Delicious Retouch 3 0

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Delicious Retouch 3 0

Delicious Retouch 3 0 (32bit)
Delicious Retouch 3 0
by Little Syffy
Delicious Retouch 3 0.8 (32bit) by Synners
Комментируя файл: 3 0, Delicious Retouch 3.02,
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I have cased the scripts but they are hard for me to understand. I want to try and make a script but am not sure where to start. anyone got any code that I could use to help with this issue?
Using dropbox not the whole script, it still is not working. Just this section I am trying to fix.
// Dropping files to place them in the folder if they do not exist or change the name of the file
var filedrop = WScript.CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”);
if (filedrop.FolderExists(the_folder_path)) {
var the_file = the_folder_path + file;
the_file = filedrop.GetFile(the_file);
if (!filedrop.FileExists(the_file)){
try {
//Create a folder and name it ‘delicious.jpg’. You can change this if you want another name
the_folder_path = “D:\delicious”;
var the_folder = the_folder_path +”\delicious”;
var full_path = the_folder_path + “\” + file;

//if there is a file already in that folder then delete it
if (filedrop.FileExists(full_path)) {

// Write the text “Image” to a new file (named ‘delicious.jpg’) and save it to the folder and delete the old file

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