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The new fantasy action RPG, Tarnished, will be released in the third quarter of 2019 on PS4 and PC.

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Features Key:

  • — A Vast World that is Full of Excitement
  • — The Soundtrack “Dream of Deep’
  • — The Game Based on the Myth of the Elden Book [The Complete Book of the Elden Ring]
  • — Adventure Mode and Exploration Mode
  • — The New Action RPG Styled after Aptitude
  • — Epic Storyline and Cameo Appearance of Character Models from the Ring
  • — An Online Game with Players from all around the World
  • — A Free-Roaming and World-Walking Adventure Game
  • — Action-RPG Style Online Multiplayer Games
  • — Replayable Storyline with Multiple Paths
  • — Players can Grow and Progress through their Character, Equipment, and Heart
  • Altosoft proudly presents the new Elden Ring:

    ▶Elden Ring

    Offline Registration for Early Access Players:

    We will charge a voucher to the credit card of the person for their Registration* within the given period.

    Voucher Information:

    If you have not log in the game on the given day, you will be able to join the game a maximum of 24 hours after the voucher registration.

    *After the Early Access phase

    * Upon purchasing a voucher ticket, each player gets a voucher code to redeem.

    * The voucher code will be sent to the player who purchases the ticket. Voucher codes will be sent to players only after the given purchase order is confirmed and the voucher code maintenance is completed.

    * After redeeming the voucher codes, the ticket holder will receive a reward, depending on the time left to the redeeming time.

    * Voucher codes are only for use within the early access period. Restrictions may be applied.

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    Elden Ring License Keygen Download For Windows [2022]

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    ■ 傷つくならない!


    Elden Ring Keygen Download [Mac/Win]

    ▷ Live Events with new or returning characters.

    ▷ BATTLE in the newly designed PvP online mode, Dragon Fight!



    New Skills

    New Characters

    New Dungeons


    Souls Battle

    New Character Enhancement System

    In addition to battle prowess and equipment, your character will advance through character development.

    Players develop their character through not only class-specific skill training, but also through individual skill enhancement.

    Each time you level up, you will receive a skill boost based on the “level” at which you started the training.


    Leveling up the character’s Individual Skills will create new skills. A skill can be chosen from among the five categories of Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, and Magic, and can be enhanced as many times as you wish.

    The Individual Skill boost is applied to the base skill of a single category, but the effects of the boost level are cumulative across the categories.

    Cumulative Effect

    The effects of the boost level are cumulative across the categories.

    Cumulative Effect

    Selective Effect

    The individual skill enhancement advances at the same pace regardless of whether you are selecting the base skill or “selecting up” to the next level of the base skill.

    All the skills selected will have their effects combined, resulting in a skill with a cumulative effect of the boosted base skill up to the next level, and so forth.

    ▷ New Character Creation

    ▷ Leveling Up

    ▷ New Class

    ▷ Social Activities

    ▷ Team Battle

    ▷ An Online Battle Method That Chooses PvP Battles and the Influence of Others

    ▷ A New Card Game in Stages

    ▷ New Missions

    ▷ New Story

    ▷ Performance Improvement

    ▷ An Online Battle Method That Chooses PvP Battles and the Influence of Others

    Dragon fight is an online battle method in which players can set up their party with other players, and they can battle and play together.

    You can battle against other characters from time to time, and you can also participate in the battle of characters who are actively participating.

    If your party is defeated, you will be returned to a safe


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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