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Creating vector images with Adobe Illustrator Vector images, also called bitmap images, use mathematical formulas (in the form of points, curves, and lines) to display graphics, rather than dots that create a raster image. Vector images are suitable for print, but they have some limitations for web use. Illustrator is a vector-image drawing and editing program. In addition to tools that enable you to create, edit, print, and export graphics, the program has a web-publishing toolset for creating and publishing documents to the Web. ## Creating a Vector Photo To start, create a new document in Illustrator and create a basic shape in the canvas. Here, I create a very basic shape to illustrate how vectors can create an image with just a few basic design elements. In this illustration, the basic design includes two shapes: a rectangle and a circle. You can add more details in the shapes, such as highlights and shadows, but the basics are what you’re after. To create a basic image, use one of the following techniques: * **Draw a basic shape.** To create a vector image from a basic shape, create the basic shape and then use the Pathfinder panel to use the vector-shape to create the entire image. * **Use the Rectangle tool and drag to create a shape.** The Rectangle tool is one of the drawing tools in Illustrator. To create a new shape, click the tool and then click and drag to create the shape. You can change the size of the rectangle you create in two ways: * **Use the Rectangle tool.** Select the Rectangle tool from the toolbox and then select a starting and

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The best thing about Photoshop Elements is the ability to open a large number of documents in the editor, without having to open the full Photoshop CS5 and others. For example, it’s possible to open: Not just a file, but even folders. That means that you can browse (or better, search) folders and images for easy access to a large number of documents. The best of the best of Photoshop CS5. Don’t believe it? Then watch this video on the latest features of Photoshop CS5 and look at the interface. Easily create great quality images, even if you’re a novice. Support for RAW files makes Photoshop Elements ideal for professional photographers. A good choice for most high-end graphic and web design projects. Option to choose which software features to use and which ones not to use. The best for simple editing. Easily share your final images online. Work together with others in team-based projects A large file folder for storing projects Windows users can also make use of the printer driver included in Photoshop Elements. In this case, you won’t be able to print your photos. You will have to install the “ProPhoto” printer driver. You can download it here. The following editions are available: PSE 13 (£59.99) PSE 12 (£46.99) PSE 11 (£30.99) PSE 10 (£19.99) PSE 9 (£19.99) PSE 8 (£14.99) The latest version of the software (for Windows users) is PSE 8. The following article, however, deals with the various versions that have been released. Version history The following table lists the main versions that were released by Adobe. The first version of Photoshop Elements was released in 2004. Since then, many new features have been added, and changes to the program were regularly released, reducing the version numbers. You may be looking for the older, cheaper versions of the software: Not the latest, but the version at a very good price. To get the best value for money, pick it up before the discount expires. If the version is more than two months away from expiry, you can get it at the usual price for a limited time. 388ed7b0c7

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Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7 Memory: 1 GB Processor: 800 MHz Floppy Disk: 4 GB Hard Disk: 20 GB DirectX: DirectX 7.0 DirectX: DirectX 9.0 Developer: A2 Interactive Language: English Copyright: © 2004-2020 A2 Interactive LTD Size: 28.9 MB It’s a long time since the time that the popular dungeon crawler Dungeon Master was released by

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