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Replace str(“lastname”) with str[:len(str)-1].


Your problem is with the str.strip() function. strip() deletes any whitespace at the beginning and end of a string. If you are considering passwords to be passwords made by a human user, they are not and the first thing you will look for is to remove whitespace from the beginning and end of your user input. Then if you can find another user with the same password, you can just ask them for your password.
Do it like so:
string = userinput.replace(” “,””)

If you take a look at the documentation you’ll see that

Remove leading and trailing space (including newlines).


Removes all leading and trailing whitespace.

To get around this:
string = userinput.replace(” “,””)
string.strip(” “)

Each of those three statements will replace all the spaces in the string with nothing and strip them off. Do the same with all of the spaces in your dictionary and you will be one step closer to the code cracking your key.


if not str(userinput).strip():
^^ remove the’str’ because you’ve already called’strip()’

and the /files/ directory has two folders:
$ ls /files/

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