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Mysqlcc (formerly MySQL Control Center) Crack + With Keygen Download PC/Windows [March-2022]

1) A control panel for MySQL databases, designed to be a centralised and easy to use alternative to the command line client.
2) A quick-and-easy GUI (Graphical User Interface) for MySQL databases.
3) A ‘desktop’ application that can be opened at any time, and that gives you access to all the information in the database at your fingertips.
4) A graphical user interface for MySQL.
5) Provides a database-monitoring tool, such as connections, view, data size, lock, etc.
6) A query analyzer tool.
7) Allows you to carry out, monitor and schedule queries.
8) Automatically checks your database against vulnerability, making it easy to detect and resolve all security issues in a timely manner.
9) Allows you to create and modify your schema, tables and stored procedures.
10) Allows you to edit and validate data.
11) Allows you to monitor the health of your databases.
12) Allows you to create, modify and view your database’s indexes.
13) Allows you to monitor the resources of your server.
14) Allows you to quickly schedule queries and copy your MySQL database.
15) Allows you to quickly export your MySQL database.
16) Allows you to quickly copy your MySQL database to another server.
17) Supports multiple simultaneous connections.
18) Supports basic syntax highlighting.
19) Supports basic code folding.
20) Supports online database backup and restore, as well as offline backup.
21) Supports auto-detection of MySQL versions.
22) Supports direct access to the MySQL database from the Microsoft Windows shell.
23) Supports direct access to the MySQL database from the MySQL command line.
24) Supports password-based access to the MySQL database.
25) Supports basic tabbed interface.
26) Supports desktop shortcuts.
27) Supports text documents.
28) Supports multiple themes.
29) Supports multiple languages.
30) Supports Unicode character encoding.
31) Supports text search.
32) Supports multiple operations.
33) Supports connection sharing.
34) Supports binary file operations.
35) Supports drag-and-drop.
36) Supports automatic closing when the program is closed.
37) Supports drag-and-drop functionality.
38) Supports variable fonts.
39) Supports editing of remote files.
40) Supports selection of the source of remote files.
41) Supports the

Mysqlcc (formerly MySQL Control Center) Activation Code With Keygen Download [32|64bit]

The Keymacro tool supports MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle 11g and SQLite databases.
It extracts and decrypts the binary data of the encrypted database without exposing the passwords.
It also provides the…


MysqlIpDecrypt FREE
MysqlIpDecrypt is a simple and user-friendly piece of software that was developed to serve as a means of allowing you to work with the contents of your MySQL database, letting you access it and execute queries, among others.
Installation is not needed
After having downloaded the program, you can decompress the archive and run the executable, as there is no need for you to install mysqlcc on your PC.
As a result, you can easily store and run it from any portable memory device, carrying it with you at all times and using it whenever you need to work in your database.
Basic user interface
In terms of appearance, mysqlcc is quite far from impressive, featuring dockable panels that closely resemble the interface of Windows 98, but as long as its functionality is not hindered, you may not care about how it looks.
The database’s contents are displayed in tree view mode, allowing you to access various tables and what they include, displaying some other details about them, which might come in handy.
Register your database and get started
For starters, you will need to ‘Register Server’, by inputting the database’s connection details, such as name, host name or authentication credentials, as well as choosing the preferred ‘Table Retrieval Method’, and other ‘Options’ referring to compression, queries or syntax highlighting.
Other configuration preferences include the timeout duration or the ‘Save Options’. When complete, you can press ‘Add’ for the connection to be established. mysqlcc supports multiple simultaneous databases, enabling you to access as many as you need in order to complete your tasks.
To sum it up, mysqlcc is a useful albeit rather basic application meant to help you open, manage and edit databases, featuring several essential functions that let you take full advantage of MySQL.
KEYMACRO Description:
The Keymacro tool supports MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle 11g and SQLite databases.
It extracts and decrypts the binary data of the encrypted database without exposing the passwords.
It also provides the

Mysqlcc (formerly MySQL Control Center) License Keygen

MySQL Client/Server is a client/server application. It is designed to be small and easy to use, while still providing a powerful MySQL interface. MySQL Server supports multiple simultaneous connections and allows access to stored databases. It also includes some utilities for backing up MySQL databases and performing other common tasks. The program is compatible with MySQL Server, MySQL version 3.23.56a or later.
MySQL Client/Server is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Idiomatic way to to translate string into an array with Scala

I’m trying to wrap my head around Scala and was looking for some idiomatic ways to translate strings into arrays and vice versa.
From the outside the program looks like this:
val s: String =…
s.toArray // String[Array[String]]
s.toArray(classOf[String]) // Array[String]

The second version does not compile and I’m not sure why. The rest of the program is pretty much the same.
As an alternative approach (not shown) I could use an iterator.
def getArrays(s: String) = Iterator(s).map(arr => Array[String](arr:_*)).toArray

But this is not very scala-like. What is a more idiomatic way to convert strings into arrays?


The problem with s.toArray(classOf[String]) is that a string is an implicit class in Scala, that is to say it doesn’t exist “out of the box”.
scala> :type s.toArray(classOf[String])
error: value toArray is not a member of scala.Predef

I think the most idiomatic way is to use scala.util.Try, which is a pattern of the sort
object Try {
def apply[A](x: => A) = Try(x)
def unapply(x: Try[A]): Option[A] = x match {
case Success(x)

What’s New In?

A basic GUI for MySQL is probably the very first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of a MySQL database manager, or, more specifically, a GUI for MySQL Control Center.
mysqlcc installs onto the system without any special requirements, and runs easily with zero configuration on a Windows system.
Main features:
Besides not requiring installation or configuration, mysqlcc is extremely easy to use. The interface features multiple tabs and allows you to go through them in any order, and it also has a task bar that lets you quickly locate your database, check on status, and even query the contents of it.
The program also lets you:
– Retrieve data from the database using different methods;
– Run queries;
– Manage users and privileges;
– Sort data and export it;
– Manage and control server processes;
– Generate dumps of your database;
– Perform backups and recover previous versions of your database.
The program, however, is a bit simplistic and limited, meaning that it does not offer as many options as a paid or semi-paid alternative.
Installation notes:
You may install mysqlcc by unpacking the downloaded archive into any directory.
A log file is created and stored at the same directory location.
Its installation is performed in a single executable file.
Run the program using any Microsoft compatible operating system, including 32 bit and 64 bit Windows versions.
Source code download:
The program is provided in a single archive file.
An installer is also available that simplifies the process of unpacking it, and which enables you to install it on more than one machine.
If you need to see the full version details and you don’t have a premium membership, try our download manager:

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