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Total Synthesis combines the component elements of tabletop roleplaying games and the most captivating elements of a visual novel. When you summon forth your character, making choices about your allies and enemies, you’ll be trapped in a living, breathing world with a narrative that changes depending on your character’s actions.
Gorgeous graphics, smooth animation, and a robust, modern combat system fill the screen.

Choose your class and gender, then set off to battle as a brave heroine or towering demon lord. The fate of the nation rests on your shoulders, and in your hands lie the freedom of Fae-inspired fantasy.



“Damn, this game is good.” —IGN

“It’s beautifully designed and has an incredibly polished production quality, to boot.” —Erove

“Co-op in RPGs is a rare proposition, but Total Synthesis makes it happen, effortlessly.” —GameStar

“Total Synthesis is an arcade-style RPG that has, at its heart, a sublime real-time combat system that feels awesome.” —GameSpot

*** Total Synthesis is the latest title to come to Android from the creators of Inazuma Eleven!

*** In Total Synthesis, combine your party to battle powerful enemies and solve puzzles to gain the power to overthrow the enemy regime and become a legendary hero.

*** Explore a variety of fantastical locales and meet colorful characters in a visually stunning world. You are a race of heroes, a band of adventurers, a band of friends.

Choose your class and gender, then choose your path. Your options are numerous and the journey begins here!

A war has raged for several hundred years. Why, and for what purpose?

The battling, the destruction of lands, the chopping of heads, and only one question in mind of “Who is the candidate for the right to rule the lands?”

It is not the king, but the last of the godsworn from a faraway land.

The war has been won. But the ruling order has not been settled yet. A deity has been chosen as the ruler of lands. The last of the godsworn is swearing absolute loyalty to their new lord. And now the two rulers are to be wed.



Features Key:

  • Convenient keyboard and mouse control
  • An easy to use interface for selecting and controlling characters
  • Players can freely switch their character classes mid-game
  • Eight Elven Classes unlocked from the beginning
  • Skill slots for equipment customisation and improvement
  • A Real World with a Real Feel!
    A world based on the classic Action/RPG of old, with the addition of graphics, sounds and controls appropriate to current-gen systems.
  • Enhanced Fantasy Action RPG. Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


    Preorder bonus contents:

    • PlayStation®4 system with download code for Bodhi and Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night for free
    • Three maps: The Dead City, The Isle of Ice, and The Ancient Tomb

    Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night is developed by ATLUS and is published by Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

    Elden Ring, The Lands Between, and its characters are all trademarks or copyrights of Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

    Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night, The Lands Between, and its characters are copyright ATLUS. All rights reserved. This game uses EDGE. #

    About Atlus U.S.A.:

    Atlus U.S.A. was founded in 1985 by Kazuhide Nojima in San Francisco, California. Employing primarily Japanese talents, the company quickly earned a reputation for its imagination in implementing new and exciting game concepts


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    Good ai will kill u

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    At first blush the game looks just like a lot of the other fantasy role playing games on the market.

    Great combat engine, bad graphics

    The user rated the game overall:


    Not as good as the rom starter

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    great game with some flaws, great combat and a free-roaming world, each dungeon is wildly different and has a unique icon, intro scenes are funny and quirky. graphics are odd, but the dungeons still look great.

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    Amazing game that has a lot to offer

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    Great game

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0


    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0


    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    A little short in content

    The user rated the game overall:


    The graphics are ok

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    I’m a big fan of action and rpgs, this is by far my favorite one yet. A very solid game.

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    great game!

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    I like everything in this game, the combat, the story, and the graphics are all good

    The user rated the game overall:

    over 8.0

    I am going to list down all of the pros and cons for this game…

    – awesome combat, fluid, easy to use, no micromanagement.
    – fluid animations, and character models are pretty detailed too.
    – great dialogues.
    – great character art.
    – great soundtrack.
    – great story.
    – really fun, the game is very short and its easy to learn the controls and get into the pace of this game.
    – sometimes


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    Key Features:

    • Stand on the Shoulders of Giants – The New Fantasy Action RPG

    We believe in creating an enjoyable game experience for every player. And in developing a game that can provide meaningful value for players who play it. So first, we planned out a variety of standard features and gave special attention to gameplay.

    • New Action-RPG for PC

    We improved the gameplay. The player can experience an action-RPG on PC, which is fairly rare in the current RPG market. And we also made a variety of changes, so that the user can have a fun time playing.

    • Customization of Your Character and Game Flow

    The user is able to choose the appearance of their character, and they have the freedom to complete the main story or can play the game and enjoy the freedom of choice, depending on their play style.

    • Delightful Story and Original Characters

    The game provides a story that allows the user to anticipate the future. The user will also develop empathy for the characters.

    • Huge Dungeon Maps with 3D Game Graphics

    In addition to crafting the main story, the game includes an all-out attack on the enemy. When enemies are defeated, the user can enter the dungeon and receive helpful items as rewards.

    • User Experience and Add-Ons

    We improved the user interface, so that the user can understand it easily. After deciding that the user wants to enjoy a particular element, they can easily use it by searching for the feature using the search function.

    • Online Play in the World of Tarnished

    The game provides online multiplayer, so that the user can play with friends or strangers.

    (1) Story

    The Story takes place in the Lands Between. A place where there are countless places where the events of the history of the world happen, which have long passed away as if they were myths.

    — Another story like the history that never was

    The story in the game is quite complicated, featuring the intersecting thoughts of the various characters. And in addition, the story in the game is gradually revealed and the user can fully enjoy the story through the emotions that the user discovers while interacting with the characters.

    (2) Characters

    The characters in the game were originally chosen to be the main characters that changed the title from a standard RPG. However, most of the characters are just people who live in the Lands Between.

    — F


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


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    • How to Install and Play ELDEN RING Game

    1- Extract the contents of the.zip file to an empty folder on your computer.
    2- Run the.exe file to install ELDEN RING game.
    3- Run the game to create your first character.

    *** Don’t forget, you can be alerted of any new release at the news section ***

    For any question do not hesitate to contact us at: Team@TarnishedGames.com. Have a nice day!

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    ● Missions, Dungeons & Events

    ● Events & Dungeons

    ● Battles & Quests

    ● Combat & Skills

    ● Guide & Help

    ● Characters & Class

    ● Creation/Reset

    ● Quests / Redist

    ● Item Management

    ● Skill Books

    ● Skills

    ● Information

    ● Items

    ● Planet Management







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    CRYSTAL BOEHM; KARMA, Matheson St. Mary, Chadwick Police
    Baylor Hospital, College Station, Texas; JUDITH D. BOUGHTON



    System Requirements:

    Windows 7/8/10
    Intel i3
    2GB RAM
    100MB free space
    256MB DirectX 10.1 compatible video card
    1024×768 display
    XBox 360 Controller
    If you are new to this content, you can find more information about the game at the official website, here.
    Aronne, Côtes-d’Armor
    Aronne is a commune in the Côtes-d’Armor department of western France. It was established on



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