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A large world with plenty of adventure and excitement awaits you.

Explore the Lands Between with Tarnished, a female Elden Lord who was brought to ruin by the evil forces of nature. She has dedicated herself to striving for redemption and now seeks a companion for the journey.

As Tarnished, strengthen your body and become a powerful warrior. By relying on your body to use magic, you can establish yourself as a strong warrior.

Wield a variety of weapons and magic to exterminate evil monsters and complete dungeons with a variety of complex settings.

Help Tarnished as she strives for redemption.


The graphic style of Tarnished’s world is very beautiful.

The distinct graphics of every character, monsters, and items give them their own unique appearance.

The sound effects of Tarnished’s world are alive and realistic.


System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8

CPU: Intel Core i3 / i5

RAM: 1 GB or more

HDD: 3 GB or more

Network: Broad Band Internet Connection

Possibilities of Customization

The graphic style of Tarnished’s world is very beautiful.

The distinct graphics of every character, monsters, and items give them their own unique appearance.

The sound effects of Tarnished’s world are alive and realistic.

[Language: Japanese] 世界の埋め尽くされた邪悪な魔法を打ち砕いて、傷つけてしまった女たちの世界を探索。その助けを求めた女性たちの味方になったおっさん、トランスフォールドと戦うために鍛え抜いた彼女たちは、何度でも鍛え抜き変わる、可能性の広さと感動を提供します。

Online Play(Multiplayer):

A vast world with plenty of adventure


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Choose your own path and fight as an independent adventurer
  • Optionally exchange items with other players
  • New online feature that allows you to play with other people of the same game
  • A playable group of friends that you can freely connect with using the name of the game and number
  • You can also choose to play solo with the classic Adventure format.

    Global Campaign

    Ideal for repeating the same battle!

    Decide the times in advance when your character will become available for the battle and select them up to 3 times per day and record the progress. You will receive notifications to battle at the optimal times and can experience full online features.

    A battle with AI enemies will automatically occur after the target amount of time elapses.

    Players can be Converted (current and future titles)

    • The game, Legend of Dungeon, is planned to be converted to the Elden Ring. As a part of it, Eidos-Montreal will provide a management tool for converting players’ characters. Please be sure your game ID exists in this conversion application.

    New features

    • New UI for online play
    • Battle settings can be adjusted from the battles so that each battle can be completed in a desired amount of time

    New game design features will also be added.

    See you in the Kingdom of the Elden Ring!

    Feather Co, Ltd is the developer of the game.





    9.7 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Release date: November 18, 2014

    Platforms: PlayStation®3 / PC    


    Elden Ring Download X64

    “The feeling of adventure and lightheartedness that I had when I first started playing it isn’t something I feel even near being able to describe with my mediocre vocabulary. The way it is designed is probably my favorite of the form of games I played, as it makes you feel like your imagination is your only obstacle, since you’re controlling a fictional character who has been placed in a fantasy world full of mystery and stories that are bound to unfold before your eyes as you progress through them.” (Gameplanet)

    “It has a refreshing, non-intimidating visual and sound design and somehow manages to bring this gentle game-journey into the fantasy genre without making it scary or intimidating. It seems like a quest for a storybook adventure, but it’s actually all about a game. A game that looks like a fairy tale is usually delivered with a sense of fun, but here it’s so nicely blended with story and drama that it feels like a dramatic tale and sets an unforgettable impression when played. Be sure to try this game.” (EG)

    “It’s almost like trying to recall your dreams that you forgot to wake up from… At times you feel like you’re being controlled by a wishful fairy tale that is comfortable to the eyes, ears, and taste buds. It’s as if you’re reading a fantasy story in a Japanese manga. In a word, it’s really cool!” (DieHardER)

    “The way the game was created and the variety of game content made me feel like I was playing a fantasy anime. This game is an example of an amazing sense of satisfaction that the game industry in Japan is known for, and I hope to never stop playing Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack.” (Shovel)

    “Elden Ring Full Crack is as beautiful as it is cool! This game gives you a sense of adventure as you explore different places, and is filled with aesthetic charms. I was surprised with the incredible work that went into it, and I could play it for hours.” (Spider)

    “It’s a game that’s constructed from the bottom up, with a high level of uniqueness and the feeling of enjoyment as the central theme. The story and the adorable sense of design get even better as you play, and the result is a game that really makes you feel like you are in a fairy


    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download

    • Features
    1. A new game that creates an epic story of fate,

    2. Explore the Lands Between with your friends in a vast world,

    3. Create your own story in the form of an RPG,

    4. Enjoy a multiplayer role-playing game featuring asynchronous online play,

    5. System-compatibility is guaranteed through highly detailed system,

    6. A new visual experience that creates a large world and a visual design that put the player at the center of the gameplay,

    7. Establish the bases of the story through a large cast of characters,

    8. Enjoy a rich and dramatic soundtrack,

    9. Exquisitely designed large city,

    10. A wide variety of quests to challenge your strength and reflexes.

    A new game that creates an epic story of fate.An epic story of fate, where you create your own story.An RPG where you define the path of your character.Warm and rich visual experience that puts the player at the center.A multiplayer role-playing game that changes online play.A large city built by a vast world with an incredible visual experience.An incredible soundtrack that captivates the soul.A large variety of quests that challenges your strength and reflexes.



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    What’s new:

    · Be Graced by the Light of Divine Power (PlayStation®4 Exclusive)
    During your quest to become an Elden Lord, the land of Faya has sunk into an age of darkness. Those who wish to explore this land must embark on a perilous journey to the Great Tree of the Elden Ring. The Light of the Divine is graced as you fight your way to uncover the truth behind Faya’s coming doom. If we continue down this path, we will sink into the abyss, a fate none of us can avoid. However, we are not alone. An ancient power is lending a hand to those who break free of its grasp. This may be the support we need, and the Light of the Divine will lead us there.

    · Network Functions, Cloud Save, and Multiplayer
    By building together, we can do more. Network features, such as the universal leaderboards, cross-platform matches, and content delivery solutions allow you and your friends to play together at any time or from anywhere.
    Connect with other players and make huge strides together in the new online world. The sky is the limit, so let your imagination soar!

    1. Customize your character’s visual appearance with unique combinations of arms, legs, and armor parts.
    2. Customize your character’s colors and skin tone.
    3. Select your class.
    4. Train your character with your Attack, Defense, Spirit, Intelligence, or Magic.
    5. Equip items to further improve your character’s ability.
    6. Learn specialist skills like the Returner’s Kill Strike, Arms Burner’s Burst Fire or the Rage Deflector’s Demonic Rage.
    *Some items require experience points to equip.
    *Some skill selection restriction are only available after the Story Quest line is completed.
    Humanity – An ability that allows you to understand others.
    Providence – An ability to understand others even in unfavorable environments.
    Veracity – An ability to understand people’s motives.
    Firax – An ability that enables you to master the elements of fire.

    Build quests to progress further through the story. Mission objectives, set up by the Blighttown Guard, may include defeating a monster, capturing it, finding and destroying


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