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Because Photoshop is so easy to pick up, it has often been used in amateur digital photography. Now a $150 billion industry, Photoshop has been around since 1990 and is constantly being updated with new features. While the original tool lacked some of the features we expect today, the tool remains powerful, easy to learn, and a huge favorite among photographers for its broad range of editing possibilities. Like other productivity tools, Photoshop is constantly evolving, changing, and growing. The upgrade to Photoshop CS3 in 2007 (see the nearby sidebar) brought with it some considerable enhancements that make this tool even more versatile and powerful. Adobe recommends that Photoshop be used for simple to advanced retouching and photography that requires a combination of raster and vector editing and/or sophisticated texturing. It’s an industry standard. Photoshop CS3 When Photoshop was first introduced, there was no reason for a photograph to come in a format that is just raster information. However, much like in a printed magazine layout, you had the option to use a raster image. In CS3, the raster image choice is gone in favor of an optional, digital image option. This means that whether you choose to work with a file that’s a raw raster, a Photoshop raster, a JPEG, or a Photoshop file, the same underlying file sits in the same place. Photoshop CS3 is packed full of many tools, and many advanced photographers will find that they can do much of what they want with just a basic knowledge of Photoshop. However, those who want the extra tools know they can get them. One of the major improvements in Photoshop CS3 is that it supports 8-bit 8-channel (a.k.a. 8-bit or 8-bit PNG) files, which gives you the ability to create huge files that can be printed and later photoshopped by adjusting specific color channels and still retain a full 8-bit value. Photoshop CS3 also includes many options that help you organize your files. For example, it remembers your preference on where to store files so that opening a file is as fast as possible. And with the addition of Photoshop Elements to the Photoshop CS3 series, a step-by-step program for doing all of your retouching work, new tools (like Quick Selection) and options for creating professional-quality prints (such as a separate Quick Image Print option) add to its usefulness and versatility.

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Image editing Adobe Photoshop Elements is an image editing software, which includes all the basic image editing features like resizing, cropping and photo retouching. It is built for prosumers and web designers, but the word “prosumer” is relative and it’s fair to say that you can use it if you’re an amateur as well. It can be used as a photo editor, as an image editor and as a vector graphic editor. It can handle RAW files and several different file types. It is a professional image editing software with tools for advanced photo retouching, image smoothing, image cropping and rendering. Other features include the ability to import and export files in compressed formats, a selection tool, a vector drawing tool and a module to edit video files. On the top right corner is a Histogram panel for viewing changes to the tonal balance of your photo as well as a measurement tool for measuring your photo. A color overlay allows you to preview the image in 16.7 million colors and the Zoom tool allows you to zoom up to 200% to spot changes in a photo. The adjustments toolbar on the top left corner includes the Spot Healing Brush tool that enables you to spot photo imperfections, Brush and Clone tools that can be used to retouch images and a Pen tool for editing freehand drawings. Selecting a region of an image on the image plane area allows you to combine and merge layers, groups, create a new mask, fill selection and paint on the image plane. Save As The Save As menu can be found on the bottom left corner of the software. There are two tabs on the left side of the menu: Edit and Image. Select Save As on the Edit tab to select the file to save and select Edit on the Image tab to see the file you have selected. On the Image tab, there are several options for the selection of the file to save and the resolutions available. Edit Menu The Edit Menu at the top right corner is where you can apply the settings and the effects on your photo. The options available are Optimise, Adjust, Convert, Edit, Imagery, Effects, Photo and Custom. The Image menu and the adjustments panel are available in the Photoshop menu on the top left. Image Menu The Image menu on the bottom left has several options that you can use to edit images, create and save new images, view and organise your files, 05a79cecff

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**Fine Art Brushes** There are many free downloadable brushes with free images you can use in your artwork. The bottom link will take you to a listing of some well-known brushes and free brushes. We have linked to the brushes from our own website because we think you’ll find it easier to learn how to use the Brush tool if you have a basic idea of how the Brush tool looks like and how it works. But be forewarned that most brushes in the websites are divided into categories and there is a limit of brushes that you can download per category. We have also made a large number of links to free brushes we found on the web. These include brushes for art sites, and commercial brushes for drawing. There is something for everybody. However you can get a more complete listing of brushes you can find in our section about **Artists Brushes** (see below). **Ink Tools** **_Ink Tools_** Ink tools are pens with different colors of pigment to use for drawing, painting, or other forms of illustration. This is pretty much the same as Illustrator’s **Pencil tool** and Photoshop’s **Pen tool.** You can get pens with a wide range of different colors and features. For example, there are the **Freestyle Pencil** pens and the **Coloring Pencil** which is basically a disposable pen. There are also pens which are called **Water Coloring Pens**. You can get pens with different hardness (or “fineness”), which allows you to control the point where you want to stop painting. A softer point can create a softer end to your strokes, whereas a harder point will create longer strokes and thicker lines. The point of the pens can be equipped with different shapes and

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The graphics card is recommended with 2560×1440 screen resolution, best results on 1080p. The memory recommended for 1080p: 8 GB (or more) The memory recommended for 1440p: 16 GB (or more) The memory recommended for 4K: 32 GB (or more) The recommended Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit) The recommended Processor: Intel Core i5-8550 (or better), Ryzen 7 The recommended Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 (

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