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A game whose protagonist is a middle-aged man with a mysterious past. His name is Arthur Mc Legend. The setting is an alternate world where the deeds of the Elden Ring are reflected. He is trying to become an Elden Lord, so as to gather all the resources of this world and return to the real world. It is said that the greed of the Elden Ring has swelled to such an extent that its evil deeds will never be forgotten. Arthur is determined to wipe out this Elden Ring of darkness.


Arthur Mc Legend
A man in his fifties who was born in an alternate world. The character that personifies his personality is an ordinary man who is a bit too cool for this world. He is currently an Erudite Knight in the service of the Elden Ring. He has a highly skilled and powerful sword, which can be wielded by himself or one of his companions.

The successor to the Holy Knights of the Queen of Elden (Herz). After receiving special training, she has become a master of the Mantle, an ancient weapon wielded by the Holy Knights. She is fully determined to wipe out the Elden Ring of evil.

A Holy Knight who was raised as a child. He was separated from the rest of the Holy Knights when he was 12 years old, and lost all the memories he possessed. He has outstanding physical strength as well as an enormous amount of energy. He is currently serving under the command of Kushiel.

A Noble Knight who was born in the Holy Kingdom, and joined Kushiel in order to achieve her dream of fighting the Elden Ring. She is a feminine Elf who is skilled with a sword, a bow, and magic. She is currently serving under the command of Kushiel.

A mysterious man who was born in a town on the border of the Holy Kingdom and the Lands Between. Lucid is a top magician who uses spells. In addition, his unusual likeness allows him to infiltrate the appearance of other people. In addition, he is responsible for Arthur Mc Legend’s existence in this world.

The Broken Soldiers
The soldiers of the Holy Knight. After Kushiel and the other Holy Knights were defeated by the Elden Ring, they were taken by the Elden Ring and transformed into individuals like themselves. They have no memories of what happened in the past and


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Game Play (Same) Game Type – In the game, you can enjoy a game in similar form to an RPG (role playing game) and a fighter. However, the game was designed to challenge and immerse you in your emotions rather than simply enjoy the easy game experience, so the initial game play is different than that of conventional online RPGs or fighters.
    √ The game play can be played online or offline, so you can play it in various places.

  • Framing System (Octaves and the Essence Eye) – Through the introduction of a defining system for game scenes, the context of the visual presentation in the game enhances. The system allows you to control the overall tone of the game by adding elements other than just a single background image.

  • Complex Trigger (Timelessness of the Cosmos Mirroring the Worlds Between) – Increased sense of separation from the game, as if the game lasts for all time, can be experienced through challenge, in addition to the sense of continuous confrontation that defines the game. Feel the feeling of the depth and significance of a world that you build, only this time using your own intelligence.

  • Fantasy RPG elements included:

    • A Grand World (Rise from the Forest to the Sky and the Pebbles Beach to the Grassland) – Over a 5 billion real world years worth of time has elapsed, the Elden Ring has shaped the Land Between. Structured by the characteristics of their particular forms, each of the Lands Between has developed into an environment and history on its own.

    • Big Boss (Wolf’s Lair) – Over the course of time, through the survival of the elders and the deeds of the children, the Eternal Wolf and the other ferocious beasts have been preserved. The fate of the Lands Between was entrusted to the child genius, Jack [Laukin]. He is an enthusiastic and fun-loving young man who has come into full maturity. As an elder (title reverts to Jack once his exam in “Exam of Memory and Wisdom” has passed), Jack rushes to bring the Creation into existence. Special attention is paid to creating a setting that has


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      What’s new:

      The screenshots in the in-game menus and (after) reveal were taken on the PlayStation 3 system on December 12, 2012, in development for PlayStation 3 system.

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    revolutionSpike in this vid:
    Here’s a “behind the scenes”:

    And the physics, as asked by anon:

    Armrelid in this vid:

    Here’s a “behind the scenes”:

    Here’s the physics, as asked by anon:

    I’m struggling with getting a good scene together with some good physics.

    Spike in this vid:



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Operating system: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    CPU: 1.8 GHz Pentium 3 or above; 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon Processor; 2.66 GHz Pentium 4 Extreme Edition or AMD Opteron Processor
    RAM: 512 MB of RAM, plus 200 MB of additional RAM to run extended graphic features, less RAM for on-screen menus and effects; 3 GB of RAM for general use
    Hard Disk: At least 1 GB of free space on the hard disk
    A: Minimum Video Memory Card


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