a percentage

    * A new map with a dungeon

    * The return of the spell cards in the game

    * New enchantments and more

    * A town that opens on day 2

    A new character has a unique appearance and a special ability.

    Right-click on a weapon in your inventory to use it.

    You will become more powerful if you get new weapons and equipment.

    For example, you can learn a technique by learning a weapon.

    You can learn a new skill by increasing the skill.

    You can also learn a new skill if you have learned a weapon.

    You can level up the skills by learning a new weapon.


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    • The setup is going to be ended.
    • Extract the files to a folder where you want to keep it.
    • Close WinRar when the download is finished.
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    <img src="



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    – Windows XP or later
    – 64-bit OS
    – 2 GHz processor
    – 2 GB RAM
    – DirectX 9.0 or later
    1 player, 9 teams
    Rush through the scoring zones as fast as you can to make it to the goal line in the shortest amount of time and prove your worth as the fastest runner of the game. You must dodge the oncoming defensive players, who will attempt to thwart you from reaching the end zone.
    Rush! Rush! Rush! 3.7 MB | 11:32


    Download Setup + Crack ○○○ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

    Download Setup + Crack ○○○ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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