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Win32/Parite Remover is a lightweight Windows utility designed to remove the Win32/Parite virus from your computer.
Especially designed to deal with this kind of infection, Win32/Parite Remover can't play the role of a full-time antivirus, so you still need such a security product on your system.
You don't need to install the program, it's enough to launch it and a computer scan automatically begins, checking all files on the local disks for the aforementioned virus.
The interface is just basic and besides the fact that it shows the folders and files that are being scanned, it also displays the status of each checked item.
Plus, the bottom of the page is being used for statistics, so Win32/Parite Remover informs you in real time about the number of scanned, clean and infected objects.
There are no other configuration screens or menus, but you can still export the results in a separate .log file for further analyzing. Additionally, you can highlight or select files that are infected or can't be cleaned.
While the process takes just a few minutes to come to an end, Win32/Parite Remover needs a moderate amount of hardware resources to get the job done, so it's highly recommended to close the other running programs before starting a new scan.
Overall, there's no doubt that Win32/Parite Remover is a quick way to get rid of this particular infection, but keep in mind that it only removes the virus, without providing real-time protection against it. So scan your system and then go back to your regular antivirus product to make sure you stay on the safe side all the time.


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Win32 Parite Remover Crack+ Product Key Full Download [Mac/Win]

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What’s New In Win32 Parite Remover?

System Requirements For Win32 Parite Remover:

Tested on Windows 10 x64 with the latest Nvidia driver and AMD driver.
Tested on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with latest AMD amdgpu driver.
A few of you have asked for a new GPU benchmark. Nvidia have released a new driver (a.k.a. 3.3) and it’s got a couple of cool features, which are why I have created a new graphics card test.

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