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The game is dedicated to all those who wish to find meaning in a world that feels empty.

Welcome to your new life in the Lands Between.

The Lands Between are an enormous land that exists between the world of humanity and the world of the Elder God. An age-old conflict occurs there, and humans and Elder Gods are continuously fighting over territory.
Now, a Great Elder God has appeared. “The Elden Ring” made by a powerful human, plans to bring death to the Elder God!

As the opponent’s emissary, you have been selected as the leader of an elite group of adventurers to fulfill this mission. With the aid of your allies, forge your own destiny and fulfill your mission in this fantasy action game.


UI3.0LIVE!Bravo (Boss Battle in the entire game is in a new style)The statements in this section merely provide background information related to the present disclosure and may not constitute prior art.
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Features Key:

  • Over a hundred page full translation.
  • An active community that contributes to the game.
  • Replayability, thanks to a smooth battle system that makes it easy for you to start playing again when you lose.
  • An exciting background inspired by Norse mythology.
  • Thrilling and unpredictable story that constantly keeps you on your toes.
  • A large, detailed 3D world.
  • A unique pantheistic religion, typical of Norse mythology.
  • Rough battles that leave your party wounded in order to reinforce your character.
  • A variety of quests.
  • An in-depth interactive encyclopedia.
  • An active community that contributes to the game.
  • An exciting background inspired by Norse mythology.
  • Thrilling and unpredictable story that constantly keeps you on your toes.
  • A large, detailed 3D world.
  • A unique pantheistic religion, typical of Norse mythology.
  • Rough battles that leave your party wounded in order to reinforce your character.
  • An active community that contributes to the game.
  • An exciting background inspired by Norse mythology.
  • Thrilling and unpredictable story that constantly keeps you on your toes.
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    Singapore (Oct. 15, 2018) – RPG maker Square Enix has released the latest game in the popular Fate/Grand Order online mobile game: Fate/Grand Order Mobile : Clear Quest for iOS and Android. Players can enjoy the story of a young hero on a quest to recover their stolen sword with their friends and meet “familiar” characters from Fate/stay night.

    Clear Quest is an “RPG card battle” game in which players can challenge familiar characters from Fate/stay night. A single match begins with a battle, whose objective is to destroy all enemy cards on the opponent’s field with a single attack.

    The game features many different kinds of cards that players can use in battle. Players can add Event Cards to their field to modify and expand the effects of the battle. Players can also equip “Cards” that can be used in battle to customize their attacks and other effects. Furthermore, players can participate in the story and complete “minigames” in which they can challenge characters from Fate/stay night. These minigames can only be played in the Story Mode, but are played over and over again during the battle course. Even for newcomers to Fate/Grand Order, players can use the Story Mode to enjoy the story without worrying about their card effects and other in-game items.

    Key Features:

    ◆ The “Questing” Story mode that challenges you to complete all the good quests

    ◆ Strategy card battle

    ◆ Intriguing visuals reminiscent of the world of Fate/stay night

    ◆ Mechanics that offer a unique sense of collectibility

    ◆ A multilayered story told in fragments

    ◆ Characters from the Fate/stay night, Fate/Extra and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Universe anime and manga series

    ◆ A myriad of content that will keep players fully engaged in the story

    ◆ Spectacular new graphical effects and high quality musical accompaniments

    ◆ A growing number of card play events each week, offering a variety of content

    ◆ An all new “Custom Medal Menu”

    The main character of Clear Quest is Mastermind Kuroki Isane, who is at the center of the crossroads in the Land of Enlightenment. In this land of enlightened people, the conflict between the current ruling group and the rebels who are looking for freedom has escalated into


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    Basic Character Design
    ▶✿◠ Features:
    ◠Themes of a fantasy world where one must use courage.
    ◠Excellent battle animations
    ◠Fruitful characters, animals and objects.
    ◠All of the design parameters can be freely changed.
    ◠Great effects and effects when attacking
    ◠Big and small illustrations.
    ◠Not overly graphic but full of information.
    ◠Good balance of characters, music and sound.
    ◠Character statistics can be freely changed.
    ◠Directional attacks that are not as overwhelming as before.
    ◠Sprint while using a rock-paper-scissors system.
    ◠Faster battle system, which makes the battle so much more enjoyable.
    ◠Multiplayer allows you to play with friends and fight with other players.
    ◠Player-vs-Player is more thrilling.
    ◠Reduced distance for character animations
    ◠More silent event scenes
    ◠A sophisticated battle system
    ◠A unique battle system
    ◠Simple interaction with other players
    ◠Much easier to understand.
    •Gameplay Characteristics
    ① Characteristcs:
    ①★ There are many possible things that you can do with your character in the game:
    ①※ Dance: Dance moves that you can use during an on-screen event.
    ①※Movement: Moving your character.
    ①※Action: An action that will appear on a character’s life bar.
    ①※Magic: Magic that can be used when your health is low.
    ①※Equip: Equip that a character can wear.
    ①※Equip Assist: Equip Assist is an important means of replenishing HP.
    ①※Boss: Boss will appear when you defeat a difficult enemy or a certain amount of enemies.
    ①※Battle: Battle is when two players fight.
    •Player Equipment
    ▶✿◠• Armor: The main armor for your character
    ▶✿◠•Weapon: The main weapon for your character
    ▶✿◠•Magic: Magic that can be used when your health is low
    ▶✿◠•Magia: Magic that you can use when your health is low.


    What’s new:

    2016-11-06T00:00:00-05:002012-10-27T04:50:10-05:00HIGH DEFIDE: Legend of the Sea

    A living legend strays into a world already full of legends. A legendary figure in hiding, preparing to unveil a set of the greatest feats ever to grace the fighting field. Legends as the battlefield is shaped by expectations, personal vendettas, and unknown enemies. Will their fates be the same as the legendary heroes of old?

    The interface is designed based off the 4X Imperian Throne project.


    Frostbound – an open area in the late New Continent where the frozen sea meets dead foliage.

    2012-08-13T00:00:00-04:002012-11-01T02:07:25-05:00Frozen World

    A world of unparalleled beauty, where the fantastical and mythological are fact and law. Only an idiot would not be eager to explore it.

    2012-07-09T00:00:00-04:002012-11-01T02:07:21-05:00As the dice lie

    A world in which powerful individuals and forces stand on opposite sides of each other. Having so many diverse forces, each with their own ideologies, attempting to sway the masses, all in service of something greater, is a world of potential.

    The primary nation of these lands is the invader’s home base. Hatred and tyranny form the foundation, and influences from myriad fronts are constantly draining away from the capital. The strongest, most oppressive outposts


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unrar
  • Disconnect From Internet
  • Run Setup.exe
  • Upgrade To Latest Version
  • Follow Up The In-game Notices To Complete The Process
    • Clicky To Begin Elden Ring
    • Configuration File “C:\Program Files\Elden Ring\vc\elden_ring.exe” Is Required
    • Starting in Elden Ring Game Init
    • First-Time Setup: To Proceed, Please Disable The Anti-virus – You Need To Restore User’s Prior Knowledge
    • To Activate, There Is A Setting that has To be Converged By The User

    Complete & Guide

    Configure The Game How To?

    • Click
    • Select "Locate File"
    • Select <..

    Select The Game’s Language Steps? <img src="http:///yfrog.com/img



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    Processor: Intel i3, Intel i5, Intel i7, AMD Athlon X2
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000, AMD HD 5000, nVidia GeForce 600 Series, AMD RADEON HD 2000, Intel HD 3000
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband internet connection
    Storage: 10GB available space
    Additional Notes:
    Controller Configuration:
    Xbox One Wireless Controller – Right


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